Sunday, March 05, 2017

"You people" is wrong

To close out Black History Month, President #Donald Trump met with a group of African-American leaders at the White House. After speaking to the group in question, the president is now being accused of using an insensitive term to describe those in attendance.

According to the report in Buzzfeed, six people who were in the room have confirmed that Donald Trump referred to the group of African-American leaders as "you people." "You people are doing an amazing job," Trump reportedly said, before repeating the term at least three more times during the meeting.

The comment allegedly "raised eyebrows," and was later described as "Trump being Trump." One of the leaders who was in the room said Trump's use of the term was "very insensitive."



Anonymous said...

And the problem is? The real problem is people with hidden agendas like the media and the Dems, not to Mention Obama with his attempt at subversion using holdover political appointees to undermine Trump.

Bird of Paradise said...

Some people need to just grow up climb out of their playpens and quit their rediculous whining

Anonymous said...

At all of his rallies Trump refers to his supporters as "you people" so I fail to make the distinction so this must be a progressive code infraction. This is Liberals just stirring the pot much like the non news of Kellyanne Conway kneeling on a couch to take, view, and send a picture of the event.


Anonymous said...

I didn't understand it when Ross Perot got in trouble for using this bland term.
Don't understand the outrage now either.
Do they want him to say 'us people' when clearly he is neither black nor a leader of the black community?