Thursday, March 31, 2022

Sacked 'anti-woke' barrister wins appeal against £500 fine for ‘Muslims are killing free speech’ tweet – after describing black schoolgirl as 'stroppy teenager of colour'

A barrister who was sanctioned over a tweet claiming Muslims played a 'central role' in the 'dying' of free speech has won an appeal against the £500 fine he received.

Jon Holbrook complained that he had been 'cancelled' after he was sacked from his chambers and investigated over a string of controversial posts on Twitter.

At a previous tribunal, Mr Holbrook received the sanction for his tweet to a Muslim journalist, in which he claimed 'free speech is dying and Islamists and other Muslims are playing a central role'.

Now following his appeal, the senior public law barrister's £500 fine and warning have been overturned, with a panel ruling his tweet about Muslims was not serious enough to warrant sanction.

He has since launched criticism at what he called 'wokesters' and at his regulator, the Bar Standards Board [BSB], for investigating him, claiming they are a 'playground bully'.

Mr Holbrook, who was called to the bar in 1989, claimed his career 'ended' in 2021 when he was sacked from Cornerstone Barristers over his tweets.




Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Asian cricketer was ‘silenced’ for criticising club’s blackface party

An Asian cricketer claims he was subject to a disciplinary hearing after calling for an apology from a Leicestershire club whose members “blacked-up” for a fancy dress party. It is the latest incident in the crisis over racism in the game and is now being investigated by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).

Four men attended the Disney-themed party apparently with boot polish on their skin and dressed in green and gold to represent the Jamaican Olympic bobsleigh team who inspired the 1993 hit film Cool Runnings. A photograph taken on the night shows the men from Sileby Town Cricket Club smiling with the chair, Nigel Kinch, who is also chair of Leicestershire and Rutland cricket league, which is at the top level of competition for amateur club cricket.

Umar Razaq, 31, a player at rivals Siston Town, who had previously been called a p*** by a Sileby player, shared the photo on Facebook and demanded an apology. But instead of issuing one, he says that Kinch called him in for a disciplinary hearing for breaching social media policy.

“This guy is the figurehead of the league of 38 teams,” said Razaq. “I just wanted him to acknowledge that blackface is wrong and to apologise publicly so that younger players coming through wouldn’t be put off. It was his party at his cricket club and he should have sent those boys home in disgrace, not had his picture taken with them. Excuses are being made for actions that are inexcusable. What sort of example does it set? I tried to challenge it and they went after me.”




Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Student Newspaper Retracts Story Because 'the Majority of Our Quotations Came from White Students'

A student newspaper editorial board at a New York liberal arts college retracted and apologized for a story published last month detailing a former Obama administration official's decision to opt-out of giving a planned speech at the school because the story quoted too many white students.

Vassar College's newspaper, The Miscellany News, wrote a story in February about former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson's decision to longer deliver a commencement speech at the school after he faced campus criticism about his migrant deportation policies.

On Wednesday, the newspaper issued an apology for the article primarily quoting white students, explaining that the editorial board values "diversity and inclusion."

"The majority of our quotations came from white students and therefore we reduced the positions of students of color to a singular, tokenized perspective," the apology statement read.

The statement said the piece was removed in an effort to "prevent further harm among the communities we misrepresented."

Johnson, the first black man to serve as DHS Secretary, will be replaced as commencement speaker by actor John Leguizamo, who The Miscellany News said has "pride in his Latinx ethnicity."




Monday, March 28, 2022

The NYT finally discovers free speech — after years calling for Big Tech censorship

The New York Times editorial board declared Friday that people should be able to express “unpopular” positions without being canceled or “shut out of public discourse.” A free flow of information is essential for democracy to function, the editors argued.

The Times declaration — under the headline “America Has a Free Speech Problem” — marks a stunning reversal. For years, the paper has called for Big Tech to censor what it considers “misinformation” — like the Hunter Biden laptop story it helped squelch before the election.

Bravo to the Gray Lady for Friday’s reversal — assuming the paper actually lives by its new commitment to “competing ideas.” Time will tell.  

One of the stories that didn’t fit the Times’ anti-Trump narrative or Silicon Valley’s political goals was the incriminating content on Hunter Biden’s laptop, detailing his business dealings in Ukraine and China and linking his father, then presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The New York Post broke that story in October 2020. But the Times smeared it as “unsubstantiated” and quoted former Democratic officials calling it, without evidence, Russian disinformation.

Then, last Wednesday, the Times sneakily admitted in the 24th paragraph of a news story that the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop was authenticated and relevant — 17 months after voters went to the polls, largely unaware of Hunter and his father’s covert multimillion-dollar deals with the Chinese.

Here’s where social media come in. Twitter locked the New York Post’s account, and Facebook used algorithms to slow dissemination of the Post coverage.




Sunday, March 27, 2022

Boston-area auto body shop owner forced to take down sign after snowflakes find it “derogatory”

The latest sign said: "Joe and the Hoe"

Rob Roy is the owner of Rob Roy Auto in Salisbury, Massachusetts, and he has a rather unusual hobby. Besides being a businessman, he likes to stir up political drama with some of his homemade signs that he posts outside his shop. He has been doing this for years, but it is his latest choice of signs that seems to be getting him in some hot water.

