Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Liberal Media Reliably Leap Into Action, Condemn Carson for Immigrant-Slave Comparison

On his first day on the job, newly sworn in Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson made the awful mistake of comparing immigrants and slaves.

The liberal media (the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Buzzfeed, Hollywood Reporter and others) reliably leaped into action to cover the remarks with their usual glee. There immediately followed a scrum of condemnation from movie stars such as Samuel L. Jackson and the NAACP. Even the Anne Frank Center got into action calling the remarks "as offensive a remark as it gets."

The thing is, though, that the comparison, as inapt and inept as it certainly is, is often made by immigrant advocacy groups, supporters of open borders, and even black progressives from time to time. Doing so is frequently a conscious effort to hitch the "illegal immigration is benign" wagon onto the civil rights train.

Example: Maria Hinojosa, a National Public Radio host who wears her alien advocacy on her sleeve in the same uncritical way that Jorge Ramos of Univision does, made the comparison when making the unverified and unverifiable claim in regard to aliens in Flint, Mich., during the tainted water crisis there. Her guest for the day, Melissa Harris-Perry, carried the stupid analogy even further by comparing immigration laws with "fugitive slave laws".

That CNN unwittingly exposes its own hypocrisy is no surprise; they are a network with neither shame nor historical memory.

But where were the howls of outrage from Hollywood stars over Hinojosa and Harris-Perry's conversations? There were none.

All things considered, the silence in the face of these other gaffes is suspicious. Is it because Carson is a Black Republican, and African-Americans aren't allowed by the progressive thought police to be conservative? Is that why only his remarks get singled out when so many others have made the same kind of inappropriate comparisons? I can't help but wonder.



Bird of Paradise said...

The main-stream news media is like the horns of a steer a point here a point there and lot of bull in between

Anonymous said...

I recently saw a video of President Obama making a speech back in Dec 2015 wherein he made the same comparison, yet the media won't acknowledge this gaffe either. It was a side by side video comparison of Carson and Obama's speeches.


Anonymous said...

The lame stream media does not care that they are hypocritical and slanted. They feel it is their duty to push the progressive agenda and any means justifies that end. News is a euphuism for "entertainment' and it is a myth that it has ever had more than a tenuous connection to the facts.


Anonymous said...

Bird, I understood what you meant to say but a steer is not a bull because he's missing the two things that make him "bullish".

Stan B said...

Anon 2:23 (AIB/44)

Actually, Obama made the same comparison 11 separate times, once in the same way that Ben Carson did, and the other 10 times in campaign speeches. Not once was he called out - because he was "the golden boy!"

Bird of Paradise said...

Anon 4:25 are you a goat roper or flatlander living in the suburbes?

Dean said...

Bird: Anon 4:25 is correct. As a youngster I participated in many brandings. ONe part of the process was turning young bulls into steers by removing their testicles.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Bird is right in that the useless media had been turned into steers and have become useless idiots that are no longer capable of making manly comments but are instead following herd because they don't have the balls to report the truth.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

The news media always jumping into the liberal bandwagon without checking for pitchforks

Bird of Paradise said...

I quit watching the lame-stream news media years ago in fact i hav'nt watched the news since Sept 12th 2001 its ll the same lies day in and day out 24/7,12 months,52 weeks and 365 days LIES,LIES,LIES