Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Leftist hunger to find racism everywhere

Now you have to be trained to see it!  Some nonsense from Australia

ANTI-racism “training” being used by schools, universities and other organisations has been labelled patronising and divisive.

Say No to Racism workshops are being rolled out to encourage people to take “safe and constructive” action against racism.

The training involves putting participants in realistic situations “with the opportunity to experience and overcome the barriers to intervention” while learning the “tools and language” needed for safe intervention.

Workshop facilitators promise that after training is completed participants will be able “to understand the individual and ambiguous nature of everyday and casual forms of racism”.

“(They will) recognise the potential of bystander action in creating anti-racist social norms,” they said.

Devised by the City of Darebin, the Say No to Racism project was initially funded by a $50,000 grant from the Federal Government’s Diversity and Social Cohesion program.

The council was given the taxpayer dollars “to address the lack of response by the general public to racist incidents”.

Workshops were due to be held this month at places including Monash University and Bendigo Senior Secondary College.

A Monash staff member, who requested anonymity, was concerned with the assumption that racism existed in every “nook and cranny” and that people had to be trained to see it.

“The great contradiction is that if we are such a racist and intolerant society why are we such a popular destination for people from all over the world,” the staff member said.

Swinburne adjunct professor of sociology Katherine Betts said an overemphasis on other people’s backgrounds through such training could inhibit normal interaction.

“It could discourage making friends with people from different ethnic backgrounds,” she said.



Anonymous said...

Liberalism run amok once again.

Anonymous said...

This need of leftists to convince all white people that they are racist is depressing.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberalisms a form of stupidity cuase by too many trips to stupidland and proof that liberalism is a mental disorder

Anonymous said...

Biggest load of bullshit I have read in a long time. It is leftists justifying getting money by falsely creating racism to justify their existence. High time to put the people out of the scaremongering business.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Anon 2:50 The trouble is this makes big money for all those blood sucking trial lawyers looking to line their pockets a few million in ill gotten dollars

Anonymous said...

We have devolved into a government "of the lawyers, by the lawyers, for the lawyers."

stinky said...

“It could discourage making friends with people from different ethnic backgrounds,” she said.

That's its purpose. When every interracial or inter-ethnic interaction is subject to a gazillion, fuzzy p.c. rules with ominous consequences, of course people will prefer the relative relaxation and safety of their "own" group. That's obvious and intentional.

Anonymous said...

I don't like those sorts of training courses. They are just a means for sadistic leftists to pile guilt and shame on white males. On one of my many "cultural awareness" training courses that I have had to attend over many years of working in leftist fields, I was the only white male in the class. All the rest were young mostly blonde female psychologists in their twenties and thirties, and one other male, an Italian Australian. All day we had it drummed into us how the white race (the males, of course, and particularly the English) is the cause of all the sufferings in the world and especially in Australian society. Everyone else in the class seemed to be getting more energised and enthusiastic through the day, but I could feel my soul sagging. No one else in the room was responsible for world suffering, only me. By lunch time I felt drained. By the end of the day I was feeling awful and dragging my feet out of there. I soon recovered though, to feel even stronger than before. I walked a short distance up to the Flagstaff Gardens on a hill in Melbourne from where the early ships were directed in and out of port with flags, and from where flew the Union Jack over a young Melbourne when Victoria was a British colony. Looking out from those beautiful gardens over the great achievement that is Melbourne, reality was in front of me and all around me, and all that depressive nonsense that had been piled on me evaporated away. Reality does that.

Gooniebird said...