There is no question that Roy is proud of some of the signs that he has posted, including one of his controversial ones, which was a picture of a Confederate flag that had the description that it was something that “thousands of Americans had bled and died for.”

Naturally, Rob was indeed slammed for that sign, but perhaps not surprisingly, that isn’t his biggest offender. He actually has recently put up a sign that mocks Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, calling them a name that is often used as an offensive term for describing women. This sign will also be offensive to snowflakes simply because it also includes a sexually explicit insult that is directed at this U.S. Presidential campaign ticket.

When the snowflakes demanded an explanation for why he would put up such an offensive sign, Roy essentially said that it’s “satire” and that they should “get over it.




Friday, March 25, 2022

Comments made in privacy must be censored too

The International Skating Union (ISU) has replaced its commentators at the figure skating world championships after a live microphone picked up one of them making a demeaning remark about retired Canadian skater Meagan Duhamel.

Simon Reed, who was calling the world titles with Nicky Slater, thought his microphone was off when he made the comment

Skating's governing body apologised to Duhamel and launched an internal investigation into the incident

The ISU said on Thursday it was "shocked" by the language and it apologised to Duhamel.

Simon Reed made the comment at the end of Wednesday's pairs broadcast, referring to "that bitch from Canada", apparently believing his microphone was off.




Thursday, March 24, 2022

Twitter suspends Humor Site for naming Rachel Levine ‘Man of the Year’

Twitter locked the account of a right-leaning parody site, The Babylon Bee, after it awarded Rachel Levine, the transgender Biden administration official, the title of “man of the year.”

The Babylon Bee story was a reaction to USA Today’s naming of Levine, who is US assistant secretary for health for the US Department of Health and Human Services, as one of its “women of the year” last week.

Twitter says it will restore the account, which has more than 1.3 million followers, if the Bee deletes the tweet, but CEO Seth Dillon says he has no intention of doing so.

“We’re not deleting anything,” Dillon tweeted from his personal account. “Truth is not hate speech. If the cost of telling the truth is the loss of our Twitter account, then so be it.”

The banned article notes that Levine “serves proudly as the first man in that position to dress like a western cultural stereotype of a woman. He is also an admiral in the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. What a boss!”

“He often wears a dress, which some people think is weird — but he doesn’t care one bit,” the article continues. “Come on! Men in India wear dress-type garments, don’t they?”

Twitter cited its policy on “hateful conduct,” which states: “You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.”




Wednesday, March 23, 2022

New Name for Criminals in California

Remember when the “homeless” were just bums, derelicts, vagrants. Well, can’t go giving people who’ve given up on society a name that actually describes their deeper situation, when you can simply call them “homeless”.

Thus, put together homeless collective. Unionize them. Then put the blame on Republicans for the plight of the “homeless.” Next, and most importantly, get the homeless to vote Democrat. That’s the way you achieve progress.

Now, the group who renames everything in order for people not to feel belittled gives America another slice of new terminology.

The Leftists in the land of fruits, nuts, and fairies gives us new lexicon for criminals. No longer will criminals be referred to as such. Instead, crime-infested San Francisco introduced new sanitized language for criminals.

The non-PC terms of the past, including, “offender” and “addict”. “Convicted felon”, are now “justice-involved person.”

In the midst of one of the highest crime rates in America, the Board of Supervisors attack words.




Tuesday, March 22, 2022

New York's Yonkers Police slam YouTube for censorship after site removes anti-Asian attack video

A New York police department called out YouTube on Monday for removing a video that showed a violent attack on an Asian American woman, and suggested that the company improperly censored them in doing so.

Yonkers Police Department tweeted a screenshot of a message with YouTube letterhead on Monday related to surveillance footage of the March 11th hate crime attack involving an alleged career criminal. The video was later taken down, and was replaced with the message: "This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service."

The contents of the message indicate Yonkers Police appealed the video’s removal, but was denied.

"We reviewed your content carefully, and have confirmed that it violates our violent or graphic content policy," the message from YouTube states. "We know this is probably disappointing news, but it’s our job to make sure that YouTube is a safe place for all."

Yonkers Police Department responded with a tweet, writing: "Dear YouTube, Safety isn't derived from censoring content and information; it's the product of a free society that adheres to the rule of law."

The attack in question involved a 67-year-old Asian American victim. The woman was walking into her Yonkers apartment building around 6 p.m. March 11 when she passed the stranger, who called her "Asian b----," police said.

The woman ignored him and kept walking, cops said. She entered the building’s vestibule pushing a cart full of items and was in the process of opening the door into the lobby when the suspect also entered.

The chilling video from inside the vestibule showed the man calmly approach her from behind and swing his right hand, punching the woman in the head and sending her crumbling to the ground.

He proceeded to punch her repeatedly and without pause – alternating between his left and right hands – as the victim lied on the tile, the video showed. He punched his victim in her head and face continuously over the course of a minute.

