Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Zimmerman strikes back

What Zimmerman encountered on that fatal night

After George Zimmerman killed a black thug in self defence, he became a whipping boy for the whole American Left, egged on by the New York Times and most of the rest of America's media.  To this day, the media still use a photo of Trayvon Martin as a kid rather than a picture of the late-teen thug that pounced on Zimmerman.

Therre was never any real doubt that Zimmerrman acted in self-defence and a subsequent trial confirmed that.  The abuse of Zimmerman still continues however, but George is not intimidated.  He strikes back at his trolls with sarcasm and abuse.  He gives as good as he gets. He trolls the trolls.  They hate that.  Abuse and insult is supposed to be a Leftist preserve. Some episodes below

Last month, Zimmerman referenced Martin’s death when someone sent him the message: ‘It’s slap-an-idiot Wednesday.’

He replied: ‘We all know how it ended for the last moron that hit me. Give it a whirl cupcake.’

Hours later, he posted numerous racial slurs in a series of tweets as well as a selfie he took as he smoked a cigar in a swimming pool.

He posted pictures of Michael Brown and Vester Flanagan with the caption: ‘If @BarackObama had two sons’.

Zimmerman also branded President Obama an ‘ignorant baboon’ for his statements about the high number of gun-related deaths in America after the on-air shooting of WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward.

Using a number of homophobic slurs, he wrote: ‘Pansy Fester [sic] lee Flanagan, too much of a daisy to deal w/racism. Murders 2 whites. Hate crime, 100%. Racist Obama says nothing condeming [sic].’


Black Country flag ‘offensive and insensitive' says leading racism campaigner

The Black country is a part of the English Midlands that was central to England's coal-based industrial revolution.  So much coal was burnt in its foundries and furnaces that the whole area  was black with soot -- hence the name.  There are also important differences in language, with Black Country speech harking back to Old English in some ways.  So people there are proud of their history, region, people and culture.  Attacking all of that is therefore deeply offensive to them.  But they reply with English moderation.  Nobody risks physical attack

The ignorant critic

The Black Country flag is offensive, says a leading racism campaigner who complains that chains made in the area were used to shackle slaves.

Political activist Patrick Vernon OBE described the flag as ‘offensive and insensitive’ and said its chains were a ‘disturbing’ image of an industry that profited from the transatlantic slave trade and colonial rule in Africa.

His comments - today dismissed as ‘political correctness garbage’ - came as thousands of people celebrated the region’s history over the weekend in The Black Country Festival and Cradley Heath’s Women’s Chainmakers’ Festival.

Mr Vernon, who grew up in All Saints, Wolverhampton, and is a former London Labour councillor, said the Black Country had shied away from addressing the role its industries played in slavery and that community leaders were trying to ‘pretend it never happened’.

“The chain being used as a symbol in the flag is insensitive,” he said. “Shackles and manacles that were made by chainmakers in the Black Country were used to incarcerate slaves in North America, on plantations and in colonial Africa.

The flag itself was designed by a 12-year-old schoolgirl, linking together our region’s proud glass-making heritage as well as its heavy industry and foundries, illustrated by the chains.

The colours signify the ‘black by day, red by night’ nature of our town’s during the industrial revolution.

The flag has been adopted by hundreds of thousands of people as a proud symbol of this area, popping up all over the world at football matches, cricket tests and even the Glastonbury Festival.

One of the many great things about the Black Country is that it is a beacon for integration, racial and religious tolerance that we believe is unmatched anywhere in Britain.

The flag is a symbol of pride in our region and its industrial heritage – but also one of multi-cultural integration so natural that people round here don’t really feel the need to talk about it.

Mr Vernon’s comments have caused outrage among MPs and top councillors on the eve of Black Country Day tomorrow.

Dudley North Labour MP Ian Austin said: “This is ridiculous nonsense. The Black Country Festival brings everyone from our diverse communities together. If he had come to Stone Street Square this weekend he would have seen people off all races and backgrounds enjoying the fun. It was an example of what makes our society something to celebrate.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

UK: Racist hats?

A Mexican restaurant has been banned from handing out free sombreros to students because the publicity stunt was branded 'racist' by university officials.

Pedro's Tex-Mex Cantina, a Norwich restaurant, gave the hats to University of East Anglia students at a freshers' fair in the city in a bid to drum up business from the student population.

But officials at the students' union, where the fair was held last week, took the sombreros from students and ordered the restaurant to stop giving them out because they thought it was offensive for non-Mexicans to wear them.

The union said it breached an advertising policy sent to stallholders, which said: 'Discriminatory or stereotypical language or imagery aimed towards any group or individual based on characteristics will not be permitted as part of our advertising.'

One first-year student told student newspaper The Tab: 'It's ridiculous – it's a comedy hat, not some sort of sacred religious dress. Who is going to get offended? Speedy Gonzales?'

Pedros Tex-Mex Cantina is an independent, family-owned restaurant that opened in 1991 in Norwich.  The restaurant is highly rated on review site TripAdvisor and dishes up a variety of traditional Tex-Mex dishes, including nachos, chilli and tacos.


Putting your arm around someone is not an ‘act of ownership’

In a recent interview with the Mail on Sunday, Dame Helen Mirren, award-winning actress and Naturist of the Year 2004, said that, ‘It annoys me when I see men with an arm slung round their girlfriend’s shoulders. It’s like ownership.’

In response to Mirren’s comments, many tried to discredit her by digging out images in which a man had his arms draped around her on the red carpet. But others came to her support. Writing in the Guardian, Lucy Mangan said that ‘it is a sign of ownership, undoubtedly… the male equivalent of the girlfriend’s hand on a man’s lapel’.

Frankly, it’s a struggle to see how either are in any way problematic. It seems like Western culture is becoming increasingly hypersensitive. From calling creepy compliments ‘misogynistic’ to accusing people of committing ‘microaggressions’ simply for not believing in race, we are increasingly obsessed with reading unconscious biases into everyday social interactions, and constantly thinking the worst of our fellows.

The intention behind what one says or does no longer matters; it is the way in which the words or actions are perceived by others that matters today. Consequently, people can be pilloried for committing wrongs they weren’t even aware existed.

It is ridiculous to read physical gestures between men and women as self-evident acts of ownership. Such constant offence-taking will only suck the fun, and, indeed, the romance, out of modern life.


Monday, September 28, 2015

Unruly behavior by Africans?  IMPOSSIBLE!

The head of the committee which oversees the hajj pilgrimage has sparked outrage by blaming pilgrims of 'African nationalities' for the stampede which killed more than 700 people.

In what was the worst disaster in a quarter-century to strike the annual event, 769 people died two days ago when the stampede broke out in Mina, about three miles from Mecca, during the symbolic stoning of the devil ritual.

The comment provoked a storm of condemnation, with critics describing it as 'more obscene than racism' while others said authorities should focus on determining what went wrong, rather than blaming ethnic groups.

But pilgrims blamed the stampede on police road closures and poor management of the flow of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims in searing temperatures.

Abdullah al-Sheikh, chairman of the Shura Council, an appointed body which advises the government, stressed that pilgrims must stick to 'the rules and regulations taken by the security personnel... In doing so they protect their lives, their security and facilitate their performing of the rituals.'


Is this racist?

An American-born doctor of Indian parentage, Farah Khan, calls the incidents she recalls below "racist".  But are they?  Could they simply be cautious?  I would suspect that underlying the request not to be treated by an Indian doctor is a realistic fear that the Indian doctor will be incompetent. 

In Britain, overseas-trained doctors, mostly from the Indian sub-continent, have four times the rate of adverse findings made against them by medical authorities compared to British-trained doctors. So Indian doctors in Britain definitely are more perilous.  The lower training standards in their home country and their different culture do provably make them less safe with patients.

But of course doctors who get their training in a Western country should be OK regardless of their ancestry.

Even there, however, there may be a problem due to language ability.  An Indian-born person may have an American medical degree but make mistakes through not understanding English well.  In England, for instance, a patient might tell a doctor or a nurse that they want to "spend a penny".  What do we make of that?  You may have to be English born to know that the patient needs to pee.

And then there is the problem of affirmative action.  Africans tend to be passed through the educational system regardless of their attainments.  For that reason even some Africans refuse to be seen by an African doctor.  They are wise to do so in some instances.

So the Dr. below has a just complaint but the patient may simply be overly cautious, not racist.  If Dr. Khan had explained to the "problem" patient that both her birth and her training had been in America, I think the problem would have vanished -- JR

I remember early in my residency, a patient specifically requested that no “foreigners” take care of her. This request was made in passing, one time, to her primary doctor, who happened to be white. It never came up again while she was in the hospital, so nothing was ever really done about it.

