Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Canada Took Away a Guy's Vanity License Plate Because His Name MIGHT offend

A Canadian provincial government has withdrawn a man's eponymous personalized vehicle license plate, saying Lorne Grabher's surname is offensive to women when viewed on his car bumper.

Grabher said Friday that he put his last name on the license plate decades ago as a gift for his late father's birthday, and says the province's refusal to renew the plate late last year is unfair.

Grabher says the Nova Scotia government is discriminating against his name.

Transport Department spokesman Brian Taylor says while the department understands Grabher is a surname with German roots, this context isn't available to the general public who view it.

The personalized plate program introduced in 1989 allows the province to refuse names when they're deemed offensive, socially unacceptable and not in good taste.



Anonymous said...

Next the government will demand he change his name.

Bird of Paradise said...

Just as bad as three idiot judges in Lousiena declaring a state licsensplate reading CHOOSE LIFE as unconitutional not allowing kids to do the National antheme or the pledge becuase some stupid little snowflake might be offended. These liberal idiots and their super sensitive whining little snowflakes need to just GO AWAY

Anonymous said...

Even if taken as "Grab Her" what is the issue? Is there something inherently nefarious about grabbing a her? This is ridiculous and the gnashing of teeth on the part of officialdom proves that.


Brian from Virginia said...

I wonder if he could get one with 'Caesar'? ;-)

Stan B said...

Did the Canadian government just assume someone's Gender?