He then foot-stomped the woman seven times and spat on her, according to police and the video.

The suspect then left the vestibule, but remained in front of the building, police said. Several people called 911 and the attacker – 42-year-old Tammel Esco – was arrested. Esco, who reportedly has lengthy criminal history including at least one prior conviction, was charged with attempted murder as a hate crime and second-degree assault as a hate crime.

The victim was hospitalized with broken bones in her face and bleeding in the brain, as well as several cuts and bruises to her head, according to authorities.




Monday, March 21, 2022

Alabama Backtracks on Attempt to Recall ‘Objectionable’ License Plate

In case anybody doesn't get it.  The letters presumably stand for "Let's go Brandon:, F*** Joe Biden

An Alabama man who personalized his license plate with “LGBFJB” on a state-issued “Don’t Tread on Me” yellow license plate that the state found “objectionable” now says he can keep it.

Nathan Kirk, Blount County resident and owner of Blount County Tactical, a store that sells firearms and ammunition, received a letter from the Alabama Department of Revenue dated March 9 stating that the license plate would “not be recalled.”

“The state had telephoned me [on March 11] and told me that they would not be recalling the plate and that a letter would be forthcoming,” Kirk told The Epoch Times in a telephone interview. “I wanted to make sure and verify with that letter that it was real.”

Kirk believes the amount of attention his story garnered was the reason behind the state changing its mind.

“Jefferson County Sheriff David Clarke tagged the governor [Kay Ivey] about what was happening to me,” he said. “Then, before you know it, I was getting a telephone call and now a letter. I don’t think they wanted the backlash.”

Kirk said the letter “F” that has “everyone’s feather’s ruffled” doesn’t stand for that, it stands for the word “forget.”

“In my interpretation, it doesn’t stand for that,” he said. “I can’t help what they make it stand for, but regardless, it’s up to your own interpretation.”

Florida attorney Charles Heekin said that if the state of Alabama had carried through with its plan of revoking Kirk’s license plate he had a “good case” against the state.

“Alabama, because it has censored political speech, has set itself up as an arbiter of political speech and therefore has violated the man’s First Amendment rights,” Heekin told The Epoch Times during a telephone interview. “This is a breathtaking ignorance of the law regarding free speech and the First Amendment, which is the most sacred.”

The anthem of “Let’s go Brandon” reportedly has cemented itself into the vernacular of American citizens who do not particularly care for the sitting president originated from a cheer that broke out at Alabama’s Talladega Speedway in May 2021 when a reporter mistook the crowd’s cheers of “[expletive] Joe Biden” for a cheer of “Let’s Go, Brandon,” referring to the NASCAR driver she was interviewing, Brandon Brown, after he won the race.




Sunday, March 20, 2022

Federal education minister says ‘dud teachers’ not an issue in Australia’s PRIVATE schools

Huge incorrectness.  A man who states the obvious

Stuart Robert has said independent schools do not accept “dud teachers”, sending the “bottom 10% of teachers dragging the chain” into the government system, where they are protected from being fired.

The acting education minister made the remarks at an independent schools conference on Thursday, revealing the federal government will aim to lift teacher standards by revamping course content and bringing forward the initial literacy and numeracy test for teachers.

Although there were no “silver bullets”, Robert said, teacher quality came “screaming out” as the most important fix, as studies showed that bringing the bottom 10% of teachers up to the standard of the average would reverse the decline.

“Now, I don’t think that’s a problem in your schools, because frankly you can hire and fire your own teachers,” he told the Independent Schools Australia and Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia national education forum.

Referring to the principal of his alma mater, Rockhampton grammar, Robert said there was “no way … Dr Moulds would accept a dud teacher in his school, like, for a second”.

“So for your school you just don’t have them – you don’t have the bottom 10% of teachers dragging the chain,” he said.  “But for every teacher you don’t have in your organisation, guess where they go?”

Robert said there were teachers who graduated from university who “can’t read and write”, evidenced by the fact they could not pass the Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students (Lantite).  “If you can’t perform in basic literacy and numeracy, how can you teach children?” he said.

The Australian Education Union president, Correna Haythorpe, said Robert’s comments “are absolutely shameful and can only be viewed as insulting to the dedicated, high quality public school teaching workforce”.

The Queensland education minister, Grace Grace, said the comments were “outrageous, inaccurate, and an insult to hard working teachers across Queensland and Australia”.

The Victorian education minister, James Merlino, said it was “a disgrace” that Robert had attacked government school teachers and accused the Coalition of “obsessing about culture wars” about the curriculum.

Friday, March 18, 2022

UK: Labour Party flounders to define the word 'woman'

Happy International Women’s Day! To mark this auspicious occasion, the Radio 4 programme Woman’s Hour today hosted a conversation between presenter Emma Barnett, former Home Secretary Amber Rudd and the Labour shadow minister for women and equalities, Anneliese Dodds.

Unfortunately, amid all the amicable chatter about why Dodds’ post does not have a full-time dedicated Cabinet minister, Barnett decided to raise a difficult question for any right-on Labour MP. Referencing the query of one listener called Jill, Barnett asked the Labour chair if a future government led by Keir Starmer would legislate to define what a woman actually is.

