Sunday, November 27, 2005

I support Khushboo!

I support WHAT?

Khushboo is a filmstar in the Southern Indian State of Tamil Nadu, which has its own language and culture. Like a lot of Indian ladies, however, she is pretty feisty. As we see from this press excerpt:

"The south Indian film star's comments on pre-marital sex landed her in controversy and sparked off demonstrations across the state. She said that no educated male should expect his bride to be a virgin... Khushboo made the comments while responding to a survey on sexual habits of Indians....

There have been demonstrations across Tamil Nadu since Khushboo made her comments and her effigies have been burnt in public. A large number of complaints have also been filed in several courts across the state. The complaints claimed that Khushboo's "insensitive" remarks had "deeply wounded" the Tamil psyche and hence she should be "punished".


Khushboo is obviously much more assimilated to Western culture than are most Tamils but I do sympathize with Tamil families who feel that they have been defamed and insulted. Perhaps she could have been more diplomatic.

A Hate-filled Would-be Censor Loses for Once

Warren County Community College in Virginia had a professor of English, John Daly, who is as far-Left as such types usually are these days:

"On November 13, Daly sent an email to student Rebecca Beach vowing "to expose [her] right-wing, anti-people politics until groups like [Rebecca's] won't dare show their face on a college campus." In addition, Daly said that "Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors."


A charming example of the "tolerance" that Leftists are always saying that they stand for, of course. Anyway, for once he got into hot water over his intolerance and was forced to resign. Best of all, though, was this:

"School president William Austin said that he will incorporate tolerance seminars for professors during the next faculty in-service day to shield students from this type of harassment, as requested by Young America's Foundation. Rebecca Beach has called for Austin to select Young America's Foundation President Ron Robinson as the one to teach leftists how to be tolerant toward conservatives."

Rather amusing, actually. I think, however, that we will wait a long time for such fairness to extend to the Ivy League.


A reader advises: It probably doesn't make any difference to the story, but (this particular) Warren County Community College is located in New Jersey, not Virginia

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Products Designed for Men not Allowed

Nor can we say that men are more interested in sport -- even though it is true

The above little lot of prohibitions arose from a feminist group who sound like a bunch of aggressive lesbians to my mind. Worldwide chocolate vendor Nestle invested its advertising dollars in the assumption that there ARE some ways in which men differ from women and that a greater interest in sport is one of those differences. They of course wanted to sell more chocolate and thought that the well-known feminine love of chocolate was "excluding" (horrors!) men. So they advertised one of their products in a way that was likely to appeal to men -- by associating it with sport.

But then the whiners with nothing better to do started up. Little girls are having their clitorises cut out with bits of broken glass throughout much of the Islamic world and the so-called feminists are worrying about how chocolate is advertised! Media excerpt:

"Confectionery giant Nestle is under fire in Britain over chocolate bar adverts suggesting football is "not for girls". The company is promoting a bar called Footie with wrapper slogans including: "It's definitely not for girls", "no passes to lasses" and "no wenches on the benches". Wrappers also contain an image of a woman holding a handbag framed in a no-entry road sign. The Women's Sports Foundation said such advertising undermined attempts to encourage girls to play more sport and improve fitness levels in teenage girls."


Famous Play from the Shakespearean Era Censored

One of the contemporaries of Shakespeare was Christopher ("Kit") Marlowe. He is sometimes in fact held to be the REAL author of Shakespeare's plays. And, like Shakespeare, he understood people pretty well -- which is why some of his plays are still popular and are still performed. A recent production of one of his plays was altered, however. You'll never guess why: To avoid offending Muslims. Press excerpt:

"The burning of the Koran was "smoothed over", he said, so that it became just the destruction of "a load of books" relating to any culture or religion. That made it more powerful, they claimed. Members of the audience also reported that key references to Muhammad had been dropped, particularly in the passage where Tamburlaine says that he is "not worthy to be worshipped". In the original Marlowe writes that Muhammad "remains in hell"....

