Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cafe slammed on social media for serving up 'racist' burger named 'Uncle Tom' - but owners say they did not know it was offensive

American sensitivities are often little known abroad

A newly opened cafe is at the centre of a racism row over the naming of a burger. Master Toms, in Brisbane's city centre, only flung open its doors less than four months ago but it has already found itself embroiled in accusations of racism, 9News reported.

The cafe has named one of its burgers Uncle Tom, which is also a derogatory term describing a black person who is considered to be excessively obedient to a white person. The name first came to prominence in the novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin, in the mid-1800s. The novel, written by Harriet Beecher Stowe, details the suffering of African-American slaves.

Customer Jonathan Butler-White, who noticed the name when he dropped by the cafe recently, said he felt a 'mix of disappointment and anger'.

'I think it's concerning but I don't think it's surprising,' he said.  'I did leave straight away.'

Mr Butler-White then made his feelings known to the cafe through social media who told him they were 'completely unaware' of the name's historical meaning.

Master Tom's manager Eduardo Cantarelli vowed to change the burger's name and update the menu.

'We really want to change that because that's not good for us, it's not good for the business,' Mr Cantarelli said.



Dean said...

My wife now has a problem. Does she introduce her uncle by saying, "This is my uncle, but I can't tell you his name," or does she risk offending the perpetually offended and refer to him as her uncle Tom? She could use his full name, Thomas, but that seems a little silly. He's been Tom to the family for the last eighty odd years.

Ah, the decisions PC culture forces us to make.

Bird of Paradise said...

How about the Whine Burger its a totaly vegan burger made espeialy for whining little animal rights pansies and no use of animal products

Anonymous said...

Dean - how about "This is my Parent-Sibling Tom"? And it's even gender neutral to boot!

Dean said...

3:02 AM: LOL! We can expect that to be included in university and college correct-speech any day now.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that "Uncle Tom" is a racist slur by black people about other blacks. You cannot make up things that are more ridiculous than progressives continue to hold forth.


Anonymous said...

Another leftist wanker trying to enforce his views on people who know nothing of what he is ranting. Why do these socialists not only dwell in the past but export their racist views to other countries? If any thing pendulum has swung too far towards the so called anti-racist which in essence are racism by their own comments and actions. Take your racism elsewhere as it is not welcome in Australia. Perhaps we should interject with the leftist views directly in the US as they seem to delight doing to other countries. The only element missing from his comment was cultural appropriation, the in vogue fashion. Why can't people accept that adopting elements is a complement not something derogatory. If they continue I will raise a case of cultural appropriation of those cultures not of English origin as many have done over mre than a millennia.

Anonymous said...

So, the crime here is that a café owner in Brisbane, Australia, (a country with no history of African slavery) does not understand the racial politics and history of the USA?
I think that about sums it up.

Use the Name, Luke said...

Wow,such a horrible, horrible person that Uncle Tom character is. I mean, what can be worse than choosing to be beaten to death rather than give up the escape plans of other slaves. And even worse, he's Christian who lives according to what he believes. No wonder the left hates him!