Dodds squirmed for several minutes to answer the question, tying herself in knots as she declined to give Barnett the ‘pithy’ answer she desired as to what constitutes a ‘woman’ and how she would reconcile Labour’s support for updating the Gender Recognition Act with single-sex exemptions.

So unimpressed with the response was Harry Potter author JK Rowling that the longtime Labour supporter took to Twitter to declare: ‘Someone please send the shadow minister for equalities a dictionary and a backbone.’ Rowling, who donated £1 million to Labour in 2008, added: ‘Apparently, under a Labour government, today will become ‘We Who Must Not Be Named Day.’ Ouch.




Thursday, March 17, 2022

Period product company that referred to 'bleeders' in an Instagram post is accused of 'erasing women' with 'dehumanising and insulting' language

A period products company has come under fire for 'erasing women' in an Instagram post referring to 'bleeders' rather than women, which critics have described as 'insulting and dehumanising'.

London-based company Yoppie released a statement on Instagram which said the majority of 'bleeders' are not aware of the 'symptoms' which occur during the menstrual cycle.

Furious social media users were quick to point out the 'misogynistic and objectifying' language used, which company founder Daniella Peri told FEMAIL was designed to 'bust the social stigma' around period blood, as well as being inclusive to 'people who menstruate who are not women'.

Founded in 2016, Yoppie is a subscription-based period product company providing vegan and eco-friendly tampons, pads and liners, as well as supplements and skincare products




Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Woman criticises Australian toy company for putting 'exaggerated' lips and a larger nose on black baby dolls

image from

Realism incorrect?

An Australian mother has criticised a toy company for 'exaggerating' facial features on its black dolls but not on its 'white' ones, before praising Kmart for its diversity range.

Jean, who blogs under @Jeanchronicles on TikTok, shared a video of 'anatomically correct' Miniland Dolls she found in a toy shop that had the offending larger lips, a larger nose and longer forehead on its darker dolls.

'This is what buying black dolls in Australia is like,' she captioned the post, which has 3,000 comments on it at the time of writing.

Many told Jean to try and buy a doll from Kmart, which also offers a diverse range of dolls to its customers

The Kindred Folk dolls are $16 each and have their own names, like Ollie and Ruby.

Since being posted the clip has racked up a staggering 6.1million views and thousands of comments from Australians praising the retailer's inclusivity.




Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Trump censored again

On Wednesday, YouTube prank squad Nelk Boys’ podcast released a recent interview with President Donald Trump. However, after the video gained more than 5 million views a day it was published, YouTube has removed it from the platform.

In a statement, Trump slammed the social media company after the removal of the said video, “What happened to free speech in our Country?”

He added, “Incredibly, but not surprisingly, the Big Tech lunatics have taken down my interview with the very popular NELK Boys so that nobody can watch it or in any way listen to it.”

According to the Yahoo News:

The Nelk Boys are a group of YouTubers known for provocative prank and party videos peppered with crude, bro-culture jokes. Their main channel, which launched in 2010, has over 7 million subscribers and 1.15 billion views. The group has also expanded into additional channels, hard seltzer and merchandise, which their company claims makes them tens of millions of dollars in revenue each year.




Monday, March 14, 2022

Notorious vegan activist Tash Peterson goes on bizarre rant demanding people stop objectifying animals by referring to them as 'it'

Tash has the charm of youth but she doesn't have much of a figure.  May I be so uncharitable as to suggest that her activism is for her a way of getting the attention she would otherwise lack?

A notorious vegan activist and OnlyFans star has pleaded with Australians to stop devaluing and objectifying animals by referring to them as 'it' .

Animals rights activist Tash Peterson sparked a divided reaction online when she addressed the topic in a 10 minute Facebook video filmed with partner Jack Higgs earlier this week.

She believes it's wrong to refer to an animal as 'it'.

'There's a huge difference of how we address human animals and non human animals and at the end of the day, we're forgetting we're all animals and sentient beings,' she explained.

Ms Peterson described the use of degrading language and euphemisms to describe animals as anthropocentric.

'I've even heard it with people and their dogs and they know their dog's gender but they're still saying it,' she said.

'It's just not a word to be using for an individual, it's objectifying them and it's devaluing them. They're no different to us morally.'

'You can say he/she, they/them, or just even saying the dog or the bird, at least appreciate they're a living being.'

Ms Peterson says she even hears a lot of fellow vegans and animal activists referring to animals as 'it', which she described as concerning and inspired her to make the video.

'It's ingrained in us. It's no one's fault, we're taught from the moment we start school that if it's a non human animal, you say 'it',' she explained




Sunday, March 13, 2022

Leaked emails reveal Facebook to allow violent posts against Russians

Facebook and Instagram will allow posts that call for violence against Russians and Russian soldiers in relation to the Ukraine invasion.

The temporary change to parent company Meta’s hate speech policies will allow posts that call for the deaths of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko according to internal emails to content moderators seen by Reuters.

