Tuesday, March 07, 2017

"Islamophobia" to be outlawed in Canada

Turns out, there are a lot of people concerned about free speech in Canada. And concerned about losing it.

“It’s great to be in a room full of severely normal people,” said Conservative leadership candidate Dr. Kellie Leitch, drawing cheers.

About 1,200 people showed up to The Rebel’s Rally For Free Speech at Canada Christian College to protest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government’s M-103 motion being debated in the House of Commons this week, which many criticism is, in essence, an anti-blasphemy law seen in many Muslim countries that prevents criticism of Islam.

“We need to fight back against all of this politically correct nonsense,” said Leitch. And they were doing just that.

When it comes to Liberal Erin Mills MP Iqra Khalid’s motion to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination,” the crowd’s stance was clear. They don’t want it.

“Justin Trudeau says people who are opposed to M-103 are fringe,” said Leitch. “Justin Trudeau, you are fringe.”

Every speaker brought similar sentiments, whether it be Ezra Levant, Faith Goldy, PC leadership candidates Leitch, Chris Alexander, Brad Trost, Pierre Lemieux or Dr. Charles McVety of Canada Christian College.

“This is grassroots,” said Goldy. “If we don’t stand up now historians will look back and say no one stood up for free speech that our soldiers laid down their lives for.”

I have said Khalid’s motion should be ripped up for good. Canada needs a lot of things, but not government deciding who and what is Islamophobic. Scary a government would even try.



Anonymous said...

Political Correctness carried to the extreme !

Bird of Paradise said...

Im glad i dont live in canada its gone from the Monty to the snowflake unfortunaty i live in California wich is even more rediculous run by the Dumb-O-Crats and ignorant voters

Anonymous said...

Progressives keep going left till the voters get rid of them. Happened in the USA, Canada is next.


Paul Weber said...

You can't outlaw what doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

I'm 57 and grew up in suburban Detroit. There has never been free speech in Canada but it has gotten worse in recent years.

Anonymous said...

You can try but you can't remove public opinion. You can outlaw and opinions words but new words will replace them. Until you mange to change the public perception of how any community reacts in public you will never change opinions. In Melbourne, Australia we have a very big problem with the African refugee second generation young adults committing violent home invasions and car hijackings along with other serious crimes. The problem we have is that the court system will not take the issue seriously and hold the kids on remand but keep letting them back into the community because of their background. The ones that have been have been held in remand in juvenile detention centres have rioted at least 41 times over the last couple of years. The snivel liberties keep preventing the government from punishing these older juveniles due to crap human rights laws. How about human rights laws for the victims? It is time that these adolescents paid the price that they refused to learn the law that governs them.