Friday, January 01, 2016

Another moan from the easily offended

From these moaners, you would never guess that alcohol is a normal part of life in the Western world

A Frozen-themed non-alcoholic 'champagne' has been pulled from shelves following a wave of protest from alcohol awareness groups.

The sparkling grape fruit juice - sold as a 'party drink' and packaged in a corked wine bottle for as little as £1.69 - left some parents scratching their heads.

However not everybody was up in arms about the product. One woman posted a picture on Twitter of her two children clinking champagne glasses, with the caption: 'Happy birthday to our girl #birthdaymorning #frozenchampagne'.

The animated fantasy film is one of the highest-grossing movies in box office history, and its popularity has spawned a wave of merchandise - from Elsa dresses, wigs and dolls to even furniture.

But some felt that Frozen-themed 'champagne' was taking things a step too far.

Discount site, who have since pulled the product from their site, described the drink as a 'grown-up alternative to juice and pop at parties' for 'little princes and princesses across the land who want to be more sophisticated'.

It was described as 'perfect at birthdays, family events, BBQs or after a long day building snowmen with Olaf' and sold for £1.69 a bottle.

However, drink awareness campaigners were furious, claiming the product 'normalised' alcohol consumption.

Dr Sarah Jarvis, medical advisor for DrinkAware said: 'The Chief Medical Officer recommends an alcohol-free childhood for good reason.  'Young people's bodies are still developing and their brains may be more susceptible to the effects of alcohol than those of adults, even at levels within the government's recommended upper limits for adults.'

Jackie Ballard, Chief Executive of Alcohol Concern, told Mashable.'Too often alcohol is sold as if it was a normal commodity and alcohol-like products are used to entice people into the world of alcohol.



Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that alcohol is regularly consumed by many, some of whom are not yet adults.
There are sometimes very bad consequences from the consumption of too much alcohol and the same can be said about other drugs used for recreational purposes.

BrianfromVirginia said...

"However, drink awareness campaigners were furious, claiming the product 'normalised' alcohol consumption."

Alcohol consumption is normal.

Yoda said...

Get a life, all these continually offended pussies need to do!

Yoda said...

Yoda, one question has! How does consumption of NON-alcoholic beverages encourage consumption of alcoholic beverages? Hmmmmmmmmm?