These calls for death cannot contain threats on other targets or information concerning the location or method of the proposed violence.

According to the emails, threats against Russian soldiers are also allowed as they are being used as a proxy for the Russian military. Reuters reported that the changes would not apply to prisoners of war.

“In light of the ongoing invasion of Ukraine, we made a temporary exception for those affected by war, to express violent sentiments toward invading armed forces such as ‘death to the Russian invaders’,” a Meta company spokesperson confirmed to




Friday, March 11, 2022

Australian lawyer of Iranian origin fires up over man's old-fashioned email greeting as 'lazy' and 'ignorant'

She is right that the form of address is silly but attitudes to women in Iran are a lot worse than silly.  One would think she would forgive a little silliness among Australians

A female lawyer has slammed a man as 'lazy' and 'ignorant' after he referred to her and other female colleagues as 'Sirs'.

Making matters worse, the email to Alexia Ereboni Yazdani, the principal solicitor at a Sydney legal practice, came from an unexpected source. 'He's a solicitor, which made it all the more annoying,' Ms Ereboni Yazdani told Daily Mail Australia.

It began simply enough with 'Dear Sirs'. Though it was sent to a woman whose first name also appeared in her email address, it could just have been a simple mistake.  

Ms Ereboni Yazdani sent a polite reply on Monday, February 28, first dealing with the matter being discussed, then saying 'Also, please note, there are no Sirs here.'

If she thought that would change things, she was mistaken. On Wednesday, March 2, Ms Ereboni Yazdani got another email from the same person, again beginning with 'Dear Sirs'.

'Sometimes people just assume that is the correct way to address a law firm because they've seen it in other correspondence. But I definitely think that sometimes it is a power thing.'

Shockingly, even other women have referred to Ms Ereboni Yazdani as if she was male.  

'I often get emails from female solicitors that use 'Dear Sir'. That's a bit more annoying than getting it from a male, because there's another female on the other side who is using that really old school way of addressing another law firm,' she said.




Thursday, March 10, 2022

It’s A Jailable Crime To Support Russia’s Ukraine War In EU Members Slovakia And Czech Republic

Fighting authoritarianism with authoritarianism?

Western governments have portrayed the war between Russia and Ukraine as a supposed conflict between authoritarianism and democracy. At the same time, however, some of these Western governments are imposing authoritarian policies and harshly cracking down on freedom of expression and freedom of the press, banning Russian media outlets and even making it illegal to support the Russian military intervention.

The EU has banned Russian media outlets RT and Sputnik, and US Silicon Valley corporations like Google and Twitter have censored their accounts.

Numerous members of the EU and NATO, including the Czech Republic and Slovakia, have also made it a crime to support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, threatening their citizens with years in prison. And fellow member Latvia has a police hotline where people can report neighbors they suspect of being pro-Russian.


United Nations advises staff against using ‘war’ or ‘invasion’ regarding Ukraine

The United Nations’ Department of Global Communications instructed staff of the international organisation not to refer to the situation in Ukraine as a “war” or “invasion”, in a move to balance political sensitivities as powerful member state Russia cracks down domestically on those who use the words.

Instead, UN staff were instructed to use the terms “conflict” or “military offensive” to describe Russia’s invasion of its neighbour, which has killed hundreds of civilians and forced two million people to flee the country.

In an email to a staff mailing list on Monday with the subject line “Ukraine crisis communications guidelines”, the director of the United Nations Regional Information Centre instructed employees not to describe the situation as a war and not to add the Ukrainian flag to personal or official social media accounts or websites.




Wednesday, March 09, 2022

'Sorry to Be a Free Speech Absolutist': Elon Musk Will Not Censor Russian State Media in Ukraine

Tesla Motors CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk said Saturday morning that SpaceX will not block Russian state media on its Starlink internet satellites "unless at gunpoint," arguing that it is a matter of freedom of speech.

This comes as Western governments attempt to stifle disinformation coming out of Moscow about Russia's war with Ukraine.

Last weekend, Musk used Starlink's satellites to ensure Ukraine would still have internet communication as Russia tried to cut off the besieged country from the internet.

Musk explained in a Saturday morning tweet that he would not muzzle Russian state media despite requests by some governments around the globe. He specified that Ukraine had not made such a request.

And when one Twitter user commented that Russian state media sources are sources of propaganda, Musk explained that all news sources are "partially propaganda, some more than others."




Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Professor Says He’s Suspended for Calling University ‘Woke’

WIBA Radio reported that Concordia University in Wisconsin suspended and barred from campus Gregory Schulz, a tenured professor of philosophy, after he wrote that Concordia is experiencing “dysphoria because it is coming under the influence of Woke-ism (that is, a potent cocktail of Progressivism, Neo-Pragmatism, and Marxism)” in an essay for the blog Christian News.

The Lutheran university did not respond to a request for comment about the case, but groups including the Academic Freedom Alliance have accused Concordia of violating Schulz’s academic freedom.




