Friday, September 16, 2016

"Climate change"? Don’t call it climate change

American cities from Boston to Baton Rouge are getting hammered by hurricanes, torrential downpours, and blizzards amped up by climate change. Maybe that’s why Americans are coming around to the idea that the climate is actually changing. But are all the floods, heat waves, and other disasters spurring cities to prepare for our overheated future?

Sabrina McCormick, a sociologist at George Washington University who once investigated how cities cope with disasters for the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, set out earlier this year to find out. Her study, recently published in the journal Climatic Change, breaks down 65 in-depth interviews with city officials and experts in six cities — Portland, Boston, Los Angeles, Raleigh, Tucson, and Tampa. It seeks to answer the etiquette question from hell: How does a city go about preparing for something that its residents would rather not think about, or even believe in?

In a recent interview, McCormick said she learned that many city officials believe the key to getting everybody on board to battle climate change is to avoid uttering the words “climate change.” It’s “a poisonous term to use,” one said.



Anonymous said...

Climate change has been going through long slow cycles of warming and cooling for hundreds of millions of years.
If people in New England think that they are being hammered by storms, it was much worse in the 1940s and 50s. There were several winter storms where people were snowed in for days and there were also several severe hurricanes. In 1954 there were three weather events that came through southern Maine about ten days apart There was a very vigorous weather front with torrential rain and high winds. About ten days later there was a hurricane, Carol I think, and about ten days after that there was another hurricane, Diane I think.

Bird of Paradise said...

The unending amount of HOT AIR coming from AL GORE,DAVID SUZUKI,LEONARDO DiCAPRIO,LUARIE DAVID,GREEN PEACE,EDF and the other various wanks is proof that enviromentalisms a new type of insanity cuase by a strict vegan diet reading the eco-feak news letters and watching A INCONVENT TRUTH all week long

Anonymous said...

The climate has been changing for millions of years (unless you subscribe to the religious theory that God? created the earth on a certain date) so unless you can actually predict these change (which our current crop of scientists fail to do)we need to learn to adapt to the changes and not waste billions of dollars on useless projects driven by Hollywood fools and scientists dependant on grants for a living. The socialist left is attempting to subvert the climate cause to create a new world government. It must be stopped at all costs.

Anonymous said...

Same old story, if the current words stop working, switch to different words. It will never end.

Spurwing Plover the fighting Shorebird said...

Al Gores Carbon footprint is as big as 200 football fields

Anonymous said...

DiCaprio creates more pollution with his jet setting than he will ever abate through his climate evangelism. He is a total fraud like the majority of lefty celebrities and politicians and they all should be held accountable for the pollution they create.