Monday, March 27, 2017

Vietnamese sandwich shop slammed online for being 'homophobic' after telling customers they should eat spicy foods 'unless you are a poof'

"Poof" or "poofter" is common British & Australian & NZ slang for a male homosexual.  It is contemptuous but is not as aggressive a condemnation as the American "faggot".  Jokes about homosexual eating and drinking habits were common in my far-off youth. It was for instance said that they only drink cocktails because they would choke on beer.  No-one actually believed that.  It was just a joke. The condemned words below were undoubtedly of that ilk

The owners of a Vietnamese sandwich shop tried spicing up their menu but wound up getting roasted online for using 'homophobic' terms.

The Bun Mee Kiwi outlet in New Zealand's Auckland opened doors last week with a menu that urges customers to order spicy foods - 'unless you are a poof'.

The message has been slammed on social media and by gay pride groups for being in bad taste, but the owners insist they never meant to offend anyone.

'This is highly offensive…For someone like myself who has been called a poof during childhood and adulthood, this is really not on' OUTline spokesperson Trevor Easton told NZHerald.

But the owners, who only gave their names as Mark and Saffron, said the term has a different meaning in their Pacific Islands culture.

'We have many gay friends and it is not a homophobic slur where we come from in the Pacific Islands,' they said. 'If we have offended anyone, we apologise.'



Anonymous said...

So what is the actual different meaning in the Pacific Island culture? I dare say some comments could be made about Pacific Islanders (whether or not rude in any particular culture).

Bird of Paradise said...

The trouble with liberals is they whine too much their always going WHINE,WHINE,WHINE over everything that hurts their silly little feelings