Thursday, March 16, 2017

Google: we won’t remove video that attacks Jews

But just attack Muslims and see how far you get

Google has refused to remove a video from YouTube that one of the company’s executives admitted was “antisemitic, deeply offensive and shocking”.

MPs criticised the technology company, which owns YouTube, yesterday after it claimed that a video entitled “Jews admit organising white genocide” did not breach its rules on hate speech.

The clip, posted in 2015, was highlighted by the home affairs select committee at the opening of the parliamentary inquiry into hate crime on social media. Executives from Facebook and Twitter also appeared before the committee and faced criticism.

The YouTube video features David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan leader, saying: “The Zionists have already ethnically cleansed the Palestinians, why not do the same thing to Europeans and Americans?



Bird of Paradise said...

Remember this is the same google that honoed memorial day a few years ago with a a logo dedicated to that dumb game Tertris

Anonymous said...

David Duke is one of the unfortunate consequences of free speech. Muslim extremists are another. Duke assiduously avoids advocating violence directly in his rhetoric to avoid being prosecuted but the muslims not so much. Should anyone pay attention to either of their ravings, NO, but they should be allowed to rave if they do not overtly advocate violence. The death of a means to defend your individual rights results in the death of free speech which results in the death of freedom.


Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Socialists ,Liberals,Demacrats and Muslims oppose Free Speech becuase some little snowflake might get offended

Anonymous said...

I have a great dislike of Google and avoid it !

Anonymous said...

David Duke puts his case well in that video. And he is correct about the Jews in a sense, from a particular angle, but there is more to the picture than he describes. And he is wrong in his interpretation of Jewish motive. He is also wrong about the cause of Jewish leftism.

The Jews are not racist, they are separatist. There is a difference. There is nothing wrong with being separatist. And it is a good thing that Jews are separatist, for they have carried down through history their superior intelligence and resultant scientific and all other contributions. And just as the Old Testament forecast, every nation will be and has been blessed by Jewish presence.

Belief shapes mind. What one's God is, one's mind and heart are too.

More important than just their intelligence and resultant contributions, the Jews carried and preserved a unique concept of One all pervasive, ever extensive God, which is Truth (reality), which is a God of fire (think thermodynamics), and of which everything comes forth, is part of, and belongs to.

This very concept expands and unifies the mind, so that knowledge becomes ordered in the same way as reality is ordered. Learning and comprehension become a matter of filling in the mind gap between self and the great reality, rather than extending from self into an unknown. Coupled with this, the Jewish God is a God of right and wrong, making comprehension like a great binary computer.

By contrast the Islamic God Allah is outside of reality looking down on it. That throws out comprehension of reality immensely. And Allah is a God conflict - one is either with Him or against Him, in which one dies, which further draws one's attention away from reality.

The Tao is also One all pervasive, ever extensive God of which everything comes forth, is part of, and belongs to. But Tao is not a God of right and wrong, but a God of harmony and disharmony, which although comprehension of it expands the mind outward into reality, the mind is less crisp in its distinctions than it is made by the Jewish God of right and wrong, for IQ is the measure of the fineness to which one can differentiate and generalise across a wide scope and through any medium.

We are fortunate the Jews have been separatist. That has ensured their survival through history and the survival of the concept that has served the development of theirs and our minds so well.

The Jewish God of right and wrong could be a bit harsh on the individual, but the Christian teaching of forgiveness softened that, made being wrong less uncomfortable while preserving crispness of thought, so the heart compliments the intelligence.

Generally, Leftism hates and rejects Christianity and its teaching of the power of love and forgiveness. The religion of Leftism presents an alternative to Christian love and forgiveness, being "caring" and "non-judgmental". But as the original teachings are rejected, the alternatives are hollow and fake. Jews have to reject Christianity so they are prone to leftism.