Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Queensland restaurant British Colonial Co accused of ‘gross racism’

British colonial life did have a style of its own and it is that style which is being reflected.  It is about domestic style, not conquest or oppression.  But again we have here the characteristic Leftist attempt to abolish the past

A BRISBANE restaurant has been accused of “gross racism” on social media for promoting itself as celebrating the British Empire’s “push into the developing cultures of the world”.

British Colonial Co, located in Hawthorne, opened in late June but attracted criticism today over a description on its website, which read: “Inspired by the stylish days of the empirical push into the developing cultures of the world, with the promise of adventure and modern refinement in a safari setting”.

As of Monday afternoon, that tagline had been changed to: “A refined and modern dining experience with the adventure of east meets west in a plantation style, club setting”.

The restaurant serves dishes such as hickory smoked quail with tarragon polenta and African-influenced eggplant spinach sauce, and a lamb burger with goats curd, grilled eggplant, hummus, baby spinach and carrot jam.

In a July Facebook post, the restaurant explained some of the inspiration behind its interior design styling.

“‘The sun never sets on the British Empire’ is the oft-repeated quotation used when trying to explain British colonial style,” the post read.

“In a nutshell, the style is a result of English citizens travelling the world during the empire’s heyday, bringing with them typically heavy wooden furnishings and adapting to hot local climates with lighter local fare.

“These travellers also brought back exotic pieces from the Caribbean, India, the Far East and Africa as a way to show off how far they’d travelled. They tried to travel relatively light; campaign furniture (light, foldable and portable) also became a part of the look.

“The results can mean a wild mix of light bamboo or cane furniture, heavier pieces, plaids mixed with animal prints, dark floors next to white walls and paisleys mixed with chintzes.”
British Colonial Co in Hawthorne. Picture: Chris McCormack

The British Empire colonised many developing countries including Australia, India, large parts of Africa and Asia, often pushing out and killing local indigenous communities.



Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

The PC idioticy is never ending these little snowflakes want their safe space but they left it when their parents sold their playpens or cribs

Anonymous said...

Pity the British couldn't succeed in civilizing many of the places they colonized, not that anyone could have.
Most are still barbarous at heart and love it that way.

Anonymous said...

Not so sure about that Anon 8:50.
The British exported lots of institutions that continue to serve some of their former possessions well.
Of course, some definitely worked better than others.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:42........ Guess it depends on the meaning of "many" vs. "some."

Anonymous said...

The indigenous population of Australia can be thankful that it was never settled by the French, Spanish, Portuguese or Germans. Something that they don't seem to appreciate.