Friday, January 15, 2016

Fury over Charlie Hebdo cartoon suggesting Alan Kurdi - the drowned migrant boy whose body was found on Turkish beach - would have grown up to be a Cologne sex attacker

What's wrong with saying:  "Like father, like son".  It's often true.  There is a lot of criminality among Muslim  refugees in Germany so with that example before them it's perfectly likely that the children will emulate their fathers

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was facing a furious backlash tonight after suggesting that a drowned immigrant toddler would have grown up to be a sex pest.

Images of the dead Alan Kurdi - originally reported as Aylan - shocked the world when they were broadcast and published last September.

Since then, Hebdo has published a number of cartoons focusing on the little Syrian boy, whose body was found on a Turkish beach.

The latest links Alan, who was a Muslim, with the gangs of migrants who allegedly carried out coordinated sexual assaults in the German city of Cologne on New Year's Eve.

Alan is shown as a grown-up, pig faced sex pest running after a terrified woman as he tries to grope her.

Twitter users called the image 'disgusting' and 'tasteless', and compared it to the Nazi magazine Der Sturmer, which mocked Jews in the run up to the Holocaust in the 1930s.

'All of the people who work at Charlie Hebdo are some of the most bigoted & racist people in the world, actually,' wrote Twitter user Chris Erion.

The controversial cartoon comes on the first anniversary of a terrorist attack on the magazine by al-Qaeda gunmen, which left 11, including cartoonists, dead.

The attackers had accused Hebdo of insulting the Prophet Mohamed, and having a vendetta against Muslims in general.



Anonymous said...

Some people push their sarcasm beyond the bounds of reasonable criticism.

Bird of Paradise said...

Their making people look like apes as always with liberal jouralists and editorial cartoonists idiots

Use the Name, Luke said...

Poking the bear doesn't strike me as the smartest move, especially since that bear has already taken a vicious swipe at them.

Alpha Skua said...

Use the Name. Just before it eats them

Anonymous said...

Charlie Hebdo attacked by muslim extremists = we are all for free speech, how dare they try to silence this magazine, J'Suis Charlie...

Charlie Hebdo publishes something controversial or unpopular = gone too far, should be shut down, how dare they, racist etc etc etc

The twitterverse and public punditry are gutless know-nothings who change positions with every gust of the wind. This story shows their commitment to free speech was piss-weak to begin with.

Anonymous said...

"Outrageous," say those who haven't paid any attention to pictures of 5 year olds brandishing AK47's and watching beheadings with rapt expressions on their little faces. Yes all my little wussies, terrorists were all children once.

stymphalian Bird said...

The same whining liberals who are upset when a conservative parent gets their kid a toy gun for christmas will not say a thing about mulim kids carrying around weapons

Anonymous said...

How can you insult an imaginary being? All religion is based on gullibility to believe in imaginary beings.

Anonymous said...

I like the piggy nose.