Monday, March 07, 2022

Must not compliment Ukrainian women

Arthur do Val, a São Paulo congressman and former supporter of Brazil’s rightwing president, Jair Bolsonaro, made a three-day trip to the region last week, supposedly to raise awareness of the human cost of Vladimir Putin’s attack.

Do Val’s trip had the blessing of Sergio Moro, the conservative ex-judge and minister who hopes to challenge Bolsonaro and his leftwing rival Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in October’s presidential election. “It’s always commendable when we put our words into practice,” Moro tweeted.

Such ostensibly noble objectives were shattered on Friday, however, when the Brazilian media published audio messages in which Do Val spoke in highly offensive terms about Ukrainian refugees – more than 1.3 million of whom have fled overseas since Vladimir Putin’s 24 February invasion.

In one recording, the politician says: “I’ve just crossed the border on foot between Ukraine and Slovakia. Bro, I swear to you … I’ve never seen anything like it in terms of beautiful girls. The refugee queue … it’s like 200metres-long or more of just total goddesses … It’s some incredible shit … The queue outside Brazil’s best nightclub … doesn’t come close to the refugee queue here.”


Poutine not Putin: classic Quebec dish caught in crossfire of Ukraine war

image from

Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine has prompted demonstrations around the world, with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets to condemn the war.

But anger towards the Russian leader has also ensnared an unlikely casualty: a French-Canadian delicacy of potato fries, cheese curds and gravy.

Poutine, the famous dish, shares its name – in French – with the maligned Russian president. And as Putin becomes the target of protest, so too has one restaurant that sells the dish.

Maison de la Poutine, with restaurants in both Paris and Toulouse, said it has received insults and threats following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Our dish was born in Quebec in the 1950s. And the stories to tell its origin are numerous. But one thing is certain: poutine was created by passionate cooks who wanted to bring joy and comfort to their customers,” the company tweeted. “The House of Poutine has worked since its first day to perpetuate these values and today brings its most sincere support to the Ukrainian people who are courageously fighting for their freedom against the tyrannical Russian regime.”




Thinktank linked to tech giant Canon under pressure to remove ‘dangerous’ climate articles

A thinktank linked to Japanese technology giant Canon is coming under pressure to remove multiple articles from a research director who describes the climate crisis as “fake news” and compares campaigner Greta Thunberg to a communist.

One Australia-based international fellow at the Canon Institute for Global Studies (CIGS), Prof Jeffrey Braithwaite, told the Guardian the claims about climate science from research director Dr Taishi Sugiyama were “not defensible”.

Campaign group Action Speaks Louder, which has produced a report documenting Sugiyama’s claims, says the institute is “promoting dangerous climate delay and denial” and is demanding Canon withdraws support until the articles, which include a book aimed at school-age children, are removed.

In articles on the institute’s website and in other outlets, Sugiyama, using his CIGS affiliation, says there is no climate crisis, and rejects evidence of increasing heat extremes and more intense rainfall.

During November’s Glasgow climate talks, Sugiyama, who has helped write several major UN climate reports, said a speech from the Swedish teenage activist Greta Thunberg showed she had “turned from an environmentalist to a communist”.

Sugiyama also authored a book, published this year, encouraging Japanese school children to question the science of climate change. His work is often published on conservative outlet Daily Will, and then republished on the CIGS website.

Braithwaite, an internationally respected healthcare expert who is a CIGS fellow, told the Guardian he found the content from Sugiyama on the CIGS website “deeply disconcerting”.

Braithwaite said he raised concerns with the institute last week. The institute viewed its role, he said, as “trying to improve the world” and, like at a university, allowed its researchers a level of freedom.

“But this is so far outside the norm and is not evidence based,” he said. “It is clearly against the assembled evidence on global warming and the changing climate and its effects. It is not defensible.”

Braithwaite is a leading international expert on healthcare. He said: “This does not sit comfortably with someone like me who has been actively trying to recognise and promote the science on global warming and to consider its effects on human health. We need to follow the science.”

Braithwaite said he would discuss his connections with the institute at a board meeting of the International Society For Quality In Health Care, of which he is president.

Critical of IPCC report

Dr Seita Emori, a climate scientist at Japan’s National Institute for Environmental Studies, questioned Sugiyama’s reliability as a source on climate change, saying his interpretations of data contradicted the conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

“I found his arguments use typical strategies of climate sceptics – if not contrarians – all over the world,” he said.




Friday, March 04, 2022

Pfizer Docs They Want Hidden for 75 Years Show A NIGHTMARE

After a stunning defeat of the Food and Drug Administration in a Texas District Court, the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency promptly released a collection of Pfizer documents that contained absolutely damning information on the so-called COVID19 ‘vaccine’. Had this information been made available sooner, thousands of Americans would have likely chosen to lean on therapeutic and natural immunity rather than subjecting themselves to the treatment that has… NINE PAGES of side effects.

Pfizer Held This Back Until Courts MADE THEM Release It Derek Boberic tweeted,”Pfizer wanted you to wait until the year 2085 to know the vaccine has NINE pages of side effects and that they withheld reports of 1223 fatalities during a 3-month period, out of 42K cases. (That’s about 2-3x higher death rate than actual covid)”

Let’s break it down by the numbers in the Pfizer report, which out of an initial 42,086 showed an astonishingly high incidence of serious adverse effects.

