Sunday, September 18, 2016

Angela Merkel refuses to let EU leaders describe migrant crisis as 'chaos' - insisting joint statement refers to 'uncontrolled flows' instead

Angela Merkel is refusing to let EU leaders describe the migrant situation as 'chaos' - instead insisting they refer to 'uncontrolled flows'.

In their first meeting without Britain, the leaders of the 27 countries that will remain after Brexit are meeting at Bratislava Castle in Slovakia to consider how the Brussels club can survive.

At the end of the meeting, they were due to present a joint statement promising to tighten borders controls so as 'never to allow a return to the chaos last year'.

However, Mrs Merkel - who has been heavily criticised over her decision to open Germany's doors to more than a million migrants last year - insisted the word 'chaos' was deleted.

Instead the leaders will refer to 'uncontrolled flows', an EU source told the Mail.



Bird of Paradise said...

Another of those sawdust for brains types of fools too darn dumb to know whats happening

Anonymous said...

I suppose murder is "unauthorized euthanasia." Politicians must have their euphemisms to better hide the truth from their doltish true believers.

Anonymous said...

How can she not call it chaos given the actual chaos in Germany at the moment? Does she really think people are that dumb? I guess she will find out the next election that will see her arse on the street.

stinky said...

Uncontrolled flows? Like Hillary when she coughs?

/why the mao suit, honey?