Wednesday, March 22, 2017

NY liberals push internet speech ban

Speech is only free so long as it’s inoffensive. That’s the basic premise behind a new bill being pushed through the New York state House and Senate:

    The bill is being called “the right to be forgotten act” but would be more aptly named “you can only write things on the internet that the government give you permission to write.” The bill “requires search engines, indexers, publishers and any other persons or entities which make available, on or through the internet or other widely used computer-based network, program or service, information about an individual to remove such information, upon the request of the individual, within thirty days of such request.”

In other words, if someone is offended by something said about them on the internet, this bill would give them the “right” to appeal to have it removed. If a court determines that the speech in question is “inaccurate,” “irrelevant,” “inadequate,” or “excessive,” it must be removed within 30 days or the author of the speech/search engine will be fined $250 per day.

This is far different from someone reporting a comment for harassment on Facebook. This is politicians attempting to give the courts the ability to destroy the First Amendment and fine people for exercising their God-given right to free speech.



Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals want to ban any speech or words that offend them or makes little snowflakes cry becuase liberal are pea brained numbskull

Anonymous said...

They should call this by the real motivation, the liberal lawyer employment act. They not only get to destroy conservative free speech they get a bunch of democrats work, what more could they ask for?


Paul Weber said...

More from the "I have the right not to be offended" crowd."

Anonymous said...

The start of the totalitarian state has begun in an effort to support the rich and the famous from criticism. It doesn't surprise me since the Obama administration was working towards that goal to support the Hollywood parasites that sucked up to him.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Big bad brother creeps into the privacy of the home soon they'll have monitors or hidden cameras and mics in home to make sure you dont do or say anything that offends little liberal snowflakes

Paul Weber said...

So how do you deal with people who are offended by the truth???

Darzee the Tailorbird said...

Paul Weber. Its hard to say their blind and deaf to the truth perhaps blowing a trumpet or bugle in their ears would make them listen

Anonymous said...

Well said MDH.
This looks a lot like a lawyer make-work program wrapped up in a silencing opinion wrapper.
If only materials that were determined by a court to be accurate and relevant (to what?) were permitted on the internet the free flow of ideas would be seriously curtailed.