Thursday, March 02, 2017

Popular British comedy killed by PC

IT MIGHT’VE scored a number of television revivals and a hit movie, but the creator of Absolutely Fabulous is well and truly done with the show and has finally explained why.

Jennifer Saunders, who built the hit British sitcom from a 1990 sketch she did with fellow comedian Dawn French, said in an interview with The Mirror she’s sick of everyone being so “politically correct”.

“We couldn’t get away with anything. You can’t even get away to be a politically incorrect character, because that is seen as being politically incorrect [sic],” said Saunders.

The sitcom, which first aired in 1992, had a number of revivals and specials since its first episode with the final episode airing in 2012.

Last year, the show received a movie revival which took the show’s creator Jennifer Saunders years to write.

Despite the film being a relative commercial success, the movie came under fire for racism accusations when it was announced Janette Tough, a caucasian comedian, would be playing a Japanese character.

Comedian Margaret Cho hit out at the movie saying they were using ‘yellowface’.

And, it was criticism like that which encouraged Saunders to finally put the much-loved comedy to bed.



Anonymous said...

Does this mean that they can no longer show old Charlie Chan movies?

Anonymous said...

Despite claims to the contrary there is no "clean" humor. Jokes always are at someone's expense. It has been prophesized many times that PC will kill comedy and it continues to give it the death of a thousand cuts.


Bird of Paradise said...

Political Correctness is a cancer on the earth it effects the mind and and makes people stupid and selfish

Anonymous said...

It is sad day when British comedy passes away due to political correctness. We may have a world where insecure people may feel insecurely safe but no longer can you laugh because some one will stand up and be offended. It is quickly becoming a world that is not worth living in when you are told that what you think is funny is no longer acceptable.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

PC is a form of socialism it effects the mind making a once smart person very very dumb becuase it destroys brain cells

Legs Sparrow said...

Wait for DR WHO to go PC