Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Australia: Must not promote candies

The advertising consumer watchdog has deemed a Baker's Delight ad promoting finger buns with lollies [candies] on top was undermining the promotion of healthy balanced diets.

The ad showed finger buns with lollies on top and scrolls with Vegemite inside with the wording: 'School lunches? Problem solved.'

But a complaint to the Advertising Standards Bureau slammed the ad claiming food choices are hard enough, let alone the promotion of lollies on bread for lunch.

Bakers Delight said the ad was not specifically directed at children, but rather busy parents looking for an alternative food for their kids.

'It is not our intention to target children with any of these advertisements, alternatively our copy is specifically designed to be directed at parents,' its response read.

''School lunches? Problem solved' is intended to target busy parents during the back to school rush period, to encourage them to consider Bakers Delight in their purchasing decisions. There is no copy used that is targeted specifically to children.

The Advertising Standards Board decided the Children's Code to advertising did not apply to the advertisement because the content was equally appealing to parents, despite the particular images appealing to children.

However, the board upheld the complaint pointing out the advertisement does undermine the promotion of healthy balanced diets through the text.

Bakers Delight accepted the findings of the consumer watchdog and said they would not be 'undertaking that campaign as a result of your intervention.'



Anonymous said...

The food Nazis are alive and well in Australia. Children are not allowed treats any in public situations. There are so many kids with allergies(why?)than any outside food products are banned in schools these days because of so many litigations. Perhaps the food allergies are created at home and only realised at schools. It is sad that parents raised their children to be intolerant to many food products. Perhaps in the future all children will be home schooled due to the induced intolerance of food products.

Anonymous said...

Children need some sweets for the energy content. I wonder if the "food police" had sweets when they were kids.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

The food scolds are at it again soon they'll ban birthdays becuase it promotes kids to eat cake and ice cream they'll force candy stores out of buisness and turn them into health food stores and force all schools to serve strict vegan lunches

Anonymous said...

The great zero's spouse no longer has her bully pulpit here in the US so the sweet police are out of luck because they lost their federal backing.


Eskimo Curlew said...

I see now that The Obamas are no longer in the whitehouse schools are dropping Michealles putrid food guidelines