Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Abuse of black movie star in "Ghostbusters"

The whole movie was a painful bit of political correctness, with its all-female cast.  And I think that it is the correctness that angered fans.  Note that there was a black character ("Uhura") in the original "Star Trek" movie and that seems to have passed with very little comment.  Abusing Ms Jones was however unkind.  The abuse should have been directed at the movie-makers.  She was just doing the job given to her

Leslie Jones, one of the stars of the new adaptation of “Ghostbusters,” recently fell victim to hate speech. Much of the reaction that she received, primarily on Twitter, had very little to do with the movie and instead focused on her race and gender.

A few of the hundreds of tweets directed at her read as follows: “Don’t let the #Ghostbusters bombing get you down. You’re a shoo-in to star in the Harambe motion picture as the man himself,” “Your Ghostbusters isn’t the first to have an ape in it” and “Big lipped coon” repeated eight times.

Such unnecessary and hurtful words lend nothing to potentially improving the actress or movie, and instead seem aimed purely to do emotional harm.

Thus far, the response by Twitter has been minimal and ineffective. Milo Yiannopoulos, a long-time twitter user associated with the Gamergate controversy was the first to experience any punishments from Twitter for misconduct when his account was shut down in response to his attacks on Jones.

This is a step in the right direction, but already Yiannopoulos and his followers argue that in shutting down his account, Twitter is undermining his First Amendment rights.



Bird of Paradise said...

Their so drugged and boozed out of their minds in hollywood their totaly out of their minds just remember how they remade other classical movies like FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX,WALKING TALL,THE NUTTY PROFFESOR, and put a black in the leaing roles of some of their movies

Anonymous said...

First amendment rights only apply to government and public institutions not private companies. It is time that the public actually learnt what there rights are rather than rely on ambulance caser lawyers. They can sue for libel but the stakes are much higher and only make lawyers richer.

stinky said...

These comments sound like they have been planted, perhaps to generate sympathy, perhaps to try to taint Milo by association, perhaps both. Given the prevalance of false flags these days, it is statistically more likely than not that that is the case here, too.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Just like with the rest of these remaes of classic movies that make them so PC to suit their leftists cuases they even did a PC version of THE LITTLE RASCALS it bombed

Gooniebird said...

They remake old classics and make them PC to appeal to the pathetic fools of today