Wednesday, January 13, 2016

On British TV shows, even blacks are not allowed to be critical of homosexuals

It is normal for blacks worldwide to express dislike of homosexuality.  In Jamaica they call male homosexuals "poopmen".  But below we read that a black on a popular TV show was censured for it.  That is mildly surprising because the all-purpose get-out card that Leftists use to excuse bad behaviour by minorities  -- "It's his culture" -- literally applied in this case.  So, clearly, protecting homosexuals trumps everything else  -- probably because they are the most disgusting to normal people

Judgement day in the Celebrity Big Brother house came swiftly and unapologetically for UKIP candidate Winston McKenzie, who was booted out of the house Friday over his crippling homophobic views.

McKenzie’s homophobia caused a stir before he even entered the house this season, when he described how he’d handle living with a gay housemate in a pre-show interview.

It’s Day 1 In The “Celebrity Big Brother” House And We Already Have A Raging Homophobe

“I could cope with a homosexual in the house. I guess I’ll just have to and with my back against a brick wall all the time,” he said.

McKenzie had an opportunity to revise or clarify his disdain for LGBT people during a task in the house days later, which he failed dramatically.

Asked to match housemates with previous quotes they’d given to the press, Winston’s 16 housemates were stunned to learn he’d previously said he believed gay people adopting children is tantamount to “child abuse.”

Winston stood firm in his view, and was quickly shown the door by a 13-1 vote. He said in an exit interview that he was most shocked by being dropped by people he respected and had formed relationships with, including producer David Gest and Flavor of Love star Tiffany Pollard.



Anonymous said...

It's pathetic how some straight men think every gay man would want to have sex with them given the chance! It's much like those men who assume that women who reject their advances must be lesbian.

Bird of Paradise said...

Whats happened in england we don't want to have happen here

Anonymous said...

2:07 Are you queer ?

Anonymous said...

How did the perverse and repugnant behavior of homosexuals become one of the prime hobby horses of the Politically Correct Liberals ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:07 - One very common characteristic of gay men is their promiscuity, frequently even those who are supposed to be in monogamous relationships have been found to be having sex and lots of it outside their relationship.

The math adds up, your statement falls on its face.

Anonymous said...

While homosexual men are more promiscuous than heterosexuals they have no more propensity towards rape than heterosexuals so fearing that is ridiculous. What makes most heterosexuals most uncomfortable is that homosexuals are much more effusive and enjoy close proximity and touching (similar to women with other women). While I find it annoying at times I cannot see altering my way of life to avoid them or precluding having them as co-workers and friends.


Anonymous said...

2:07 AM

You know nothing about poof world.

Alpha Skua said...

Will Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton say anything about this? I have my doupts since the news media scum suckers wont ever cover this story

Anonymous said...

2:19 asks if 2:07 is "queer", yet 11:49 says 2:07 knows nothing about "poof world". But MDH understood the point that gay men are no more likely to want to rape than straight men, and the fear they would do so is unfounded; but the main point was that it is vain and arrogant of some men to think that they are so sexually attractive that gay men will make sexual advances to them, and women will welcome these vain men's advances.
As for homosexuals being more promiscuous, I think that men in general are potentially promiscuous, but Gays are more open to approaches from other gay men, whereas women are less likely to oblige men sexually for obvious reasons.

Anonymous said...

So who then are more promiscuous - gay men in general or straight muslim men (especially when in Western lands)- ?!

Anonymous said...

9:25 PM said, " is vain and arrogant of some men to think that they are so sexually attractive that gay men will make sexual advances to them"

You know nothing about poof-world.

Anonymous said...

So how many times have gay men tried to hit on 2:02 AM? And what were the circumstances? Is he actually flattered by such attention while feigning to be insulted?