Fast forward a year or so later in my residency when a patient’s family explicitly requested, well, actually demanded, that no Indian doctors directly care for their mother. This was a little problematic, from a medical and technical aspect, given that the majority of her primary team of doctors was, in fact, some variety of Indian.

As you can imagine, this situation was also ethically, morally, and personally problematic. I wish I could say that this situation was handled well and all misunderstandings were cleared—but the racism and disrespect of this request were brushed away, and the medical team was told by the powers that be to handle the situation with sensitivity. Excuse me, what?


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Brit was unaware of what a BAD word 'watermelon' is

A Channel 4 presenter has apologised after being accused of using a racial slur when he said Barack Obama was ‘smiling like a split watermelon’ during a meeting with the Pope.

The use of the phrase during a report on the pontiff's high-profile visit to the US last night sparked anger and dismay among those watching.

Matt Frei, Europe Editor for Channel 4 News, quickly moved to apologise and said he wasn't aware the watermelon is often considered a symbol of racism towards black people in America.

It dates back to a stereotype that the fruit is a favourite of African Americans.


Must not mention whiteness

A customer who ordered a curry from an Indian restaurant in the UK was a little shocked when he returned home and read the receipt.

Stuart Lynn, 44, asked for his curry to be served mild when he ordered from Valentine Restaurant in west London, reports the Mirror.

When he returned home he checked his takeaway docket which read: “VERY MILD, WHITE PPL”.

Mr Stuart construed the text as a racist insult. “It implies we can’t deal with strong curries. I do like a hot curry sometimes. I just fancied a mild one for a change. I thought it was very rude of them,” he said.  “It was the first time I’ve been in there and I won’t be going back.”


Friday, September 25, 2015

Liberal Hate 101: The double standard in social media

Phil Elmore

His name is C.J. Pearson. At the age of 12, this Georgia student has racked up over a million views on the video sharing site YouTube. His video is popular because in it he criticizes His Holiness, Glorious Leader Barack Obama. Now, criticizing Barack Obama normally makes one a racist – immediately and incontrovertibly. C.J. Parsons, however, is black, so allegation of racism were perhaps not quite as swiftly hurled as they might otherwise be when the sacred cow that is Barry The One is gored.

Liberals, incidentally, love allegations of racism specifically or, more generally, hatred. They love to equate any and all criticism of them, their beliefs and the changes they wish to make within society – most of which are self-destructive and harmful – as “hatred.” If they can marginalize all conservative thought as “hate,” as “insensitive,” as bad or wrong on its face, they can effectively silence all opinions that do not jibe with their own. That is precisely what is happening.

Well, C.J. Pearson has had his Facebook account locked for his criticism. He isn’t the first. Rumors that Facebook routinely suspends conservative groups’ and individuals’ pages have persisted for some time now. Just recently, yet another account created by the pro-veteran website “Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children” was suspended by Facebook because the owner shared a meme critical of Muslims.

Across social media, conservatives are routinely shouted down, shut up, silenced, suspended and banned not because they have broken the rules, but because the opinions they hold are wrongfully deemed “hate.” It’s no secret that the folks who run the major social media sites – Facebook and Twitter among them – are left of center. You should not, therefore, be surprised when your own accounts are locked down. Meanwhile, left-wingers can make as many threats and post as much personal information about you as they like.


Must not associate Mexicans with criminality

Restaurateur tries to draw attention to his new restaurant -- gets more attention than he bargained for

Did you know that of the 57,080 individuals that call New Brunswick home, 26 percent identify as Mexican? According to restauranteur Andrew Schiff, that means that within the next 30 days, there will be about 14,840 Mexican New Brunswick residents who will FINALLY be able to get their hands on the “true flavors” of “real Mexican food” in New Brunswick. Where you may ask? At no place other than a new Easton Avenue restaurant, called “Criminals and Tacos.”

Yes, you read that right. 14,840 children, mothers, fathers, workers and residents of New Brunswick will have to face a storefront bearing depictions of the very stereotype that they work so hard to disprove every day. A painstaking instance of blatantly offensive appropriating of Mexican culture at the heart of the city we all call home.

I urge each and every one of you reading this to boycott this restaurant as soon as it opens. Do not even give it a try. A business that exploits Mexican culture and perpetuates harmful and dangerous stereotypes does not deserve your money or your business.


Thursday, September 24, 2015

UK: Significance of drowned boy must not be questioned

Katie Hopkins causes rage by pointing out the now well-known reality.  How dare she disrupt an attempt at self-preening?

In response to an appeal for people to open up their homes to Syrian refugees, Katie Hopkins has said that Britain has been 'conned' into taking action by 'that picture of that child'.

The picture the controversial columnist is referring to is the haunting image of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, whose body washed up on a beach in Bodrum when he drowned trying to flee the fighting in Syria with his family.

The mother-of-three made the comments during a 'blazing row' with George Gabriel from humanitarian charity Citizens UK on LBC Radio this morning, which culminated in Hopkins calling him a 'left-wing vegan lunatic'.

'It's absolutely typical of you people that one photograph allows them to be completely swayed,' said Hopkins.

'Because what we're talking about there is your feelings. You felt that because you saw that picture of that child - this isn't about making you feel better.'

When Gabriel challenged Hopkins to contest the fact that the child died trying to get to safer shores, she accused the charity representative of not doing his research.

'They were living a very happy and settled life in Turkey, but the father allegedly needed to cross those waters in order to get a better life for his family.

'But they were in a safe place, they lived in Turkey - so you need to research your facts before talking sir.'

Hopkins next accused the photo of Aylan being used as a emotional blackmail to 'con' Britain into re-homing refugees.

'None of the neighbouring nations, the Muslim countries that surround it -  some of the five richest nations on the planet - they have not taken in one single refugee, and why do you think that might be sir? Why do you think it is that Britain's been conned into doing this by one photo?' she said.


Students At Wesleyan Demand Abolition Of Free Press

Severe Leftist censorship attempt in response to a balanced article

The student newspaper of Connecticut’s Wesleyan University is being targeted with a boycott by left-wing activists who say the paper doesn’t do enough to accommodate “minority voices.”

The trouble for The Wesleyan Argus began a week ago when the paper published an op-ed by student Bryan Stascavage, who criticized the Black Lives Matter movement for having members who allegedly support anti-police violence. Students expressed so much outrage at the piece that just days later the paper published a staff editorial apologizing for it.

“The opinions expressed in the op-ed do not reflect those of The Argus, and we want to affirm that as community members, we stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement,” the editorial said. The paper promised to publish a “Black Out” issue written entirely be racial minorities in order to atone for its sins, and also said it would institute a tougher fact-checking process to stop “questionable information” from being published.

But critics aren’t satisfied. On Sunday, during an open forum of the Wesleyan Student Assembly, a petition signed by 147 students and faculty demanded a boycott of the Argus and for the paper to lose its funding from the school.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Student punished for American flag shirt

Leftist educators at work.  Leftists hate Old Glory.  They trample on it or burn it when they can

A North Texas student was punished recently for wearing an American flag T-shirt to school. An administrator at Seagoville High School determined that the shirt violated the dress code.

The boy wearing the shirt, named Jaegur, was facing in-school-suspension on his record, but his mom apparently knew more about the dress code than that educator.

Jaegur is a junior at Seagoville High School. He’s passionate about ROTC and hopes to earn a scholarship through the program. “He wants to go into the military,” said Shelly. “He wants to help people, and any bad marks doesn't look good.”

But Monday, Shelly says an administrator asked Jaegur to lift his hoodie. “Underneath that shirt, he was wearing [the American flag] shirt,” said Shelly.

When Jaegur lifted his hoodie, he was sent to in-school suspension.

Seagoville High doesn’t require uniforms; just that students wear solid color shirts. The only exceptions are made for school and college logos or shirts supporting the military.

“Why doesn't [the shirt Jaegur wore] count?” FOX 4’s Diana Zoga said.  “I have no idea,” said Shelly. “I would like that answer.”

Shelly, who works the nightshift at a hospital, lost sleep driving to Jaegur’s school, only to have the assistant principal stand by the punishment.

“If he was breaking the rules, he would be punished and he would have to honor whatever they give him, but he wasn't, and I have to stand by him for that,” said Shelly.

So, Shelly requested an explanation in writing, and FOX 4 started asking the district questions.