-There were 1403 instances of “Cardiovascular Adverse Events of Special Interest,”

-These include PTs Acute myocardial infarction; Arrhythmia; Cardiac failure; Cardiac failure acute; Cardiogenic shock; Coronary artery disease; Myocardial infarction; Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome; Stress cardiomyopathy; Tachycardia

-136 instances were fatal, with 380 outcomes unknown.

-3,067 subjects still experienced COVID despite the vaccination.

-136 subjects died with 2110 unknown Outcomes

-449 suffered Facial paralysis, Facial paresis.

-70 suffered Liver related issues, signs and symptoms OR PT Liver injury 5 of them died.

-932 suffered blood related issues with clotting etc. (: Leukopenias NEC (HLT) (Primary Path) OR Neutropenias (HLT) (Primary Path) OR PTs Immune thrombocytopenia, Thrombocytopenia OR SMQ Haemorrhage terms (excl laboratory terms) 34 died 371 had unknown outcomes.

Most frequently reported relevant issues with greater than or  equal to 15 occurrences) include: Epistaxis (127), Contusion (112), Vaccination site bruising (96), Vaccination site haemorrhage (51), Petechiae (50), Haemorrhage (42), Haematochezia (34), Thrombocytopenia (33), Vaccination site haematoma (32), Conjunctival haemorrhage and Vaginal haemorrhage (29 each), Haematoma, Haemoptysis and Menorrhagia (27 each), Haematemesis (25), Eye haemorrhage (23), Rectal haemorrhage (22), Immune thrombocytopenia (20), Blood urine present (19), Haematuria, Neutropenia and Purpura (16 each) Diarrhoea haemorrhagic (15).

Dr. Afshine Emrani, MD FACC tweeted incredulously, “Pfizer vaccine data. Pfizer wanted you to wait till 2085 to know that the vaccine you took has 9 PAGES of side effects. Start with page 30. I’ve never seen anything like it. I can’t even get my head around this. “

As the weeks and months pass from the onset of the COVID panic, more and more information is released showing how wrong the American people have been to trust the so-called ‘authorities’.




Thursday, March 03, 2022

Dr. Seuss gets woke-washed: Author's sketches will be turned into new children's books by 'inclusive group from diverse racial backgrounds' after six of his titles were cancelled for being 'racist'

A series of characters from unpublished Dr. Seuss works will be featured in an upcoming line of books written and illustrated by an 'inclusive' panel of writers and artists from 'diverse racial backgrounds,' the company responsible for the author's legacy announced on Wednesday.

The announcement – made on March 2, Dr. Seuss's birthday – comes exactly a year after Dr. Seuss Enterprises stirred controversy when it revealed it was ceasing publication of six titles for including racist images.

The new authors and illustrators will 'represent a diverse cross-section of racial backgrounds to represent as many families as possible,' said Dr. Seuss Enterprises, which was founded by the family of Dr. Seuss, born Theodor Seuss Geisel, and manages his archives at the University of California San Diego.

Dr. Seuss Enterprises has not released the names of any of the authors or artists working on the project and it is not clear how they were selected. Requests for comment from were not immediately answered.

The first two titles in the new line of books, dubbed Seuss Studios, will be released in 2023 and published by Random House Children's Books. Like Dr. Seuss's other works, they will be geared towards readers aged 4 to 8.

Dr. Seuss Enterprises said in a statement that it would announce additional details about the project later this year.

'We look forward to putting the spotlight on a new generation of talent who we know will bring their unique voices and style to the page, while also drawing inspiration from the creativity and imagination of Dr. Seuss,' Susan Brandt, the president and CEO of Dr. Seuss Enterprises, said in a statement.

Among the characters included is a small four-legged animal with humongous ears and a group of three multi-colored hummingbirds.

'The original Dr. Seuss sketch that serves as the inspiration for each of the new Seuss Studios books will be included in the book, along with a note from the creators explaining how they were inspired, and their process,' the San Diego-based company said.

The move to give unpublished Dr. Seuss sketches a woke rework comes a year after the company announced it would no longer print the following six books: 'And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street', 'If I Ran the Zoo', 'McElligot's Pool', 'On Beyond Zebra!', 'Scrambled Eggs Super!', and 'The Cat's Quizzer'.

Explaining last year's decision to stop the publication of the six books, Dr. Seuss Enterprises said: 'These books portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong.'

In 'And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street,' an Asian person is portrayed wearing a conical hat, holding chopsticks, and eating from a bowl. 'If I Ran the Zoo' includes a drawing of two bare-footed African men wearing what appear to be grass skirts with their hair tied above their heads.

Dr. Seuss founded the Beginner Books imprint at Random House in 1957, publishing 'The Cat in the Hat' and 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' that same year.




Wednesday, March 02, 2022

The Department of the Interior is moving forward with removing and replacing the derogatory term, squaw, from hundreds of sites

The Department of the Interior is moving forward with removing and replacing a derogatory term for Indigenous women used for decades across the US, the department said Tuesday.

