Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Must not mention differences between men & women

Eyelash headlights, a handbag hook and a bejewelled interior: Cosmo and SEAT lashed for launching the most patronising 'car for women' ever

Car manufacturer SEAT is facing a backlash after launching a brand new vehicle for 'women' at a joint unveiling with lifestyle magazine Cosmopolitan.

It provoked outrage on social media site Twitter with users mocking the two brands for 'trying to take us back to the 60s'.

Hannah Walker tweeted: 'Wow, thanks @SEAT_cars_UK & @Cosmopolitan for designing a car just for women? Is the steering wheel small for my delicate hands?'

The SEAT Mii, a collaboration between the manufacturer and magazine, comes with 'eyeliner headlights' that are 'emphasised in the same way as make-up emphasises the eye'.

It also has jewel-effect rims and a handbag hook.

The model was unveiled today at Cosmopolitan's FashFest event in London but immediately drew fierce criticism.

SEAT has since hit back by claiming that the car is intended for the Cosmopolitan reader specifically, rather than the female gender as a whole.



Bird of Paradise said...

Liberal pea brains wanting to replace the real macho man with Pee Wee hermin types riding around on dumb bicycles

Anonymous said...

Many car makers produce cars with weird color shades that are obviously aimed at women!

Anonymous said...

A large percentage of models of cars in the USA are designed (some very specifically) for women but the car manufacturers have learned not to anger the ardent femanazis by saying so.


Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Real men drive big big trucks ride horses and motorcycles liberal girly men ride red bicycles like Pee Wee Hermin dose

Anonymous said...

Birds, judging by your comments, you must ride tricycles.

flock of birds, said...

Feminists are quite mad, full of self-righteousness, vindictiveness and spite.
But a sensible and kind woman is a delight.