While FOX 4 was with Shelly on Tuesday, she received a call from the principal, who apologized for all the trouble and confirmed that yes, the American flag can be worn in school.

“The fact that acknowledging it is huge, and the fact that they're willing to stand by and see mistakes and grow from them, that means a lot,” said Shelly.

Seagoville High is in the Dallas Independent School District. It confirms that flags can be displayed on clothing.

The school’s principal said he was off campus on Monday when the incident happened.

He also explained to Shelly that the in-school suspension time doesn’t go onto a student’s disciplinary record.


No Muslims for President?

Given the hostility to non-Muslims written in the Koran, how could a Muslim be given the powers of the Presidency?  It would be insane.  But that decision has to be by the people, no-one else.  Carson was right in spirit but wrong in detail. 

Ben Carson embarrassed himself badly over the weekend when he said on "Meet The Press" that he opposed having a Muslim serve as president of the United States, saying that Islam was not "consistent" with the Constitution — although he did allow that perhaps a Muslim could serve in Congress under certain circumstances.

That's outrageous, but it's not so far out of the mainstream for Republican presidential contenders of late. It's also sort of ironic given that nearly half of Republican voters think Dr. Carson's nightmare — a Muslim in the White House — has already happened. At least 43 percent of GOP voters mistakenly think President Barack Obama is a Muslim, according to a recent CNN poll (it's 54 percent if you believe the earlier findings of a Public Policy Polling survey).

Dr. Carson's Sunday morning gaffe was so egregious, however, that it drew rebukes from at least two fellow candidates with strong ties to evangelicals and extremely conservative views on matters of foreign policy and the military, Sens. Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham, the former pointing out that the Constitution bans a religious test for public office and the latter noting, correctly, that "America is an idea, not owned by a particular religion."


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Not much tolerance in Hawaii

Two letters (to a newspaper in Hawaii) below tell the story

Mr. James Borden enjoyed a curiously sympathetic profile in Sunday’s Tribune-Herald (Aug. 23). But his grisly anti-abortion signage is only his latest outrage. For months, he displayed signs calling President Obama a Muslim jihadist, with a caricature of him as a black rat lynched in a noose!

The offensive messages he paints and displays on his truck certainly are protected by the First Amendment, and he likewise is free to practice whatever it is he calls his “religion.” No one could legally object if he drove his hate-wagon through the streets all over town, or declaimed his opinions from a pulpit on private property. But his so-called church is squatting in a public park, and he is exploiting Hilo’s tolerance for eccentricity.

Fortunately, there is an easy way for Hawaii County to minimize the impact of Mr. Borden’s venom on Kinoole Street, without restricting his constitutional rights.

Simply cut the time for street parking on the makai side, along Lincoln Park, to just one or two hours.


Take back the park

I am writing this letter out of concern for the families who would like Lincoln Park to be a nice place to visit. My family is one of them.

It is not in the best interest of the public to be bombarded with (James Borden’s) hateful, politically divisive and grotesque images and messages when trying to visit a children’s playground. Many of the messages and images I have seen there are not fit for viewing by young children.

Yet, Lincoln Park was built to suit the needs of families in Hilo with young children, to give them a safe, colorful place to play and meet new friends. I do not find it acceptable that certain individuals use Lincoln Park as a place to post reminders of the worst and darkest offerings of the world when the park was built to be just the opposite.

I also do not believe calling attention to these issues in this way is in any way conducive to helping solve any problems, but instead creates the problem of needlessly traumatizing innocent visitors to this centrally located Hilo park.

I’m asking this city’s lawmakers to help its citizens rid Lincoln Park of this nuisance.


‘Dear Fat People‘: no one should be safe from mockery

Nicole Arbour, a Canadian comedian known for her YouTube channel, has sent the Twittersphere into overdrive. The reason for the fury? She made a video titled ‘Dear Fat People’, in which she dared to joke about people who are – let’s not mince words – fat. The humourless lot attacked one of the last strongholds of non-safe space, the internet, by forcing YouTube temporarily to suspend her video together with her entire channel. If this had happened even 10 years ago we would be stunned by such a censorious reaction. But, in the age of political correctness, the outcome was rather predictable.

The transatlantic offence police decided that Arbour’s video wasn’t just unfunny, but morally abhorrent. ‘Comedy has moved away from fat jokes that obvious’, stated Guardian writer Lindy West. A scribbler for Salon went even further, denouncing the clip as a form of hate speech.

What this hysterical reaction misses is that comedy should be free to be infantile and regressive. Visit any open-mic event and you’ll find enough witless comedians bombing on stage to make you cringe for weeks. When it comes to subject matter, no matter how regressive it might seem, some things just don’t have an expiration date. The question should be whether a comic can make something funny, not whether or not they should dare say it in the first place.

Nicole Arbour has re-uploaded the same video, with the new title of ‘The Most Offensive Video’. But given the far-reaching scope of offence-takers, who’s to say short jokes won’t beat it to the top of the offending list tomorrow? We should dread the idea of socially responsible comedy. Like progressive ideas, good comedy often comes from those who aren’t afraid to cause offence.


Monday, September 21, 2015

"Yellowface" is now bad too

All the Japanese people that I know have quite fair skin so this seems a folly all-round

A production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Mikado” planned for New York this December was canceled after it drew criticism over how its largely non-Asian cast planned to portray the stereotyped Japanese characters and culture that are often seen as central to the work, the New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players announced on their website.

The troupe “never intended to give offense and the company regrets the missed opportunity to responsively adapt” the show this December, the troupe’s executive director, David Wannen, wrote in a statement on the website. The company plans to mount another popular Gilbert and Sullivan work, “The Pirates of Penzance,” in its place for six performances at the Skirball Center at New York University from Dec. 26 through Jan. 2.

The decision was announced as many arts organizations are rethinking how they stage classic works that portray different races and cultures onstage in ways that are now seen as racist or offensive, in an effort to keep the jarring aspects from getting in the way of what makes those works great. When the Metropolitan Opera opens its season next week with a new production of Verdi’s “Otello,” it will break a long performance tradition by not using dark makeup on its tenor, a practice that has uncomfortable echoes of minstrelsy and blackface.


Must not mention that many Pacific island nations are poor

Fiji in fact has reliable hydro electricity for the most part so the comment was ill-informed.  Some outlying resorts have their own generators, which can be unpredictable, however.  There are over 300 islands in the Fiji archipelago

ITV commentator Nick Mullins' Rugby World Cup hasn't got off to the best start with  on-air comments about Fiji  branded disrespectful and patronising.

During the call of England's 35-11 victory against Fiji in the World Cup opener, Mullins said: "They will be back in Fiji around one television hoping the generator doesn't fail them."

The Twitter response to Mullins comments was instantaneous with the comments slamming the remarks.

Many vented on Twitter their displeasure over what was perceived as an offensive remark by the commentator for the host broadcaster.

"ITV's commentator said an incredibly disrespectful thing about Fiji tonight," declared @SportsJOEdotie.

"He's a disgrace to the game of rugby!" tweeted @Tarabrowne3.

"Nick Mullins is an absolute embarrassment. Would ITV not have the vision to get Brian Moore and Johnathan Davies?" added @Leeelzevir.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

You have to be careful about how you deny being homosexual

Jeremy Kyle was furious when a guest made homophobic remarks on his show and he did not hold back with his cutting response.

The guest George was accused of being gay by his wife Jean but denied the accusations, saying he hated 'f***ing f******'.

Jeremy immediately leapt in calling him a 'stupid man', adding that the show's producer was gay and had been hurt by his 'disgusting' comments - and the Twitter community were right behind him.

In response to the programme, one wrote: 'This homophobic d****** is making me want to die.'

Another expressed his dislike of the guest and his respect for the host's berating, when he tweeted: 'People on the show are genuinely repulsive but this is quite a victory from JK's perspective.'

George had been brought onto the show by his wife, whose suspicions were raised by his regular disappearances and also his close relationship with a male friend.

After the friend in question, Rob, joined the stage on yesterday's how, George went through a lie detector test.

He was found not to have cheated on his wife but Jeremy told him 'that doesn't make you a good person'.


Pictures of women touching their bra are forbidden, verboten, vietato

I say "forbidden" in both German and Italian for emphasis

Actress Jessica Marais has done more than set pulses racing thanks to her new underwear ads.

The series of commercials filmed for Berlei's The Sensation, show's the blonde bombshell flaunting her figure in a series of different T-Shirt bra and matching underwear combinations and poking fun at herself.

