Thursday, September 15, 2016

German nationalist leader seeks renewed use of Nazi-era term

This is a bit nonsensical.  The Nazis just used common German words.  Even the old East (Communist) Germany used "Reich" and "Volk" (e.g. Reichsbahn; Volkseigene Betrieb).  Were the Communists Nazis? Not exactly

A leading member of Alternative for Germany, the nationalist party whose recent elections successes have shaken the country’s political system, faced fierce criticism Monday after calling for a racially charged term favored during the Third Reich to be rehabilitated.

Party cochairwoman Frauke Petry said in an interview published Sunday that words such as ‘‘voelkisch’’ shouldn’t be taboo any longer.

The term refers to people who belong to a particular race and was frequently used by the Nazis.

Her remarks prompted a swift backlash from politicians, commentators and historians who warned that Petry’s party was trying to legitimize ideas that were once at the core of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi ideology.



Anonymous said...

When is enough actually enough? I understand Germany's penchant for banning words that are directly associated with Nazism but after 71 years shouldn't innocuous phrases be legitimised? Is the revival of Nazism possible in this day and age or is it a case of the leftists preventing any right of centre party gaining government?

Bird of Paradise said...

Too many little snowflakes getting offended by anything that hurts their delicate little feelings

Anonymous said...

The real reason that Germany banned so much Nazi speak was to try and convince the world that Nazis were an aberration of normal Germans when the reality was far different.


Anonymous said...

So far, every German I have known has been very intelligent, highly creative, very good at what they do, certainly no pussy, a good friend providing I mostly agree with them, and underneath all that has been a socialist with fascist and racist tendencies, even though in many cases they don't realise it. I expect there are conservative Germans too, though.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

The commmunists were worst then the nazis ever were but the Commies had their propeganda man Walter Duranty who worked for the NYT's to cover for them