Thursday, March 23, 2017

Must not note racial differences in sport

Hundreds of students at a Baltimore County school held a peaceful protest Thursday after a classmate apparently wrote a racial slur on a baseball field and posted the image to Snapchat.

An Eastern Tech High School student posed with a racial slur on a baseball field with the caption "Baseball is a white man's sport." The incident upset many students and parents.

"We felt like we had to make a difference and if it wasn't us it would be nobody," senior Ashlyn Woods said.

Woods and other students held a peaceful protest Friday morning in the school lobby, but it turned into an all-day discussion about race relations with most of the student body taking part.



Bird of Paradise said...

Why dont those little twats just attend classes instead of running around waving stupid signs with stupid liberal slogans on them

Anonymous said...

Figures that people like BoP would support racism in schools.

Anonymous said...

Blacks say hoop Earrings and Cornrow braids are a Black thing and Whites are racist for copying. So, who first played Baseball? If it was Whites, then isn't it fair to say Blacks are racist for playing baseball?

DMan said...

At the risk of inviting the ire of those who disagree, I'd like to make an observation.

When I first starting frequenting this site, it focused on the craziness of "Politically Correct" speech and how it affects people who have NOT actually said/done anything wrong; basically poking fun at the snowflakes out there who are offended by everything; crying "racism" or "misogyny" just because they choose to find it, even in things that were not really offensive. Those people deserve to be mocked.

However, this post, "Must not note racial differences in sport", I would submit, does not actually fall into the above category. The comment in question was blatantly racist.

If some sportscaster makes a comment that (for example) "White players statistically have higher RBI's than black players," fine. If that happens to be true, that statement is called "a fact" and if somebody is offended by, well, math... they deserve to be mocked.

But the comment, "Baseball is a white man's sport" has nothing to do with facts nor the Thought Police being offended by the non-offensive. It appears the comment was *meant* to offend.

I humbly ask that this site (which is great, by the way) stick to its original purpose: to condemn the crazy PC world and those who find offense when there is none, and refrain from condemning people who are offended when offense is justified.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:06,

If it was Whites, then isn't it fair to say Blacks are racist for playing baseball?

Two points:

First, the game of baseball evolved from the game of "rounders" which was popular during the Civil War. Games would be held within units and between units - including "colored" regiments in the North. It is fair to say that the game did not come into being without the help of all people of all races.

Secondly, "they did this, so we can do it too," is rather childish as an excuse. "Mom he did it first!" never flies and is never a valid reason. We shouldn't be talking about who did what or when, but whether we are doing the right thing.

Just because someone wrongfully claims "cultural appropriation" does not give license to others to claim it or use the actions of others as justification for doing the wrong thing.

Bird of Paradise said...

Narrow minded pinheads like anon 5:03 need to think without remote in your hand

Anonymous said...

Well said DMan.
I don't entirely agree in respect of this particular article, but I agree entirely with the sentiment.
I agree even more in relation to the comments. These comment boards shouldn't be about left v right name-calling. They should be focussed on upholding the meaning and intent of the First Amendment.
While that gives you the right to name-call, surely we can encourage better dialogue.

DMan said...

Thank you, Anon 8:18.

- DMan