While wearing a 'sueded fabric' bra, the Love Child actress is seen touching her bra in a manner like stroking her breast as she runs her fingers up from the side of her stomach to her shoulder.

The Packed To The Rafter's sexualisation of the every day product has outraged a number of fans, who have hit out online.

Many have flocked to the brand's Facebook page to share their discontentment about the commercial, which is aired at a time when children might still be in front of the television.

A 41-year-old woman wrote: 'After seeing these ads on tv there is no humour and definitely no confident strong female character ...The way she talks, acts and looks says nothing but immature, childish airhead to me. Sad, very sad.'


Friday, September 18, 2015

Judge who disrespected Pakistani quits his job

For many years in Britain, almost all small businesses have been run by Indians or Pakistanis so it is easy to assume that that is all that Pakistanis do.  But it isn't and a judge was unwise to say it was.  But was he racist or was he just old and careless?

A judge who allegedly made racist comments in court about an Asian victim of crime has been forced to resign in shame from his £150,000 a year post.

Judge Terence Hollingworth had asked lawyers to fetch Deepa Patel – the victim in a serious harassment case - so he could finish sentencing her ex-boyfriend.

But Rachel Parker, prosecuting, told the judge she was unsure whether Miss Patel would be able to attend court at such short notice due to work commitments.

However the district judge allegedly replied: ‘It won't be a problem. She won't be working anywhere important where she can't get the time off. She'll only be working in a shop or an off-licence.’

When Miss Parker asked the judge to clarify his comments, he added: ‘With a name like Patel, and her ethnic background, she won't be working anywhere important where she can't get the time off. So that's what we'll do.’

At this point Miss Parker withdrew from the case at Preston Magistrates' Court and told the judge: ‘I am professionally embarrassed. I cannot prosecute this case.’

The Crown Prosecution Service later made an official complaint after the incident on October 30 last year and four weeks later Mr Hollingworth resigned as a district judge.

A spokesman for the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office said: ‘Judge Hollingworth resigned as a tribunal judge during the course of the conduct investigation. He is no longer a judicial office holder in any capacity.’


Scotland: Must not speak ill of bull terriers

As a former registered bull-terrier breeder, I know a bit about this.  A Staffordshire bull terrier is basically the same breed as a Pitbull.  Pitbulls have just been bred to be fighting dogs.  So it is reasonable to be wary of a Staffie unless you know it well.  American pitbulls are known in Britain and one could easily be mistaken for a Staffie

Trouble began when Conalter Boarding Kennels, near Crieff, Perthshire, declined to accept a booking from the owner of a Staffie, because of the breed’s supposed aggressive nature.

When the dog owner posted a complaint on the kennels’ Facebook page, a response appeared, branding Staffies ‘ugly, aggressive animals, much like their owners’.

The remark, which was accompanied by a smiley face symbol, attracted the ire of Staffie owners when it was shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Nearly 3,000 people have now signed an online petition urging Perth and Kinross Council to close down the kennels.

One signatory and Staffie owner, Paul Scott from Blairgowrie, Perthshire, said: ‘It makes you wonder how safe any other breed of dog will be if [the kennel owners] don’t have the skills to handle a dog as soft as a Staffie.’

Natalie Holmes, who started the campaign, wrote: ‘Due to the unprofessional approach and the lack of knowledge and integrity, this boarding kennels deserves nothing less than to be shut down.’

Shena Hogg, 60, who runs the kennels with husband Nigel, claims the comment was left by a hacker and has nothing to do with her – but she has maintained her stance against boarding Staffies.

She said: ‘I know there are some that are lovely but I won’t take the risk because I have children and grandchildren here. It’s a blanket policy.

A spokesman for Perth and Kinross Council said: ‘We only investigate kennels when licence conditions have been breached and animal welfare is considered to be at risk.’

Police Scotland have confirmed that they are investigating the threats. A spokesman said: ‘Police Scotland is aware of the matter and is making enquiries.’


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Canada:  Must not criticise native Canadians

The Bay of Quinte Electoral District Association said on Tuesday that Sue MacDonell resigned after the association became aware that she “had posted some inappropriate content on her personal social media site, in her personal capacity.”

“Upon becoming aware of that content, the Association required and accepted her resignation effective immediately. The views expressed by the now former Board member will not be tolerated and do not reflect those of the Bay of Quinte EDA,” a statement from the association read. “There will be no further statements with respect to this matter.”

In a Facebook post from January, MacDonell wrote that “if Indians want to eradicate ‘racism’, then assimilate. Ditch the Hallowe’en costumes.”

She continued: “Or you can continue to blame others for your lack of industry, and remain perpetual professional victims. It’s up to them. Apparently, they’re just fine with remaining infants. And they wonder why people have no respect for them???”

On Sept. 4, MacDonell shared an article saying Cree beauty queen Ashley Callingbull had compared Stephen Harper to Hitler.

Callingbull had previously called on First Nations people to vote out the Conservative leader.

“Ewww ... what a nasty piece of work this one is,” MacDonell wrote alongside the article. “What a smug, entitled liberal pet she is. These are the monsters that they create.”


UK: Must not deviate from feminist gospel

Loose Women could face an Ofcom probe after viewers complained about a poll that asked whether women were ever to blame for being raped.

The regulator said it was still making a decision on whether to pursue with an investigation after it received 73 complaints about the September 1 episode of the TV panel show.

The survey was posted online before a discussion on comments made by rocker Chrissie Hynde, who provoked fierce debate by claiming it was her own fault she was sexually assaulted at 21.

The mother-of-two sparked a backlash when she said she took ‘full responsibility’ for being the victim of a sex attack by a biker gang in the US while high on the sedative Quaalude.

The Loose Women official Twitter account posted: 'POLL: After Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde's comments- we're asking is it ever a woman's fault if she is raped?' More than 87 per cent said 'no'.

In a discussion on the topic, panellists Ruth Langsford, June Sarpong, Nadia Sawalha and Janet Street-Porter made it clear they did not agree with the point of view.

But dozens of outraged viewers took to Twitter to criticise the show, questioning why the debate was  even taking place. In the wake of the criticism, ITV released a statement apologising for the poll.

A spokesperson said: 'Loose Women is a daily talk show centred around topical debate and this discussion, linked to a recent news story, involved a full and frank range of views from the panellists.

'We always want to know what our viewers think about topical issues, however, we accept that the wording of the online poll was misjudged and we apologise for any offence caused.'


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

UK: ‘Refugees’ good, ‘Migrants’ bad?

What is the most important issue in the debate about the crisis on Europe’s borders? Is it the causes of the conflict in Syria? Or the consequences of allowing thousands more people in or trying to keep them out?

None of that, apparently. To judge by the attitude of some campaigners and their celebrity spokesmen, it appears that the most important thing when discussing the transient masses is to use the correct words to describe them. As so often these days, the attempt to impose a linguistic etiquette is being used to limit what can be said, which opinions have a right to be heard. This process risks stifling the open argument required to decide what we should do.

In the Newspeak of the crisis, the rule appears to be: ‘“Refugee” Good, “Migrant” bad’ (excuse mixed Orwell references). If you transgress the rules and use the wrong words you chance being shouted down as at best xenophobic, at worst some sort of Holocaust denier.

Bono, frontman for celebrity righteousness, spelt it out this week addressing a world poverty event at Expo 2015 in Milan. ‘We should not use the word “migrant”’, declared the Christian rock crusader. ‘“Migrant” is a political word, used to take away the real status of these people. They are refugees. They are running from war.’ They do not want ‘to live in Italy or Ireland’ declared Bono, for any reason other than safety. His attempt to ban the word ‘migrant’ was cheered to the rafters.

This is worse than trivialisation. It distorts and seeks to dictate a much bigger discussion. The attempt to police the words we use is also about policing how we should see and react to the crisis. In particular it influences whether we view the masses trying to enter Europe as passive, dehumanised victims deserving pity, or active human agents to be treated as equals.


James Bond to be edited

The image of a smooth-talking, chain-smoking and sexist James Bond may be a thing of the past as the latest 007 novel gives him a politically-correct makeover.

Author Anthony Horowitz has revealed the new book Trigger Mortis has been amended for modern readers and contains anti-smoking messages and for the first time an ‘outspoken’ gay friend.

Horowitz admitted that while doing so he has had to work carefully to preserve 007’s characters and attitude as created by the spy novel’s first author Ian Fleming, who died in 1964.

As the younger generation begins to frown on Bond’s chauvinistic attitudes and unhealthy lifestyle in the era of political correctness, Fleming has introduced a cast of new characters who will point out the error of his ways.

