Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Now "My country" is racist

Anger of PC accused of racism: Officer investigated after telling pro-Kurd protester 'you don't tell me what to do in my country' during clashes

A police officer is under investigation for racism after telling a demonstrator: 'You don't tell me what to do in my country.'

Marcus Tyson was responding to a screaming pro-Kurd activist who told him to 'get out of here' during an ugly clash.

The Metropolitan Police officer, who has served on the frontline for almost 29 years, thought little more about the incident.

But after a video was posted online, he found himself under investigation for racism and could now be sacked for gross misconduct.

Yesterday, Pc Tyson blasted his force for overreacting and described their actions as akin to 'Stalinist thought police'.

He accused his superiors of 'oppressive political correctness' and said many colleagues are 'afraid to do their jobs properly' as a result.

'I would like to know upon what basis they regard my statement as being racist — it is purely a statement of fact that this is my country,' he told The Sunday Times.

'The action the Department of Professional Standards has taken against me is so wildly over the top, it discredits the investigators and brings their judgment into question.'
The activist made a formal complaint to the Met on August 20, about which Tyson was notified in writing on September 6.

However, the wording in the complaint does not exactly match the wording of Tyson's comment, which can be heard in the online video.

The woman alleges he said: 'You can't teach me what I can do in my country.' However, the video captures him saying: 'You don't tell me what to do in my country.'

Last week he was placed under investigation for allegedly 'breaching the standards of professional behaviour' by 'using discriminatory language'.



Anonymous said...

When you have the leftist media attempting to destroy the reputation of the police force and numerous other PC controlled public agencies determined to prevent free speech your country is doomed. Be it the UK, Germany, France or the USA. You are on a downward spiral and only very strong leadership will save the day. I can't see that happening in any of those countries in the short term.

Bird of Paradise said...

That scemaing slut needs to be returned to her place of origion like with the rioters all need to be return to where they came from

Anonymous said...

Manufacturing controversy is a staple of the left. The aim is to silence any speech the do not like by moving manufacturing an arbitrary line of "acceptable" speech and then moving that line further and further left.


Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Anon 4:19 Most of our news is manifactured and made up mostly of lies,fabicatiions and halftruths

even dumb bird said...

If the British police officer could tell a white Australian or some other white foreigner to not tell him what to do in his country, that would not be called racism, so if he would do that, then he is not being racist by saying it to the middle easterner.

Racist lefties like to treat those they call "minorities" in a patronising condescending way as if they can't do anything for themselves. And that is quite different to how they treat white people whom they expect to be responsible for themselves. So lefties are the racists.