Charles Nicholl, the author of The Reckoning: The Murder of Christopher Marlowe, said it was wrong to tamper with Marlowe because he asked "uncomfortable and confrontational questions - particularly aimed at those that held dogmatic, religious views". He added: "Why should Islam be protected from the questioning gaze of Marlowe? Marlowe stands for provocative questions. This is a bit of an insult to him."


If I were a Christian I think I would suspect that Hell is the present dwelling place of Mohammed too. And if Muslims can burn the world's most burnt book -- the Bible -- why cannot a Westerner burn a Koran? I personally think that the unending murderous deeds that are done in the name of Islam and with the apparent approval of much of the Islamic world should cause Islam to be treated with LESS respect, not more. So I think we should be listening to Marlowe, not censoring him. It may be worth noting that previous productions of the play have not seen the need to alter the powerful original story.

I wonder when our oppressors will get around to demanding that all copies of Marlowe's play be removed from public libraries?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"White Settlement" follow-up

The name of the small Texan town of "White Settlement" was seen by its Mayor and councillors as problematic so they had a vote designed to change the name of the town to "West Settlement". The voters rejected the proposal by a big majority. But some of the inhabitants are so annoyed that the question was even put that they now want to sack the mayor and his cronies over it! Press excerpt:

"Eighteen people bent on overthrowing the government of White Settlement met Saturday night in a makeshift war room at Best Western Fort Worth Inn and Suites. Two weeks after voters resoundingly defeated a measure that would have changed the city's name, the group agreed to devote its time and effort to a new election -- one to recall the mayor and one City Council member of this small suburb west of Fort Worth.... Although some business experts supported the name change and the proposal attracted national attention, many residents were outraged at the suggestion that outsiders might consider the city's name racist. The city was named after the historical location of an Anglo settlement amid Indian settlements in the mid-1800s. Residents turned out in record numbers to overwhelmingly reject the proposed name of West Settlement."


It's about time people were called to account for false accusations of racism.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Christmas Procession "Dangerous"

More namby-pamby behavior from Britain:

"People taking part in a traditional Christmas procession have been ordered to replace their flaming torches with glow sticks because of health and safety concerns. The procession in Looe, Cornwall, attracts 500 people and has taken place for 20 years without an injury. But the harbour authorities and the council have decided the risk of fire was too great and feared being sued if there were an accident. The council has therefore spent 350 pounds on 500 glow sticks, which will be carried through the town on Dec 15".


What the @#$%& is a "Glow stick" anyway? I don't think there is much doubt that taking the fun out of Christmas is the real aim of the excercise.

Blind People Offended by a Picture they cannot See?

Apparently it can happen in Britain:

"An insurance firm has been ordered to pull an "insensitive" magazine advert over fears it could offend blind people. Watchdogs upheld a complaint from a reader about the advert - which appeared to show a blind man riding a motorbike - because it "seemed to equate stupidity" with being blind.... The ad for Bristol-based eBike Insurance was headlined "There are none so blind as those who will not e" and text stated "go ebike insurance online - where you're the one in control". The ad also showed a picture of a man wearing a motor cycle helmet, but only the whites of his eyes could be seen and he appeared to have no irises or pupils. A reader objected that the ad was offensive, because it was in bad taste and insensitive to the blind and those with visual impairments.


Some do-gooders may have had nothing better to do than raise complaints but the blind could certainly not be offended -- unless one of the "sensitive" people concerned described it to them -- and what truly "sensitive" person would do that?

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Even Blacks can't Criticize Blacks Now

So it seems from the following article. Excerpt:

"Williams lamented the fact that some black principals haven't seemed as willing as their white counterparts to embrace some key parts of his reform agenda or meet for a few extra hours without pay - as salaried professionals often do - to help kids in the largely minority district. The fact that Williams, who is African-American, singled out principals by race has roused the political correctness police and prompted the principals' union to call for a School Board investigation".


Yet another outlet for free speech closed off. The guy was trying to help black kids so guess who is going to suffer if he is muzzled? Is giving them money and phony educational qualifications the only way you are allowed to "help" blacks?

Clowns Offensive?