Included will be messages about smoking causing cancer and women who give the charmer a run for his money as ‘little twists’ have been added to make the story suitable for the modern reader.

For the first time a Bond girl’s storyline will be followed beyond her fleeting experience with 007, with the return of Pussy Galore.

In the book, Galore moves in with Bond in London and together they spend their mornings squabbling.

Horowitz, speaking to radio station RTE, said he was keen to keep the new Bond true to the 1950s creation.

But he added that there was an unavoidable issue with the original plot, because Pussy Galore was cast as a lesbian who cannot help but be overcome with lust for Bond.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Canada: Criticizing Muslims is forbidden! verboten! vietato!

It appears that he is homosexual so he has good reason to criticize Islam.  In a Muslim country he would be dead

A Richmond Hill teacher has been fired following a 10-week investigation into “racist” comments critical of Islam that he allegedly posted online.  Michael Marshall was dismissed following a meeting of the York Region District School Board (YRDSB) on Tuesday, said board spokesperson Licinio Miguelo.

Miguelo said no one at the school or the board would be available to comment further.  Marshall could not be reached on Tuesday or Wednesday for comment.

The investigation began after students at Richmond Green Secondary School discovered a Twitter account, @firstatheist, which featured a profile picture of Marshall and numerous tweets mentioning pupils’ names.

The @firstatheist account tweeted more than 4,500 times, including messages that said:

“I get sad when girls I teach decide to wear the hijab. I feel like a failure,”

“Hijabs make me sad.”

“Just have a trailer full of guns roll down the street and arm the ghetto. Oh wait that’s black ppl.”

“Kinda have this perverse urge to wear a hijab for a day and twerk in the street.”

“There is an absolute s***-ton of Muslims at Ikea tonight. Any special occasion?”

“I’m sorry but sharia law is incompatible with my democratic secular nation. You can have it, but keep it over there in backward land.”

The @firstatheist account has remained inactive since June 25.

Students also discovered the Twitter account linked to a Weebly blog post dated Aug. 25, 2014, where the author self-identified as a 30-something teacher in Toronto who runs a gay-straight alliance group. Marshall supervised a GSA club, as well as a slam-poetry society, at Richmond Green.

In 2010, a teacher at Woodbridge College named Mike Marshall was given an “Unsung Hero” award by the Educational Services Committee of District 16. Marshall was a teacher at the school at that time, where his score on the website was an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars.

More than 30 reviews on the site rate Marshall positively at Richmond Green, with students appearing to claim he is an “amazing teacher” who is “very understanding” and goes “that extra mile.”


UK: You must not call residents sweetie or darling, care home staff told

Care home workers have been reprimanded for calling residents affectionate names such as sweetie, love, darling and handsome.

Critical inspectors told them the terms were ‘patronising and demeaning’ to the dozen adults with learning difficulties.

Staff also use family nicknames for some, such as Parsnip. They hit back at the ticking off, saying that the residents like the informal terms, especially those who have no relatives to visit them.

However, officials from the Care Quality Commission have insisted: ‘The language was meant to be friendly but it could be regarded as demeaning and patronising.’

They highlighted other failings at Brackenley Residential Care Home in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, marking it as ‘requiring improvement’.

The privately run home has pledged to make changes but declared that it would continue to call residents by the familiar and affectionate names.


The Southern practice of calling people "Honey" or "Hun" would be out too.  Being pleasant is forbidden! verboten! vietato!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Must not criticize Pakistanis

As Muslims, they probably deserved the criticisms concerned.  Muslims look down on "kuffars"

The Queen's representative in the West Midlands has resigned after emails containing controversial comments about the Pakistani community were leaked.

In the messages, Paul Sabapathy, the lord lieutenant for the region, is reported to have said there was a 'lot of work to do' to teach Pakistanis 'basic common courtesy and civility'.

The email reportedly said: 'They talk to themselves and do not engage with the wider community. They are living in the UK not Pakistan.

'Whilst being rightly proud of their Pakistani culture and heritage they need to explain better and engage more with their non-Pakistani brothers and sisters if they want their children to succeed as British Pakistani citizens.'

The email was apparently sent after he attended an event in Birmingham marking Pakistan Independence Day on August 14.

Sabapathy, who is originally from Chennai, India, has notified Buckingham Palace of his intention to step down from the role which he has held for nearly eight years.

He was the first non-white person selected to take the role of lord lieutenant, whose first duty is to 'uphold the dignity of the Crown'.

The main duties of lord lieutenants are to arrange and receive royal visits to the region, and present medals and awards on behalf of the Queen.


Must not hint that Jews are preferable to Arabs

A former French minister stirred up controversy today after saying Germany 'took our Jews and gave us Arabs' as France began taking some of the thousands of refugees arriving in Germany.

Patrick Devedjian, a right-winger who served in the governments of presidents Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy, made the remark at a press conference, but quickly tried to backtrack on social media.

'My humorous jest was misplaced,' Devedjian wrote on his Twitter account, saying he regretted it all the more because he himself helps refugees in need.

Devedjian, who comes from an Armenian family and now leads the Hauts-de-Seine region of wealthy suburbs west of Paris, said the joke was meant to be about Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

As thousands continue to flee poverty and conflict in Africa and the Middle East, Germany is expected to take in 800,000 asylum-seekers this year, four times the number in 2014 and far more than any other European country.

France has said it will take 24,000 refugees over the next two years, but President Francois Hollande has warned that without a united EU policy to share the burden of migrants, the borderless Schengen system could collapse.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Must not criticize immodest women

An online petition has branded a radio host as 'inappropriate' with a 'misogynistic and sexist way of thinking' after he 'sl*t shamed' girls on air.

The petition was launched after New Zealand George FM Breakfast host Thane Kirby, together with co-host Kara Rickard, 's*** shamed' two girls by judging their Instagram photos.

In a segment which aired on Thursday, Thane and Kara labeled girls who 'sit around and post half-naked pictures of themselves' as 'do-nothing b******'. said a MediaWorks spokeswoman had confirmed the hosts had been suspended.

In the segment the hosts read out the full names of the girls whose Instagram photos they were judging, one of whom was 20-year-old New Zealand woman Keely Paige.

Miss Paige, who has overcome an eating disorder, contacted the radio station to share her story, saying she shared photos on social media because she finally felt confident with her body and hoped to inspire others.

Despite reaching out to the station, Kara continued to refer to her as a 's***' after the segment had ended.

Miss Paige has since made her Instagram account private. Miss Paige, who is currently in Canada, told 95bFM she had never been bullied on such a big platform before, and while the incident made her cry at first, she is now determined to make a change.

She said she planned to lodge a complaint with MediaWorks and the Broadcasting Standards Authority, but the worst part about the incident was Kara putting other women down.

'She compared me to a car that was gorgeous on the outside but has high miles,' Miss Paige told 95bFM.


Must not oppose abortion

Office Depot is standing by its refusal to print 500 anti-Planned Parenthood flyers, because the flyer is “graphic” and “hate material” that persecutes those who support abortion rights, according to a company explanation obtained The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Maria Goldstein, 42, of Illinois requested the flyers Aug. 20, but an employee refused, citing corporate policy. Goldstein said she is being discriminated against because of her religious beliefs, and obtained legal counsel.

In a letter written by attorney Robert A. Amicone, Office Depot said the refusal had nothing to do with the woman’s religious beliefs, but she disagrees.

“When I tell people they’re shocked because this is America,” Goldstein told TheDCNF Thursday. “Office Depot is trying to silence my freedom of speech and my freedom of religion.”

Goldstein planned to hand them out at her church. The flyers list facts from Planned Parenthood’s annual report and quotes a prayer calling for an end to Planned Parenthood.

The prayer is where Office Depot has a problem.  The letter obtained by TheDCNF says that certain language, such as “the killing of children in the womb” and “the grisly trade of body parts” as well as referencing the “death camps in our midst” is graphic hate speech by Office Depot’s standards.

Office Depot policy “prohibits the copying of ‘graphic material,’ which can include descriptions of dead or dismembered bodies,” Amicone wrote. Company policy also “prohibits the copying of “hate material” that advocates for the persecution of groups of people, regardless of the reason.”

“To be clear, Office Depot’s position is that the above-quoted language falls within the definition of ‘graphic material’ and/or ‘hate material,’ making the refusal to print the flyer appropriate,” the attorney wrote.

