Sunday, September 04, 2016

Suspected neo-Nazi is accused of terror offence for 'posting picture of Adolf Hitler with 'kill the Muslims' message online'

The man seems mainly to have done the sort of things Muslims repeatedly do -- so why is he singled out?

A suspected neo-Nazi is accused of a terrorism offence and of writing a litany of racist, Islamophobic, homophobic and anti-Semitic calls to arms on social media.

Sean Creighton, 44, allegedly stirred up racial hatred by posting an image of a man brandishing a rifle in front of a black child.

Creighton, a dad who lives with his parents in Enfield, north London, is also accused of putting an image of Adolf Hitler along with the message 'kill the Muslims' online.

It is alleged he possessed an electronic document entitled 'White Resistance Manual 2.4' which is said to contain details of improvised weapons and explosives.

Heavily-tattooed Creighton appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court today to deny all ten charges against him.

He sat quietly in the dock with a short growth of hair on his head and stubble while wearing a navy Burberry-style bomber jacket with blue jeans.

Among the other posts he is said to have put on social media is an image of a gun alongside a swastika and the words 'Jews prepare to die'.

And he is said to have posted an image of an injured man alongside words intended to stir hatred of sexual orientation as well as a cartoon of a head in a noose.

He is also accused of possessing stickers from Combat 18, the neo-Nazi organisation, with the text 'sink the refugee boats!'.

Creighton is so said to have possessed a badge with 'burn your local mosque' written on it.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a mentally sick monster.

Bird of Paradise said...

But its perfectly okay for a bunch of pavemnet ape to go around deamanding the murder of cops and white people and its Free Speech but when you say ALL LIVE MATTER your guilty of Hate Speech in the micro brains of liberal pinheads

Anonymous said...

I would be happy with this if the extreme leftists were also occasionally charged for similar offences and actually served jail time. It seems to that every time left meets right its the right that get jail time not the left. Why would that be? Perhaps many of the judicial system are leaning quite heavily to the left due to their university education. Seems be the way in many western societies today despite the historical fact the socialist societies collapse and continue to this day, just look at Venezuela today. The only reason Cuba never fell was due to the Russians. Time to do a McCarthy and ferret out the socialists in the education system. the public service and the unions. Let's get the country back to centre not left of centre.

Anonymous said...


"pavemnet ape ?"


You want to go there with your lack of mental acumen?

You're no better than the guy in the article. You are free to say stupid things, but all you are doing is proving your stupidity and ignorance.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Mao was a bigger mass murderer then Hitler ever was the communists were far worst then the nazis

Anonymous said...

While this man may be repugnant and hold vile views it seems he is guilty of little more than holding horrible ideas, expressing those ideas online, and owning an e-book.
Criminalising such things is the end of freedom - not just of speech but of all freedoms.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:38

I have suspected for quite a while that the many birds here are actually liberals that employ Poe's Law. I cannot believe that this individual is so incredibly stupid. Squawk, my ass.