If you can't laugh at clowns what are they for? Severe sense of humor deficit in Sarasota Florida:

"In an effort to raise money for its 25th anniversary, the Hospice of Southwest Florida thought it would be a nyuck-nyuck-nyuck idea to place 70 fiberglass clown figures around town and have various businesses sponsor local artists to paint them. How benign would you think this could be? Instead, the fundraiser has become something of a pancake-makeup cause celebre in Sarasota, dividing the arts community while turning the clown project into a politically correct civic dunk tank....

There was some bozo concern the statues might lead to a pandemic increase in coulrophobia -- a fear of clowns. "The clown phobia thing is huge," Virginia Hoffman, chairwoman of the Sarasota Public Art Committee, sniffed to the Miami Herald. "I'm concerned about the fallout. What if there are protests by clown haters or people who want to vandalize clown statues?"


Is there ANYTHING somebody won't get offended by? Thankfully, it looks like the city is going to ignore the whiners.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Australian Politics

I hope I can be forgiven a commercial of sorts but I want to let people here know that I now have a blog going that focuses exclusively on events in Australian Politics. As there seems to be a lot of goodwill towards Australia in the USA, I thought a few readers here might like to have an occasional glance at what is actually happening in Australia. After a couple of years blogging about political correctness, I have the impression that Britain leads the pack in looniness, followed by the USA and then followed by Australia. But that is only a matter of degree. We certainly have some lulus in Australia at times. Just as a matter of interest, I think below is the most loony bit of political correctness of all time (from Britain). Excerpt:

"A family doctor has been summoned to a formal hearing over his refusal to put a 34-year-old male patient on the list for screening for cervical cancer".

A male does not have a cervix, of course

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More Racist Assumptions from the Left

We have all recently heard how incorrect it is to mention that blacks once picked cotton and how sports team managers dare not even mention blacks, but it seems that if you are a "liberal", none of that applies. Note the racially discriminatory comments below from the Left-leaning Houston Chronicle. The paper seems to imply that it is only blacks who object to homosexual marriage on religious grounds. If I were to play the "sensitivity" games that the Left play I would say that in the context of Leftist contempt for religion, the excerpt below is a "dumb N*****" claim:

""The hopes of gay rights advocates to stop the addition of a ban on same-sex marriage to the Texas Constitution ended last Tuesday. Texas voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 2, the constitutional amendment that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Among Harris County residents who cast a vote on the issue, 72 percent favored the ban. Across Texas, 76 percent of voters approved......

Inner city black voters in Harris County, many of whom have long experience with the denial of civil rights, favored the marriage amendment by an even higher majority than the general Harris County voting population. Black discomfort with homosexual marriage is rooted less in conscious discrimination than in religious belief, but support for the amendment brought blacks into incongruous accord with members of the Ku Klux Klan, whose members rallied in Austin in support of Proposition 2".

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cotton Picking Update

The school concerned has now dropped the song about picking bales of cotton. What a pity to lose such a lively and enjoyable song.

And a reader writes: "The weirdest thing of this is that the song was made famous in US by Harry Belafonte. The screaming ultra liberal himself."

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Insulting Jews is OK of Course

We all know now that we can't have Halloween in case it upsets Wiccans and even MENTIONING blacks is a no-no if you are a sports coach. But Jews? No problem! They've been everybody's whipping boy for thousands of years so let the fun continue! And if even the French Ambassador to the Court of St. James can refer to Israel as "that shitty little country", surely anyone can diss Jews! And so it seems to be:

"For the second time in barely a year, a contestant on Donald Trump's TV show "The Apprentice" has made an anti-Semitic remark. And once again, the offender was not penalized for doing so. On this week's episode, Clay Lee, a 28-year-old Texas real estate agent, explains (in front of an audience) that his Jewish teammate, Adam Israelov, was cheap on a date because Adam is a "tight Jewish boy." Clay's later apology seems half-hearted, and with Adam out of the room, he blames Adam for being overly sensitive, asserting that Adam "needs to learn to relax.""


The furious Leftist hatred of Israel is clearly fueling a re-emergence of open antisemitism. For the record, there are only two Jews who figure in my personal life and both of them are utter gentlemen.

