Thursday, January 14, 2016

Australian lamb ad dubbed violent towards vegans, racist

THE latest Australia Day lamb ad has come under fire for racial insensitivity and promoting violence towards vegans.

This year’s campaign, which brings together Lambassador Sam Kekovich and legendary SBS newsreader Lee Lin Chin, is based around a mission to save Aussies abroad from having to go without a lamb barbecue on Australia Day.

Chin leads an army, including Fitzy & Wippa, across the likes of Tokyo, London and Bali, on a journey to bring home a number of prominent Aussies.

One of the people Chin’s army brings home includes a vegan whose apartment is set on fire.

It is this scene that has sparked complaints, including on the Facebook page of Meat and Livestock Australia, which created the ad.

Others have complained about the use of the term “boomerang” arguing it is insensitive to indigenous Australians, especially leading into Australia Day.

A spokeswoman for the Advertising Standards Bureau said it had received close to 300 complaints since the ad was launched — the majority about discrimination against vegans.

The spokeswoman told News Corp Australia a meeting of the ASB board will be convened to review the ad — possibly prior to Australia Day.

“It will go to our next board meeting. The board will decide on whether to dismiss or uphold the ad. If it is dismissed it has to then be removed,” she said.


The ad is clearly a lark, not to be taken literally. So what's wrong with disrespecting Vegans?  They're deluded.  Human beings, like many higher mammals, are omnivores.  Being Vegan is unnatural and risky to your health


Bird of Paradise said...

Screw vegans they need to get A Life and stop their mindless whining

Doc Mark said...

Vegan - old middle European word for "Incompetent Hunter"

Anonymous said...

Couple of comments....

If you look at the part where the flamethrower is used in the vegan's apartment, is used on a bowl of salad sitting on the coffee table. I took this to be a humorous "comment" on having charred or grilled food on Australia Day.

Secondly, why are people upset about an ad that is clearly farcical? For example, I am unaware of any aircraft carrier the Australian Navy has that can be used for fixed wing aircraft that are not VTOLs.

Shouldn't the presence of the carrier have been a clue that this was a joke?

Or is the world sensitive to everything?

Anonymous said...

Being a joke or not has nothing to do with it.

Vegans, (not conservative vegetarians) are generally extreme leftists who consider themselves more spiritually elevated than people who eat meat. They like talking about how caring they are, and slighting others by implying they don't care. For the same reason they usually claim to be pacifists too. For them it is all about their image. They usually present superficially as pleasant people but it soon becomes evident they are phoneys with the elitist syndrome and a spiteful personality.

Elitists believe they behold a better world than how it is, and believe themselves to be part of that envisaged world, and between those two believes, and between reality and those beliefs, exist horrific delusions of transition or fantasies of change.

Vegans, like so many committed leftists, are mostly nasty people with two distinct layers to their personality - the superficial "caring" one covering the elitist spiteful one.

A small proportion of vegans dispersed through a population is ok, but if their numbers get up and collectively they were to obtain unbridled power, I have no doubt that they would become violent towards everyone else, for their delusions of transition beliefs or fantasies of change towards their ideal world are violent, always involving some sort of societal collapse and rebuilding.

But we are safe as long as they don't obtain unbridled power.

Alpha Skua said...

Hitler was a big time vegan who was a animal lover he would have fitted right in with PETA

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted that the ASB would even entertain the idea of pulling the ad based on trivial complaints by whinging vegans and some disgruntled fool who believes that the use of the word boomerang is offensive to the indigenous population. The idiots are just wasting peoples time.

Flu-Bird said...

Just as idiotic as those idiots from PETA who tried to get communities with names like SLUAGTERVILLE,HAMBURGH,TURKEY and FISHKILL to change their names to stupid names like VEGGIEVILLE,VEGGIEBURGH,TOOFUEKEY and FISHSAVE the name change request from Stupid PETA were rejected PETA IS STUPID