Monday, March 06, 2017

Bad words in video games

Horizon Zero Dawn recently received criticism for its portrayal of different tribes represented in the game and four words used to describe those people: savages, braves, primal and tribes.

On Feb. 28, a Native American writer called out the game in a Medium essay for the descriptive words that historically have a degrading connotation attached. In her essay, Dia Lacina calls out the fact that terms like savages, primal and braves can “reinforce racist and colonialist ideas about indigenous people.” Lacina also calls out reviewers for not picking up on it in their critique of the game and its appropriation of Native culture.

“Video games have been appropriating from Natives both blatantly and obliquely for decades,” Lacina wrote. “And as much as we’d like to hope — it’s probably not going to stop anytime soon.”


Games convey a fantasy world, not a real one


Anonymous said...

The professionally offended can always find something to be offended about; usually for other people.

Bird of Paradise said...

They need to just let it go and quit whining about it all instead of looking to the leftists news media to griipe about something that they feel offends them

Anonymous said...

Da Lancia uses terms colonialist and indigenous words that could certainly fall into the same category as the terms she is condemning