Goldstein has teamed up with the religious liberty group the Thomas More Society. They told TheDCNF they will likely file a legal complaint if Office Depot does not comply.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Trump defends Christmas

Speaking to an Alabama radio host Friday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump discussed his religious views and vowed to fight the so-called war on Christmas.

“There’s an assault on anything having to do with Christianity,” Trump said on Yellowhammer Radio with Cliff Sims on Friday. “They don’t want to use the word Christmas anymore at department stores.”

“There’s always lawsuits and unfortunately a lot of those lawsuits are won by the other side,” Trump said. “I will assault that. I will go so strongly against so many of the things, when they take away the word Christmas.”

Added Trump: “I go out of my way to use the word Christmas.”


Must not compliment a woman on her looks

Not if she's a b*tch anyway

It was probably meant as a compliment – but for 57-year-old lawyer Alexander Carter-Silk it backfired spectacularly.

The married father-of-two was accused of ‘disgusting’ sexism last night for messaging high-flying barrister Charlotte Proudman, praising her ‘stunning’ picture on professional networking website LinkedIn.

Miss Proudman – who is the same age as Mr Carter-Silk’s daughter – responded saying she found his message ‘offensive’ and that she was not on LinkedIn ‘to be objectified by sexist men’.

Mr Carter-Silk’s full 9.16am message said: ‘Charlotte, delighted to connect, I appreciate that this is probably horrendously politically incorrect but that is a stunning picture !!!

‘You definitely win the prize for the best LinkedIn picture I have ever seen. Always interest to understant (sic) people’s skills and how we might work together.’

Responding around nine hours later, she wrote: ‘Alex, I find your message offensive.  ‘I am on Linked-in for business purposes, not to be approached about my physical appearance or to be objectified by sexist men.

‘Unacceptable and misogynistic behaviour. Think twice before sending another woman (half your age) such a sexist message.’

In a statement released through City law message board RollOnFriday, Mr Carter-Silk claimed his comments had been misconstrued.

He said: ‘Most people post pretty unprofessional pictures on LinkedIn, my comment was aimed at the professional quality of the presentation on LinkedIn which was unfortunately misinterpreted.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Dwarf" is a bad word

A theatre has come under fire after scrapping the word 'dwarf' from its Snow White pantomime - claiming the term is too offensive.

De Monfort Hall in Leicester has instead renamed their Christmas production 'Snow White and her Seven Friends', claiming the audience would 'not feel comfortable' with the term 'dwarf.'

It means the characters of Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sneezy and Sleepy are now going to be played by child actors in the children's classic.

Harry Potter and Star Wars actor Warwick Davies has since branded the decision 'patronising'.  The 45-year-old, who set up an agency representing short actors in the UK, believes the move is financially motivated - as dwarf actors can be expensive.

He said: 'Personally, I find it quite patronising when people are offended on our behalf.  'I'm sure there are those out there who don't like the term, but as a short actor I want to be given the choice about whether I appear in panto or not.  'I don't want someone making that decision for me.

'It loses something if you don't have Snow White's dwarves. I've been in a lot of pantos and I don't think it's offensive at all.

'The excuse of 'people' being uncomfortable is a poor one - I doubt they've questioned the audience about whether or not they think the word dwarf is offensive.


Police cars' 'In God We Trust' decals draw complaints

A police department in a Texas Bible Belt community has placed large "In God We Trust" decals on its patrol vehicles in response to recent violence against law enforcement officers, drawing criticism from a watchdog group that says the decals amount to an illegal government endorsement of religion.

The decision by police this month to unveil the phrase in Childress, an agricultural community of some 6,100 people at the southern edge of the Texas Panhandle, follows a similar move by dozens of other police agencies elsewhere in the country.

Police Chief Adrian Garcia said he decided to add the decals in response to recent attacks on law enforcement personnel that have received broad attention, including the Aug. 28 killing of a sheriff's deputy who was shot 15 times at a Houston-area gas station.

"I think with all the assaults happening on officers across the country ... it's time we get back to where we once were," Garcia told the Red River Sun newspaper. He did not respond to an Associated Press request for comment.

Other law enforcement agencies have cited different reasons for adding the phrase to their vehicles. Mark Nichols, the sheriff of Randolph County, Missouri, said he had it added to his department's fleet in July out of a sense of patriotism.

"It's our nation's motto and we want to be patriotic toward our country," Nichols said.

He said the Missouri Sheriff's Association previously voted to support adding "In God We Trust" to sheriff's vehicles across the state.


Wednesday, September 09, 2015

UK: The trivial things feminists get bothered about!

They are continually looking for "oppression" -- and find it even in where things are in supermarkets

 A supermarket has come under fire from feminists after they moved a science magazine into the 'men's interest section.

A woman photographed the magazine rack at a Morrisons store in Leeds, whre copies of the New Scientist magazine were positioned in the 'Men's & motor' section, away from the gaze of female readers.

Biology graduate Sophia Anam, who posted the snap on the Facebook page of the univerisity's feminist society, has spoken out about their outrage that the chain described the title as 'generally a men's general interest magazine'.

Speaking to student newspaper The Tab, Sophia said: 'Science is so incredibly fascinating and exciting - how anybody can argue that any of these things are 'a men's general interest' is beyond me.

'It's upsetting that even today in the 21st century I can walk into a supermarket and find that these ridiculous outdated gender stereotypes still exist.

Sophia contacted Morrisons to complain about the issue being shelved among copies of Men's Health, model train magazines and What Car?

The Tab reports that Morrisons replied to her, saying: 'Hi Sophia, after contacting our buyer on this the reason that this magazine has been placed under this section is that it is a generally a men's general interest magazine.

'By no means are we implying that can only be purchased by men and we appreciate that men will also find magazines they regularly purchase under the other sections, specifically those directed at women.'

The picture of the poorly placed mag was posted on the LUU FemSoc Facebook page, leading disgruntled members to angrily condemn the supermarket.


You can't win

"Incorrect" pop stars.  Correctness gets ever more complicated

Both Swift and Cyrus have been taking great stances on social issues. Swift has been vocalizing the issue of sexism, whereas Cyrus has been expressing her pansexuality and doing amazing things for the LGBT community and The Happy Hippie Foundation. However, what was overlooked by Swift on Twitter and in Cyrus’ interview was intersectionality — the understanding that oppressions are interlinked. This lack of acknowledgment and understanding made the two artists come off as stereotypical, white feminists on very high platforms.

It’s important to understand that white feminism does not mean one has to be white in order to be categorized as a white feminist. It just means that person is either deliberately or unintentionally overlooking how oppressions are connected, a common problem for white people. For them it is difficult for to comprehend that, in order to fight for the rights of women, they must fight against the oppressions battled by every type of women, such as women of color, gay women, women in poverty, transwomen, etc.

The brief discussion by Swift and Minaj on Twitter leading up to the VMAs really brought Swift’s lack of intersectionality to light. Minaj was upset with the racism and body-shaming integrated in the music industry, but all Swift saw was the sexism. After Minaj and her followers educated her with tweets and posts, Swift was able to professionally handle herself and learn from her mistake. Apologies were made and the two performed onstage together on that monumental night.


Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Damon Wayans calls Bill Cosby rape allegations a ‘money hustle’ by ‘unrapeable’ women

He's entitled to his opinion and people are welcome to stop listening to him because of it

COMEDIAN Damon Wayans has come under fire for defending Bill Cosby against rape allegations and calling some of his accusers “unrapeable”.

During an interview with radio station Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, the My Wife and Kids star said: “I just don’t believe it. I think it’s a money hustle.”

When asked what advice he would give Cosby, the 55-year-old actor replied: “If I was him, I would divorce my wife — wink wink — give her all my money, and then I would go to a deposition, I’d light one of them three-hour cigars, I’d have me some wine, and maybe a Quaalude, and I would just go off, because I don’t believe that he was raping.

“I think he was in relationships with all of them, and then he’s like: ‘You know what, it’s 78, it don’t work no more, I can’t get it up for any of y’all, bye b*tches,’ And now they’re like, ‘Oh, really? Rape.’ Forty years — listen, how big is his penis that it gives you amnesia for 40 years?”

At this point radio co-host Angela Yee interjected and pointed out that many of Cosby’s alleged victims first came out with claims against him decades ago.

“But if you listen to them talk, they go, ‘Well, the first time.’ The first time? B*tch, how many times did it happen? Just listen to what they’re saying.


Stupid blob talks herself into trouble

She was entitled to her opinion but other people were entitled to condemn her for it

Monica Foy, a Sam Houston State University student, has come under fire for a tweet she sent out in the wake of the shooting death of Harris County deputy Darren Goforth.

