Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Twitter's new crusade against violent speech

The company has gone after a popular -- albeit controversial -- Twitter user. It revoked the "verified" status of Milo Yiannopoulos, a British journalist at Breitbart News, on Friday evening.

Yiannopoulos has over 140,000 Twitter followers and is known for his provocative, unapologetic commentary. He's been vocal in the contentious movement known as GamerGate, which claims to promote ethics in gaming journalism but has been condemned for its treatment of women.

On Twitter, Yiannopoulos, who is gay, has taken aim at women. Like this tweet from December: "Is it any wonder successful gay men hate feminists, when women, in tax terms as elsewhere, are so ... well, parasitical?"

On Friday evening, Yiannopoulos tweeted a screenshot of an email from Twitter stating that his verification had been revoked. "I've been sat at the naughty table!" he wrote.

The screenshot, which Twitter told CNNMoney is valid, states that additional violations on his part could result in being removed from the platform all together.

"I think this is the first step to getting me off the platform," he told CNNMoney on Sunday. "Ridicule and criticism are being re-branded abuse and harassment."



Anonymous said...

The Politically Correct crowd all have very thin skins; they cannot stand any criticism or ridicule.

Anonymous said...

repeatedly committing the same actions and expecting a different result is an indication of stupidity.

Bird of Paradise said...