Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Milo Yiannopoulos can only speak at George Washington University if he does not say anything that would be unpopular at George Washington University

That's the view of free speech at George Washington University enunciated below.  Typical of the Fascist Left.  I think there is rather a good case for transgenderism being a mental illness but that must never be debated at George Washington University

Milo Yiannopoulos, the technology editor at Breitbart News Network, is coming to speak at GW in late October. If you’ve never heard of Yiannopoulos, you’re not alone. Given Breitbart’s limited appeal to the alt-right and Yiannopoulos’ reputation as troll targeting women, ethnic minorities and religious groups, his fan base outside the far right is rather limited.

This man has described Black Lives Matter activists as goons, said that the Orlando shooter beat his ex-wife “as a good Muslim,” wrote that birth control makes women “slut[s]” and even declared that being transgender is a mental illness.

Despite all of the controversies, University spokesman Tim Pierce confirmed that the GW College Republicans scheduled Yiannopoulos to speak on campus. The student group invited Yiannopoulos to campus to take a stand against “liberal anti-free speech policies,” following the events of Spring Fling last semester, according to the event's page on Facebook. The organization said they were inspired to invite Yiannopoulos after Action Bronson, a rapper whose songs condone rape, was removed from the Spring Fling lineup.

Yiannopoulos should be allowed to come to GW, but he shouldn't be allowed to target minorities within our student population. Before Yiannopoulos comes, he should assure students and administrators that he will not actively engage in hate speech at GW.



Bird of Paradise said...

So i guess Free Speech is a taboo at these leftists run universities and collages do we need anymore reason to totaly defund all these places of indoctrination.brainwashing?

Anonymous said...

These are the same group of people who cry when they see the name Trump written in chalk on a sidewalk, so I'm not surprised. Poor little snowflakes.

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Yeah a whole bunch of pathetic little wimps snivel,snivel,snivel whine,whine,whine is all they ever do

Anonymous said...

University is supposed to be THE time when people are exposed to new and controversial ideas.
If they experience nothing but what they have already heard and know, then what is the point of University?

Anonymous said...

Milo has been permanently banned from Twitter, just FYI.

Anonymous said...

No wonder there is a permanent circle of academia revolving around universities since no student is prepared to leave their safe space, so they move from student to faculty in order to confront the reality of the world. No wonder the universities are in the stare they are. It's almost like incest with the regeneration of ideas that have never been aired to the populace and then suddenly the pop and are supposed to become the societal norm because the lefties believe in their own closed feedback loop. It is time to cleanse all learning institutions of left wing thought once and for all.

Anonymous said...

All non-leftist speech is hate speech according to lefties.