Friday, September 23, 2016

National anthem nonsense comes to Australia

Imported from America. Allegiance cannot and should not be forced but the motivation behind this disrespect is deeply twisted.  American blacks live far better in America than they do anywhere else. American blacks should be thanking America for that, not insulting America.  Let the complaining blacks go back to Africa and see how they like it.  It is true that blacks run foul of the police a lot in America but that is an outcome of the high black rate of violent crime.

Australian blacks also have lots of complaints, despite long standing great efforts by all Australian governments to improve their lot.  Everything has been tried.  Their problems are their own, nobody else's

THE NRL has been dragged into the national anthem protest storm with rugby league greats calling on players not to stand during the national anthem at this year’s NRL grand final.

Indigenous greats of the game have called on indigenous players from the Sharks, Cowboys, Storm and Raiders to stage a protest when Advance Australia Fair is performed before kick-off at the NRL decider to be held at ANZ Stadium on October 2.

It comes after San Francisco 49ers star Colin Kaepernick knelt during the American national anthem in a silent form of protest against oppression of black and other minority communities in the United States.

Rugby League Week has reported NRL greats Larry Corowa and Joe Williams have publicly called on players to “send a powerful message to white Australia”.



Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Once again the evils of Political Correctness(Socialism)rears its ugly head

Anonymous said...

Some people just do not use good sense.

Anonymous said...

If you refuse to stand for the national anthem then you should be ostracised from any government benefits, any recognition by the government that you exist. You have the right to protest along with the realisation that you also have responsibilities attached to those rights. If you choose to forego your responsibilities then you lose your rights. You can't have one without the other. Displays of disrespect to your country should deprive you of the right to complain about issues you might have. If you can't raise your complaints civilly then you should have a good look at your issues given how left leaning our complaint tribunals are. If you are conservative leaning you will be prosecuted in a heartbeat, the media is so far to the left that Mao is a folk hero, if you can't get your cause on Q&A you are to conservative.

Anonymous said...

Americans carry public patriotic ritual to a level equivalent to religious fanaticism, and is really rather creepy if not even dangerous - just look at how other over-nationalistic countries have ended up - learn from history about nationalist hubris and folly. So just ignore how other people choose to follow or not the crowd in any public display - otherwise it becomes like North Korea.

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

I see the NFL is paying the price for these black goons kneeling and giving their Black Pwer Salute during the playing of the National Antheme DAMN POLITICS IS RUINING SPORTS

the crow said...

2.35AM Personally, I don't think any sort of punishment should be given, like depriving them of government benefits. The effect and outcome of that on individual and societal development would be worse.

3.17AM The US polarisation forces are near to simultaneous, being just slightly and naturally out of time with each other enabling alternate left-right elected governments. Democracy enables that. It makes a near balance or near equal pull in the population forces at the same time as each other. Any unhealthy elements on one side tend to be countered and cancelled by the unhealthy elements on the other. The populations of non-democratic countries tend to swing en masse between emotional left and emotional right (socialism/fascism) at successive times, following after each other. Authoritative governance produces that. It puts pressure on the population, causing it to go all one way or another at any given time. Like pressing down on a wet bar of soup. It will shoot sideways from under your hand. Government results from society though, and society is the product of individuals, so what individuals are, families are, society is, and government is.

I don't like all this refusing to stand for the national anthem, burning flags, refusing to stand or listen to certain politicians....etc. I think it is disgustingly rude. Worse, it is manipulative and pressuring, it pressures other blacks to do the same. Peer pressure is a powerful force. But a wonderful one too, for it makes good strong individuals out of those who grow to resist it, and eventually become immune to it and to think for themselves. As unpleasant as some behaviours are of the emotional left and emotional right, we are fortunate that they freely exist and are in close time to each other. The truth of course, is between the extremes and up at a right angle.

Anonymous said...

The problem with a protest like this is that it is a very blunt instrument.
It may well be to protest one issue - but ignores all the good that the flag/anthem/country stands for, all the positives that have been achieved, and tends to be misinterpreted.
If you want to make a point about race issues you need to build on the positives that have been achieved - not throw everything out because you feel more should be done.

Olaf Koenders said...

Although it may be their right to do so, but protesting Australia's National Anthem while ignoring the benefits the white man has given them is full-stupid on sports steroids and a show of ungratefulness for their current lifestyle.

They could always give away all their millions, crawl back into the bush where many of their tribes like to be drinking, fighting and raping under their highest technological achievement of the last 50,000 years - the Humpy.

We've tried everything and so far, they're still so ungrateful they burn down their housing we build and pay for.

They'd be Islamic terrorists on benefits with 8 wives and a dozen kids if they weren't so damn lazy.