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland issued an order declaring "squaw" derogatory in November. The term has historically been used as an offensive ethnic, racial and sexist slur towards Indigenous women, the department said in a news release at the time.

Haaland, who is the first Native American to serve as a cabinet secretary, established a 13-member task force to rename more than 600 geographic features that contain the term through that order.

Now, the department is moving onto the next steps.

The department on Tuesday issued a list of possible replacement names for the geographic sites, and is looking for public comments on the proposed names, according to a news release. The comment period is open through April.

"Words matter, particularly in our work to make our nation's public lands and waters accessible and welcoming to people of all backgrounds." Haaland said in Thursday's news release. "Throughout this process, broad engagement with Tribes, stakeholders and the general public will help us advance our goals of equity and inclusion."

A map created by the Names Task Force shows the locations requiring new names across the country. Places ranging from White Squaw Island in Maine to Squaw Hollow in Oregon will have to be renamed.

The department has already replaced the term with "sq_ _ _" in official communications.

Groups like the Native American Rights Fund have noted the significance of this move.

"It is well-past time for us, as a nation, to move forward beyond these derogatory terms and show Native people --and all people -- equal respect," the fund's executive director John Echohawk said in a news release.

The locations that include the term are expected to be changed in a matter of months.

Some places have gotten a head start with changes. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows -- the mountain resort used in the 1960 Winter Olympics -- changed its name to Palisades Tahoe in September.




Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Donor yanks Israel Studies endowment at U of Washington over professor’s Israel criticism

Conservatives are routinely silenced but free speech for Leftists is sacred. Even defence of murderous Palestinian terrorism is fine, which is what was involved below

The University of Washington has put its five-year-old Israel Studies Program on hold after a major donor, angry about a professor’s criticism of Israel, took her money back.

Becky Benaroya, a prominent Seattle philanthropist, gave $5 million in 2016 to create the program. But after a professor who held the Jack and Rebecca Benaroya Endowed Chair in Israel Studies was among hundreds of Jewish studies and Israel studies professors to sign a widely circulated statement criticizing Israel last year, Benaroya became concerned about what was happening in the program she had funded.

She requested months of meetings with the professor, Liora Halperin, and university officials to discuss her views on the program’s direction. Those meetings — which also included a representative of the pro-Israel advocacy group StandWithUs, according to a person familiar with them — culminated in the university returning the entire endowment to Benaroya earlier this year.

As a result, the university stripped Halperin of her chair position and halted programming related to Israel studies — moves that Halperin told JTA will have consequences both on campus and well beyond it.

“In making the nearly unprecedented choice to return the endowment money — in the absence of any contractual obligation to do so — UW has dealt an immediate blow to the students who have come to rely on the resources of the program, limited our opportunities to bring innovative academic programming, and sent a broader chilling message about the potential material consequences of engaging in principled political speech,” she said.

“We should not be imposing litmus tests on who is and is not virtuous enough to receive an endowed chair at a university,” David Myers, a professor of Jewish history at the University of California, Los Angeles, told JTA. “I think any defender of the university system and the right of free speech has to be deeply concerned about it.”


Facebook allows praise of neo-nazi Ukrainian battalion if it fights Russian invasion

The reversal raises questions about Facebook’s blacklist-based content moderation, which critics say lacks nuance and context.

Facebook will temporarily allow its billions of users to praise the Azov Battalion, a Ukrainian neo-Nazi military unit previously banned from being freely discussed under the company’s Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy, The Intercept has learned.

The policy shift, made this week, is pegged to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and preceding military escalations. The Azov Battalion, which functions as an armed wing of the broader Ukrainian white nationalist Azov movement, began as a volunteer anti-Russia militia before formally joining the Ukrainian National Guard in 2014; the regiment is known for its hardcore right-wing ultranationalism and the neo-Nazi ideology pervasive among its members.

Though it has in recent years downplayed its neo-Nazi sympathies, the group’s affinities are not subtle: Azov soldiers march and train wearing uniforms bearing icons of the Third Reich; its leadership has reportedly courted American alt-right and neo-Nazi elements; and in 2010, the battalion’s first commander and a former Ukrainian parliamentarian, Andriy Biletsky, stated that Ukraine’s national purpose was to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade … against Semite-led Untermenschen [subhumans].”

With Russian forces reportedly moving rapidly against targets throughout Ukraine, Facebook’s blunt, list-based approach to moderation puts the company in a bind: What happens when a group you’ve deemed too dangerous to freely discuss is defending its country against a full-scale assault?

According to internal policy materials reviewed by The Intercept, Facebook will “allow praise of the Azov Battalion when explicitly and exclusively praising their role in defending Ukraine OR their role as part of the Ukraine’s National Guard.” Internally published examples of speech that Facebook now deems acceptable include “Azov movement volunteers are real heroes, they are a much needed support to our national guard”; “We are under attack. Azov has been courageously defending our town for the last 6 hours”; and “I think Azov is playing a patriotic role during this crisis.”