Sunday, March 26, 2017

Arty farties want abstract painting destroyed

It's a rather horrible-looking thing so I hope they succeed

Despite initially receiving semi-positive notices, mainly from white critics, a Dana Schutz painting in the Whitney Biennial generated controversy this weekend. This past Saturday, the artist Parker Bright held a protest in front of the work, which is titled Open Casket and depicts an abstracted version of the famed photograph of Emmett Till’s open-casket funeral.

Bright wore a grey T-shirt, with “BLACK DEATH SPECTACLE” written in Sharpie on the back of it, and reportedly said, “She has nothing to say to the black community about black trauma.”

Writers, curators, and artists took note of the protest online and responded. Now, the artist and writer Hannah Black has issued an open letter addressed to the Whitney Biennial’s curators, Christopher Y. Lew and Mia Locks. Repeating the refrain “the painting must go,” she urges the curators to destroy the work so as to make sure that the it can’t be sold or seen in the future.


Calls for Australian anti-immigration Senator to be CENSORED

Left-wing columnists and Muslim political activists have joined forces to call for Pauline Hanson to be censored in the wake of the London terrorist attacks.

The One Nation leader posted a Facebook video on Thursday renewing her call for a ban on Muslim migration to Australia.

'People are feeling sorry for people over there and I've seen the hashtag #prayforlondon,' she said from Parliament House in Canberra. 'Well look, I have my own hashtag and you won't need to be praying for this place or that place, because it's #pray4amuslimban.'

While some Muslim activists have condemned the atrocity by a lone terrorist, which has so far left four people dead, columnist Clementine Ford preferred to mock Senator Pauline. '#Pray4PaulineHansonToF***Off,' she tweeted.

Muslim psychologist Hanan Dover, who is campaigning to ban Somali-born Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali from touring Australia, called for Senator Hanson to be censored even though she's an elected member of parliament. '#PrayForPaulineBan,' she said in a written message on her Facebook page.

This is the same woman who has represented terror suspects and made anti-gay speeches.

Former Labor staffer Paul Syvret, who now works as a left-wing News Corp columnist in Brisbane, accused Senator Hanson of encouraging terrorism with her renewed call to ban Muslim migration.  'Pauline Hanson is acting as a recruiting agent for extremists with that inflammatory bulls***,' he said.

His statement was retweeted by Islamophobia Register Australia founder Mariam Veiszadeh, who makes regular appearances on ABC News 24.

The hijab-wearing lawyer, who is married to New South Wales Liberal Premier Gladys Berejiklian's media director Ehssan Veiszadeh, was more measured in her criticism of Senator Hanson.



Bird of Paradise said...

Time to take that horrible painting showing cops as pigs and hit the demacratic donkey over the head with it

Anonymous said...

Clementine Ford is a disgusting feminist that hates other woman who don't agree or support her mentally deranged ideas. She is willing to accept horrendous domestic violence in the Muslim community that she would howl down if it was any other section of society, she is willing to tolerate FGM and is willing to accept unvetted people from the middle east. What more do you need to know that she has no place advocating policy in a major left wing newspaper. As to all the others quoted they have one agenda: to get more people from the middle east into Australia because the will vote for the left. That's what the left immigration agenda is all about. It's the same in the US, it's the same in the UK and in all western countries. These moronic idiots don't understand the cultural damage that they have done through their narrow minded compassion. They are physically dismantling over 200 hundred years of progress because of their ideology and when it happens they will dance in the streets like the Muslims did on Sept 9 2001. People are worried about the debt left to their grandchildren. They should be more worried about the society that their grandchildren will inherit.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Anon 11:36 She is your typical liberal ding-bat with a few screws loose