Goforth was killed Friday in an apparent ambush shooting while he pumped gas. Shannon Miles, the man accused in the shooting, reportedly had spent an unknown amount of time under psychiatric care prior to the shooting.

Foy’s tweet on Tuesday questioned why so many people cared about Goforth’s death and suggested that he might have deserved to be shot. She also wrote that Goforth had “creepy perv eyes.”

Once social media got wind of the tweet it went viral and Foy soon deleted the tweet. The most recent tweet on her feed came Tuesday morning and simply said “#blacklivesmatter.” Her entire account has now since been deleted.

Late Tuesday night her Twitter mentions were full of angry messages regarding her tweet.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Brady Fitzgerald confirmed on Wednesday that they received a call stating that Foy had an outstanding warrant for assault causing bodily harm out of Harris County.

She was arrested at her home in the county after deputies checked the system.  After Foy was taken into custody she bonded out a short time later, Fitzgerald added. The charge is likely a misdemeanor A.

Foy reportedly was a student at Sam Houston State University.


Monday, September 07, 2015

Videos set in Africa must have Africans in them

This makes no sense. There were and are white enclaves in Africa

Taylor Swift's latest music video is being battered by critics who claim it is racist and pandering to 'rich white fantasies' from a colonial era. 

The video for Wildest Dreams, which was revealed during the MTV VMA Awards coverage on Sunday, has a mainly white cast and revolves around two 1950s-era movie stars - played by Swift and Gran Torino actor Scott Eastwood - filming in Africa.

There are only two black actors, who play soldiers, and they appear in the background. The mock film crew are white.

Director Joseph Khan insists the video is a 'love story' and has no political agenda. But music fans have rushed to Twitter to describe it as 'colonial garbage'.

The footage was also also slammed by a number of editorials.

NPR's Viviane Rutabingwa, who has an African heritage, said: 'We are shocked to think that in 2015, Taylor Swift, her record label and her video production group would think it was OK to film a video that presents a glamorous version of the white colonial fantasy of Africa.'

The video's director, Joseph Khan, released a statement to Daily mail Online, saying: 'Wildest Dreams is a song about a relationship that was doomed, and the music video concept was that they were having a love affair on location away from their normal lives. This is not a video about colonialism but a love story on the set of a period film crew in Africa, 1950.

'There are black Africans in the video in a number of shots, but I rarely cut to crew faces outside of the director as the vast majority of screentime is Taylor and Scott.

'We cast and edited this video. We collectively decided it would have been historicially inaccurate to load the crew with more black actors as the video would have been accused of rewriting history. This video is set in the past by a crew set in the present and we are all proud of our work.


'Male' and 'Female' OK: Citing Free Speech Concerns, Washington State University Revises Syllabi

As classes are beginning for a new school year, Washington State University is revising several class syllabi due to concerns over free speech.

"Over the weekend, we became aware that some faculty members, in the interest of fostering a constructive climate for discussion, included language in class syllabi that has been interpreted as abridging students’ free speech rights," WSU Interim President Daniel J. Bernardo said August 31. "We are working with these faculty members to clarify, and in some cases modify, course policies to ensure that students’ free speech rights are recognized and protected.”

Several professors at Washington State University had course guides advising incoming students to avoid certain terms.

Professor Selena Lester Breikss teaches “Women & Popular Culture” at WSU. On her syllabus she informs students that they risk failing if they use “oppressive and hateful language” – such as “referring to women/men as females or males”:

Use of racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, classist, or generally offensive language in class or submission of such material will not be tolerated. (This includes “The Man,” “Colored People,” “Illegals/Illegal Aliens,” “Tranny” and so on - or referring to women/men as females or males) If I see it or hear it, I will correct it in class since it can be a learning moment for many students. Repeated use of oppressive and hateful language will be handled accordingly – including but not limited to removal from the class without attendance or participation points, failure of the assignment, and - in extreme cases - failure for the semester.

"No student will have points docked merely as a result of using terms that may be deemed offensive to some,” said President Bernardo. “Blanket restriction of the use of certain terms is not consistent with the values upon which this university is founded."


Sunday, September 06, 2015

Must not complain about badly behaved children

A nursery carer who labelled the children in her care w****** and a******s after she was bitten and spat on has been suspended from her job.

Hayley Neeson, a trainee 18-year-old early years worker, wrote a series of expletive-laden Facebook posts about the children at Forgewood Nursery Centre in Motherwell.

She uploaded the shocking posts after what she said was her first day back at work, during which she said she had been spat on, bitten and headbutted by children.

Neeson first described them as a 'bunch ae w******', before responding to a friend's reply with 'Aye... a a*******', the Daily Record reported.

However, her posts triggered outrage among parents and the community, and MailOnline understands she has now been suspended and an investigation into the incident at the North Lanarkshire-run nursery is under way.

One furious mother told the paper: 'I was lying in bed on Monday night with my little boy when I saw her post and was absolutely disgusted.

'People on her Facebook were outraged as soon as it went up and putting up comments saying they wouldn’t like their children to be at her nursery.'


Must not say that pink suits girls

An online listing by Halfords has been labelled 'patronising' after it said a pink bicycle helmet was perfect for young girls because it made them look pretty.

The heavily-gendered blurbs were posted online alongside two images of the Bell Amigo Bike Helmet in pink and blue.

Information about the blue helmet - built for 'boys ready for action' - outlined some of the safety gear's features including good air vents and a stylish visor.

But the pink helmet was described as for 'lovely little girls who really enjoy playing on their bikes and looking really pretty when they do'.

It continued: '[The helmet] protects those lovely little heads and can be fitted to feel perfectly cozy and cool to wear.' 

Members of the public took to social media to criticise the post, using #HalfordsSexism to vent their fury.


And Elizabeth McWilliams wrote: 'I cannot believe @Halfords could write something so horribly patronising that sounds like it's from another century.'


Friday, September 04, 2015

Leftists hate mentions of the Nazis (unless they are doing it)

Hence the complaint below.  They don't present any evidence that the comparisons are inaccurate though

Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott loves a rhetorical flourish, but it may be time for him to change up his metaphors.

In an interview on the Sydney radio station 2GB on Thursday, the prime minister linked the Islamic State's brutal techniques of oppression to the Nazis' attempted genocide of the Jews.

"The Nazis did terrible evil but they had a sufficient sense of shame to try to hide it," he said. "These people boast about their evil, this is the extraordinary thing." The discussion came as the Australian government weighs up whether to join U.S. air strikes in Syria against the group.

The term "Nazis" immediately trended on Australian Twitter, as people expressed their disgust with the comparison.

This hardly the first time Abbott has reached for the National Socialists to make a point.

On the same radio station in September 2014, Abbott made a very similar argument about the terrorist group. "We’ve seen in the century just gone, the most unspeakable things happen, but the atrocities that were committed by the Nazis, by the communists and others, they were ashamed of them, they tried to cover them up," he explained. "This mob, by contrast, as soon as they’ve done something gruesome and ghastly and unspeakable, they’re advertising it on the internet for all to see." ....

Surely we can agree it's time all politicians retired the Nazis from their verbal repertoire.  [What?? No more "Bush=Hitler" placards?  I guess not.  But will we see "Trump=Hitler"?  Seems likely]


PM Abbott is sticking to his guns

Must not portray slaves in games

An internet game called 'Slave Tetris' in which players stack as many Africans as they can into a ship's hold has been pulled after it caused a furious reaction online.

It was a segment of a wider game called Playing History: Slave Trade aimed at educating people about the horrors of slavery.

The different shaped blocks of classic title Tetris were replaced with emaciated black figures wearing only different coloured shorts.

As in Tetris they would appear at the top of the screen and players would have to arrange them so they fit together, in this case inside the hold of a slave ship.

The game was designed by Danish firm Serious Games Interactive, whose CEO Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen wrote his PhD thesis on the 'educational use of computer games.'

He was savaged on Twitter over Slave Tetris, with on user calling him a 'clueless white Dane' and another saying the game was 'dehumanizing and anti-black.'

On Monday Egenfeldt-Nielsen bowed to pressure and removed the segment from Playing History: Slave Trade, though the rest of the game is still available on digital game store Steam.

But he has defended Slave Tetris, saying on Twitter the 'point [was] to disgust people so they understand how inhumane [the] slave trade was.'

Egenfeldt-Nielsen added it was only a 15 second part of a two hour long game where participants play as an escaped slave, reports The Daily Mirror.

