Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Must not suggest that women do most of the housework

Marks & Spencer has become embroiled in a sexism row over school uniforms that are labelled 'less work for mum'.

Equal-rights campaigners accused the retailer of 'reinforcing stereotypes' and pointed out that fathers are also responsible for uniforms.

The labels are on a range of boys' and girls' trousers that promise 'reinforced hems'. Costing less than £15, they boast technology that ensure hems 'stay up for longer, so that's less work for mum!'

Last night, campaign group Fathers 4 Justice announced plans to lobby M&S to change its 'prehistoric' advertising.

Founder Matt O'Connor said: 'It is disappointing to see this from a flagship retailer.

'There is this mentality among high-street stores that it's only women who shop for children. It is an insult and we'll follow this with a campaign.

'It should say 'mums and dads' or 'parents'. It is like 'Mothercare' – where is 'Fathercare'?

'It really irritates fathers, but also instils children with bad lessons about stereotypes, which is irresponsible.

 'It teaches girls 'this is your preserve' and boys 'you have nothing to do with this'. That is harmful.'

Sam Smethers, chief executive of the Fawcett Society, said: 'This isn't just sexism – this is M&S sexism.

 'We slip into these lazy stereotypes as easily as a pair of their comfy slippers. It's 2017 and time to recognise that dads can sew, too.'

The labels also sparked discussion on social media, with one Mumsnet user writing: 'Well I won't be buying uniform from M&S this year!'

However, others sprang to M&S's defence, with one posting: 'Even in these supposed times of equality, most chores fall down to Mum.

'Even if she doesn't sew the hems herself, she's likely to take them to the tailor to have them adjusted.'

Last night M&S said its schoolwear packaging was being changed before the collection hit stores in May.

A spokesman added: 'It was never our intention to offend parents.'



Anonymous said...

More ridiculous Political Correctness.

Bird of Paradise said...

More rediculous Political Correctness(Socialism)at its most idiotic silly pathetic little snowflakes not wanting their little delicate feelings hurt Why dont these little wimps just GROW UP?

Anonymous said...

Stay at home dads and men who sew or mend their children's clothes are such a ridiculously small portion of the population it is laughable they need to be considered in an advertising context. Women offended by sewing and mending being typically a mothers job are pretty laughable as well but they are a very vocal minority.