Thursday, March 30, 2017

Must not use a watermelon as a hat

A police officer has come under fire and accused of racism after he posted a picture on Facebook with his face superimposed - on a watermelon.

PC Ifor Williams posted the 'funny dad pic' - featuring him with a watermelon 'helmet' and slices of the juicy gourd for glasses - on his Facebook profile.

But Equality campaigners have condemned the decorated city beat officer - who patrols an area with a high black population - for promoting a racial stereotype.

Watermelon images were deemed offensive in the 19th century where black people were characterised as lazy and work-shy, who would sit around eating the 'fruit'.

Pc Williams, who was last year awarded the Queen's Police Medal, patrols the high black population St Paul's area of Bristol.

Equality campaigner and poet Lawrence Hoo was angered by the image when PC Williams contacted him via Snapchat with a friend request.

Mr Hoo, 48, said: 'I do find this incredibly offensive and insensitive. I don't think this is something you can accidentally do.



Bird of Paradise said...

Here comes the whining the constant whiing from the habitial whiners WHINE,WHINE,WHINE all day long and all night long

Anonymous said...

The whole watermelon, fried chicken, etc. applied to blacks is 90% bogus and was promoted by black artists during reconstruction of the south after the civil war. So the stereotype was actually created in the greater part by blacks themselves.


Anonymous said...

So are pictures of white people eating fried chicken also racist? I am white and I like fried chicken. Am I guilty of "cultural Appropriation"?

Anonymous said...

Recently, there was a controversy over some white, female basketball player who was chastised (to put it mildly) over wearing her hair in tight braids. This was seen as "cultural appropriation" of African-American hair styling. How come this phenomenon only works one-way ? Why isn't Beyonce called out for appropriating the blond looks of Nordic/Scandinavian women ? I saw a black woman at work today with her hair dyed red. Why isn't this seen as cultural appropriation of Irish/Scottish women ? Seems like this 'grievance' is a one-way street.

Anonymous said...

All the guys at the SCG who wear KFC buckets on their heads are in real trouble now.

Anonymous said...

I do find this incredibly offensive and insensitive.

Oh my, how he must suffer !

Anonymous said...

What total bullshit leftist trolling.