In a series of responses to irate Twitter users he admitted he, 'should of course [have] know[n] how this would have played out,' adding, 'My naivety will be my doom.'

Egenfeldt-Nielsen also posted: 'Slave Tetris has been removed as it was perceived to be extremely insensitive by some people.

'This overshadowed the educational goal of the game. 'The goal was to enlighten and educate people — not to get sidetracked discussing a small 15 secs part of the game.

'I have sad earlier that I was sorry that the game harmed some people, and that wasn't the intention.'


Thursday, September 03, 2015

UK: Must not call retards retards

A veteran town councillor who described children at a special school as 'retards' is being called upon to quit by angry parents.

A petition has been launched demanding Independent councillor Bob Farrer, 72, who sits on St Neots Town Council and Huntingdonshire District Council, to step down from his elected posts.

Mr Farrar was previously a UKIP representative after defecting from the Tories but is now an Independent councillor for the Eaton Ford Ward in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

At a meeting of the Swimming Pool Trust in St Neots last Thursday, Cllr Farrer, who has been a councillor for 22 years, referred to new special needs school, The Trinity School, as 'a new school which is going to be for retards.'

The Trinity School, a maintained special school will occupy the old Huntingdonshire Regional College buildings in St Neots and will cater for children with a variety of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

The petition, which has already garnered more than 2,100 signatures, says: 'For an elected official to refer to children with special needs as 'retards' is wholly unacceptable.


Federal Court Preserves Jesus Statue Against Militant Atheists

A 6-foot tall statue of Jesus that has spent the last 60 years overlooking a northwestern Montana ski hill may stay there, a federal appeals court ruled Monday.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected arguments from a group of atheists and agnostics that allowing the statue to remain on U.S. Forest Service land violates the constitutional separation of church and state.

Two members of the three-judge panel agreed with U.S. District Judge Dana Christensen of Montana, who found that the statue's secular and irreverent uses outweighed its religious uses.

In June of 2013 Christensen wrote that "Big Mountain Jesus has been the subject of much frivolity over the years," serving as a meeting place for skiers, a wedding location and being festooned with ski hats, goggles, Mardi Gras beads and other secular decorations.


Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Must not laugh about illegal immigrants

Carlsberg is a beer popular in Britain

A Tory councillor is being investigated by council chiefs after sharing photo of a boat full of 14 naked women with a caption reading 'If Carlsberg did illegal immigrants'.

Mike Kusneraitis, a Conservative councillor on the Tory-run Runneymede Borough Council in Surrey, said he should be judged on his actions in the community, not by 'misjudged postings on social media'.

The councillor admitted making a number of 'offensive' postings on a Facebook page, which have now been removed.

Among the postings included a dog with a towel on his head and a sexually explicit cartoon, both posted on the Facebook page of the Peoples Front of Egham, which is currently unavailable.

He also posted an image on July 24 showing a boat full of 14 naked women, with a caption reading 'If Carlsberg did illegal immigrants'.

Writing on his own Facebook page at the weekend, Cllr Kusneraitis, of Egham, Surrey, apologised if he offended anyone.


Attempts to silence provocative historian

Irving is primarily a controversialist.  He deliberately stirs up people.  But he is a very knowledgeable historian and is right to mock the conventional view of WWII.  When people call the socialist Hitler a Rightist, there is clearly something to be debated about the Hitler era.

I personally don't care whether Hitler killed 6 million, 16 million or one million. It is in any case a ghastly example of Leftist brutality and hatred.  Irving is in trouble because he favours a much lower figure than the conventional 6 million.  So what?  Challenging a consensus is a healthy thing to do.

Holocaust-denying historian David Irving has sparked widespread fury by organising 'disgusting' tours of concentration camps costing £2,000 for each participant.

The disgraced academic, who is a self-confessed fascist, is leading a tour group to sites in Poland such as Treblinka, Sobibor and Hitler's 'Wolf's Lair' headquarters.

Holocaust memorial groups have accused Irving of insulting the memory of those killed in the Second World War by spreading 'pro-Nazi propaganda' on the tours.

And a leading historian claims that the holidays are marketed towards other Holocaust deniers - adding that it 'surely cannot be right' for Irving to be allowed to market them.

Irving, 77, is notorious for his attempts to play down the extent of the Holocaust, and his insistence that Hitler was unaware of the plan to exterminate the Jews.

Next month, Irving is to take a group of 'international guests' to Latvia and Poland, where they will visit four concentration camps as well as the fortress built to be Hitler's headquarters on the Eastern Front.

In promotional material, Irving promises customers the opportunity to 'make up your own mind about the truth' during 'the unforgettable journey of a lifetime'.

Multiple charities told MailOnline that Irving should be banned from leading his tour holidays, accusing him of 'insulting the memory of Holocaust victims and survivors'.


Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Intellectual feebleness at James Madison university

The Viginia university claims to be a research university. The sort of thinking needed for that doesn't always show in their student newspaper. I give a few excerpts below from one article asserting that hate speech causes hate crime. 

The proof of that?  Two people who assaulted an immigrant claimed to be inspired by the words of Donald Trump. 

BUT what about the (say) 100 million other people who heard Trump and did not assault anybody?  Doesn't that prove that Trump's speech is wonderfully safe and that hate speech does not cause  hate crime?  If hate speech does not lead to hate crime in 100 million cases, what more evidence do we need to conclude that hate speech does not cause hate crimes?

We do have to look at ALL the evidence, of course.  Not that any Leftist ever does.  Reality is so far inconsistent with  Leftist beliefs that they would become conservatives if they let themselves consider all the evidence.

And what evidence do we have that the men would have behaved differently if they had not heard Trump?  There is none.  It is just a claim.

And how can we base any generalization on one instance?  It's because we can't that we have statistics. If lots of people had gone out and bashed illegals after hearing The Donald the writer  might have a case.  But as it is, one swallow doesn't make a summer.

The writer below, Kevan Hulligan, does go on to scratch through history to find other attacks that have been associated with hate speech but he finds about three in total over a long span of years -- which is, I think, excellent proof that hate speech does NOT cause hate crimes -- the exact opposite of what he asserts.

The kid who wrote the guff below really is a poor thing: A very dim bulb.  And his expensive education has done nothing to remedy that, which is sad

It’s hard to deny that some of the worst aspects of American culture are embodied by Donald Trump, the current front-runner in the Republican primary. His abrasiveness, continuous grandstanding, willingness to insult and denigrate instead of argue and his use of racist rhetoric do enough to show why such a man shouldn’t have a front desk job at the Library of Congress, let alone the Oval Office.

Now the racism that took center stage with his immigration comments earlier this year has resulted in someone being assaulted.

On Aug. 19, two brothers from Boston viciously attacked a 58-year-old homeless Latino man while walking home from a baseball game. They beat him repeatedly with a metal pole and punched him after urinating on him. Their said inspiration for this attack? Donald Trump’s racist comments on immigration.

This entire episode proves what many have been saying for years now: hate speech inevitably leads to people taking that speech and turning it into violent hate crimes.


Hate speech from the pro-homosexual lobby in Australia

The governing Liberal Party of Australia, Australia's major conservative party, has decided to let the nation as a whole decide whether or not to allow homosexual marriage -- via a referendum or plebiscite.  The Left don't want the people to decide.  They want homosexual marriage NOW.  And their behaviour is typically abusive.  Andrew Bolt comments:

The real hate speech so far isn’t coming from defenders of traditional marriage.

No, it’s the same-sex lobby that’s pushing its case with abuse, sneers and intimidation — a hatred that risks provoking an equally ugly reaction.

 Sky News presenter Peter van Onselen claimed the Liberals would drive gays to kill themselves by delaying gay marriage, and that they thought such suicides “acceptable”.

An Equal Love campaigner who shared a stage with Labor leader Bill Shorten in Melbourne on Saturday shouted, “Tony Abbott, stick your plebiscite where the sun don’t shine”.

Celebrity QC Julian Burnside tweeted that all defenders of traditional marriage were “bigots”, among whom he apparently counts former Labor prime minister Julia Gillard.

And a Sydney Morning Herald sledged of two panellists on the ABC’s Q&A, who dared criticise the gay-marriage push, calling them “tedious”, “tiresome”, a “tinfoil hat brigade”, “a gigantic yawn” and more.

Why are gay-marriage campaigners stoking up hatred like this?

Why risk provoking an equally ugly backlash?  If you continue to slander your opponents as bigots, haters, knuckle-draggers and morons, and shout them down and ban their ads, you really are inviting the hot-headed to respond in kind.