Sunday, March 19, 2017

Must not mention support for Trump

Actress and University of Kentucky basketball fan Ashley Judd  seemed shocked to discover that a basketball arena is not a safe space.

At least, not safe from an old man who asked for a photo.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, the actress described how she was “frankly scared” by an “older man with white hair” who asked to take her picture and then told her he was a Trump supporter.

She never described him as threatening or even said he had raised his voice.

In fact, he was apparently docile enough that she was expecting to swap stories with him about his hometown, where she had shot a film.

But once he had said he liked Trump, she said it became clear to her that “his affect was angry.”

And she observed, “I feel very sad that this happened, and frankly scared.”

The incident apparently occurred at the SEC tournament game in Nashville on Saturday



Anonymous said...

The lying Liberal crowd has worked hard to portray Donald trump as being in some way evil.

Bird of Paradise said...

Ashely Judd can return to snowflake land and her little safe space(Playpen)and sing dumb liberal songs like MUSKRAT LOVE,BIG YELLOW TAXI and DOG & BUTTERFLY and at least their team are still called WILDCATS and not PINKIECATS

Anonymous said...

So now anyone coming into contact with a Democrat supporting celebrity can call them creepy. Not that they weren't already.

Anonymous said...

Ashley Judd is a progressive feminist and shows the true depth of her intolerance by this display. The left will not even associate with anyone who is not in lockstep with them. That is the true measure of how fragile progressive ideas are, you cannot be associated with someone who is not a progressive.