Thursday, March 16, 2017

Australia: Must not have Bible verses on beer cartons

Coopers is facing a boycott and backlash after teaming up with a Bible group who used the beers in a bizarre debate on marriage equality.

The South Australian brewery has released a commemorative range of light beers with Bible verses on its cartons to mark the 200th anniversary of the Bible Society.

But Coopers says the brewery has nothing to do with a bizarre video debating marriage equality by the Bible group.

'We want you to know that Coopers did not give permission for our Premium Light beer to feature in, or "sponsor" the Bible Society's "Keeping it Light" video,' the brewery said in a statement.

The video featured Liberal MPs Andrew Hastie and gay politician Tim Wilson debate marriage equality, while drinking and cheersing Coopers beers.

A spokesperson for the Bible Society told Daily Mail Australia: 'Coopers has definitely not paid any money or donated any money towards the video. It was produced solely by Bible Society Australia.'

Coopers had not gone so far to distance itself from the video in an earlier statement.

'With regards to the "Keeping it Light" video from the Bible Society featuring Andrew Hastie and Tim Wilson, this is a light hearted but balanced debate about an important topic within Australia,' the earlier statement said.

'Coopers isn't trying to push religious messages or change your beliefs by celebrating 200 years of charitable work undertaken by the Bible Society, in fact, over the years we have produced a number of different celebratory cans to recognise the historical achievements of a vast array of different organisations.'

In a second statement, Coopers put further distance between the brewery and the video.

Coopers is releasing a range of light beer in partnership with the charity. The cartons will have Bible verses written on them, and the cans will feature the Bible Society logo.

Coopers said the brewery respected community beliefs.  'We aren't trying to push a religious message, we see these commemorative cans as a celebration of the Bible Society's 200 years of charitable work in Australia,' the company said in a statement.



Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

But they will probibly allow for a satanic chant but the facts id alchol is a demon in a bottle

Anonymous said...

This isn't really what people are upset about.
The boycott of Coopers was really organised by people who do not believe that the issue of gay marriage SHOULD EVEN BE DEBATED AT ALL.
It is the fact that both sides of the argument were presented that had people up in arms.
And that is classic left tactics - they aren't interested in engaging in the discussion. They merely want to silence any opposing view.

Anonymous said...

Homosexuals already have marriage equality. They have the same rights as everybody else, but they want special privileges to force their repugnant sexual perversity to be accepted.

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality should be allowed but it should not be encouraged i.e. by making it sacrosanct - beyond criticism.

Nothing should be sacrosanct, that is, beyond critical thought and beyond debate. To hold something, anything, beyond critical thought is to tread down upon and crush the human mind.

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality is not right. If something is right, then if everyone does it, everyone will be alright.

But if everyone were homosexual then everyone would soon die out; the human race would disappear.

What else could do that except a deadly plague?

Anonymous said...

The first rule of nature is that the species survive.

Homosexuality defies that first rule of nature.

And what are the rules of nature but the rules of God?

God and nature do not disagree.

Anonymous said...

The pursuit of homosexual marriage is just the first of many issues the socialist progressive left wish to force on us. Global government is their biggest along with global warming as a means to push global migration in order to achieve global government so that everyone will vote for socialist ideas. The failure of the USSR and the problems with China don't phase these people. Left wing ideologies don't work but the power crazed continue to push those ideologies. You see it is China, yous see it Russia, you see it in North Korea. You see it in many countries across the world from Venezuela, through Cuba to other countries on the verge of communism. Why it is democracy so hard to achieve?