You Can't Win Sometimes

A British bank was trying to figure out how to handle their staff redundancies in the most sensitive way possible. Sound fair? Sounds fair to me. So who would you ask about how their existing sacking procedures were perceived? The Archbishop of Canterbury? The Dalai Lama? The Pope? The Oracle of Delphi? How about asking the last lot of people who had actually been sacked? Sounds the most obvious source of information doesn't it? It does to me. BUT:

"High street bank Abbey has been criticised by unions after it emerged it has written to former employees asking them what it was like to lose their jobs. The company has written to staff forced out of their jobs earlier this year and asked them to share their experiences of being made redundant and how it affected them. It plans to use the information, from more than 1,000 online questionnaires, to improve its redundancy processes".


I think that if I were in charge of the bank concerned, I would give up at that point. If you don't ask, you are "insensitive". If you DO ask, you are still "insensitive". I think we need a lot LESS "sensitivity" all round myself.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Christian Cross not Allowed as a Logo

Note the following news excerpt:

"A group called "Athletes United in Christ" sparked parent complaints at a Delaware high school assembly when it tried to promote a religious concert. The presentation at Newark High School in Newark, Del., was held with the purpose of encouraging students to make the right choices in life. Two parents complained about the Christian group, which handed out fliers about the concert and displayed its logo, which has the word "Christ" and a cross on it. The school immediately apologized"


Read on and you will see that the group did NOT preach Christianity. It just had a cross and the name of Christ on its literature. If a Christian group is providing a social service, why cannot it advertise itself as Christian? When big firms make charitable donations etc, they are pretty keen to let it be known who it was that did the donating! But despite all that, the fact that the very sign of a cross was "offensive" to two lulus trumped everything. I rather hope someone one day gives the lulus something real to be offended about. I think such whiners obviously need something to whine about.

Weak Excuse to Diss Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day or Armistice Day is observed in the British Commonwealth and various European countries (including France and Belgium) to commemorate World War I and other wars. As with Veteran's day in the USA, It is observed on November 11 to recall the end of World War I on that date in 1918. And selling remembrance poppies on the day is part of the tradition. So why would the following have happened?

"A group of [British] war veterans has been banned from selling remembrance poppies in part of a shopping centre - after their stall was branded a fire risk. The Derby branch of the Burma Star Association has set up a stall in the city's Eagle Centre for several years. But complex bosses said the group were unable to do the same thing this year for health and safety reasons.


Anything to do with the military drives the Left into hysterics -- witness their constant opposition in the USA to the ROTC and allowing military recruiters onto college campuses. So my guess is that this was just a bit of pandering to the British Left.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

One Small Defeat for Political Correctness

I have mentioned here previously the heartburn that has been caused in certain breasts over the name of a Texan town called "White Settlement". Well, It looks like that heartburn will have to continue. Press excerpt:

"The biggest victory of the night went not to the Republicans or Democrats but to the proud citizens of White Settlement. Nine out of ten voters in the tiny Texan town rejected a move to "modernise" its name to West Settlement. The town was named in plainer-speaking times by a band of pioneers who wanted to show that their town was a haven from hostile American Indian attacks in the 1840s".

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Mocking Mohammed a Deadly Sin but Mocking Mary OK

What a contrast we see below. Excerpt:

"Islam is no laughing matter. The Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten is being protected by security guards and several cartoonists have gone into hiding after the newspaper published a series of twelve cartoons (view them here) about the prophet Muhammad. According to the Islam it is blasphemous to make images of the prophet. Muslim fundamentalists have threatened to bomb the paper's offices and kill the cartoonists....

The affair, however, has also led to a diplomatic incident. On Thursday the ambassadors of eleven Muslim countries, including Indonesia, a number of Arab states, Pakistan, Iran, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, complained about the cartoons in a letter to Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen. They say the publication of the cartoons is a "provocation" and demand apologies from the newspaper....

