Sunday, March 19, 2017

Must not say blacks are black?
Most of them are actually brown, I suppose

British rocker Morrissey has been accused of racial insensitivity over a T-shirt set to go on sale during his upcoming tour.

The controversial T-shirt is emblazoned with a picture of African-American writer and civil rights activist James Baldwin's face.

Above the image of Baldwin are lyrics from Morrissey's former band The Smiths' song Unloveable, which read, "I wear black on the outside because black is how I feel on the inside."

Although Morrissey has previously written about his love for Baldwin in his 2013 autobiography, social media users were quick to object to the T-shirt due to the combination of the words and image.

Hunter Felt, a journalist at The Guardian, wrote on Twitter, "Morrissey jumping in on the extremely hot "racist people co-opting black activists for their own purposes" trend."

Meanwhile editors at Britain's FACT magazine published an article headlined, "Morrissey is selling racist t-shirts because he is a f**king idiot".



Anonymous said...

co-opting black activists for their own purposes

Black activists are the worst racists.

Bird of Paradise said...

Must always whine about something that offends you like most all liberal snowflakes do

Anonymous said...

So where does that leave the lefties hitching on to black causes while they are white? Please don't try and tell me that the leftists have a higher moral high ground because that is not true because most lefties I have met could crawl under a snake without disturbing it.

Anonymous said...

So who does "Black Lives Matter" refer to if they are not Black?