Friday, March 24, 2017

AT&T And Verizon Pull Google Ads Over Hate Speech Controversy

You can bet your bottom dollar that Jihadi videos were the ones that needed to be deleted.  Anything favouring conservative or Christian thought would have been wiped ages ago

AT&T is the latest high-profile company to pull its advertising from YouTube and Google as the search and advertising giant struggles to quell a controversy over online hate speech and its marketing platforms. Verizon has also suspended some of its Google advertising.

“We are deeply concerned that our ads may have appeared alongside YouTube content promoting terrorism and hate,” a spokeswoman for AT&T said in a statement to BuzzFeed News Wednesday. “Until Google can ensure this won’t happen again, we are removing our ads from Google’s non-search platforms.”

In a statement to BuzzFeed News Verizon said: “Once we were notified that our ads were appearing on non-sanctioned websites, we took immediate action to suspend this type of ad placement and launched an investigation.”

Several other brands including McDonald’s, HSBC, and L’Oreal, as well as the British government, have also recently pulled advertising from YouTube over concerns that the company is not doing enough to protect them from having their marketing campaigns tied to abusive and extremist content online.

The sudden departure of advertising partners, first reported by the Times, followed an investigation that Google had failed to remove hateful material from YouTube, in what appeared to be a breach of its own guidelines.



Anonymous said...

Google only cares about revenue, and content that courts controversy brings more clicks which gives more revenue. sites with low visitation rates (with corresponding lower revenue) can be removed but higher revenue sites are not. You have progressives who are on the government dole searching out any Christian or conservative site and then getting their ilk to complain to get it shut down. Conservatives and Christians by and large do not care about the sites trashing them because they believe in free speech. What Trump should do is have the NSA report all the extremist terrorist Google sites they monitor to Google and see what they do. Shutting these sites down will save lives because most lone wolf terrorists use them to self radicalize.



Bird of Paradise said...

Dont forget this google is the same one who celebrated memorial day a few years ago by deicating its logo to that dumb game Tetris