Meanwhile in Brussels a young Muslim immigrant published a poster depicting the Virgin Mary with naked breasts. Though the picture has drawn some protest from Catholics (though not from Western embassies, nor from the bishops), this artist need not fear being murdered in the street. On the contrary, he is being subsidised by the Ministry for Culture."


An infantile versus a mature attitude is what I see there.

Canadian Pro-Life Journalist Survives Ban Attempt

Even he was surprised

All over giving out a bookmark. If he had distributed a PRO-abortion bookmark that would have been OK of course. Press excerpt follows:

"In October Kennedy was informed that he had offended some of his fellow journalists after he distributed a pro-life bookmark in their mailboxes. The bookmark featured the famous picture of the out-stretched hand of baby Samuel as doctors were performing surgery in utero. He was told by press gallery president Alan Findlay that they were considering rescinding his part-time membership and expelling him from the group... But he and Interim editor-in-chief Paul Tuns both prepared defences of Kennedy's right to represent the paper at Queen's Park. Kennedy argued that he was being expelled for his pro-life views and defended his presence at the press gallery along freedom of expression and freedom of the press lines.... Although the proceedings are confidential and it cannot be reported who said what, Kennedy told that the case to expel him broke down quickly as many other members of the media found the punishment heavy-handed....

To satisfy Kennedy's critics, a compromise was settled upon during the one-hour meeting. Kennedy is allowed to remain as a part-time accredited journalist but will receive a written reprimand for what the gallery considered inappropriate activism on his behalf. The wording of the reprimand has yet to be decided. Furthermore, Kennedy has agreed to no longer distribute pro-life literature, including The Interim Newspaper, in the mailboxes of the members of the press gallery although he will be allowed to leave a quantity of them in a common room at the press gallery".


So pro-life journalists are second-class citizens who have to be subject to special restrictions. No free speech in Canada!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Another Football Coach Risks his Arm

A brave man! Press excerpt below:

"A week after Air Force football coach Fisher DeBerry was publicly reprimanded for insensitive comments about black athletes, Joe Paterno did not shy away from the topic of race during Tuesday's Big Ten coaches teleconference. At one point, the topic of the teleconference turned to the increased scoring in the Big Ten this season. After first mentioning that improved indoor practice facilities have helped the conference recruit kids from warm-weather climates, Paterno offered a supplemental explanation.

"You have to be careful the way you say things sometimes," the Penn State coach said. "Poor [Air Force coach] Fisher DeBerry got in trouble, but the black athlete has made a big difference. They have changed the whole tempo of the game. Black athletes have just done a great job as athletes and as people in turning the game around."


A lot of people did end up rallying to DeBerry's defence. So that -- plus the fact that it was only the truth being spoken -- probably emboldened Paterno. So I guess DeBerry ended up striking an effective blow for free speech after all.

Anything to Avoid Mentioning the C-word

Even if it makes what you are saying totally incomprehensible to 99% of people:

"A Somerset tourist attraction has denied changing the way its exhibits are dated for reasons of political correctness. Cheddar Caves Museum is using Before Present (BP) labels rather than Before Christ (BC) because it is easier to understand, a spokesman claimed. "We'd still use AD and BC when a piece can be dated, but BP when its age is effectively prehistoric," he said. BP dating is a year-numbering system counting back from 1950. Although not usually used in museums, it is used by scientists when carbon dating".


And the guy has got the brass to say that his weird dating system is "easier to understand"!

A Real Halloween Horror

Read this press excerpt:

"A Tulsa parent is outraged over how her child was disciplined at school for wearing a costume. Crystal Harris says her 5-year old son was forced to take off his costume, and go through the entire school day with only his underwear on. The incident happened Monday at Walt Disney Elementary. School officials acknowledge they have a policy that forbids costumes, and that's why the teacher did what she did. They say they've have apologized to the family. Harris says however the teacher should be disciplined for embarassing her son. Harris' son has not been back to school since the incident, and she says she's considering legal action".


How these Leftist teachers hate little kids! How brave of them to traumatize a 5 year old boy! Their twisted ideologies are all that matters to Leftists, not people. They perpetrate real horrors in the name of opposing make-believe horror.