Tuesday, January 19, 2016

An incorrect Robert E. Lee day

Below is the first part of an editorial in the Boston Globe which says that Robert E. Lee day should give way to Martin Luther King day.  How disgusting it is to see Leftists declaring admiration for  King -- a Republican whose vision of a race-blind America they subvert every day with their racist "affirmative action" policies. 

Leftism is pervasively simplistic and classifying people by race has long been one of their favoured simplifications.  They had to let go of their old anti-black simplifications so now put out anti-white simplifications.  When it comes to public policy, they just can't think in any other way than in simplifications

IT TOOK A ghastly church massacre in Charleston, S.C., last summer — a massacre perpetrated by a young racist who flaunted emblems of racial hatred and subjugation — to finally bring down the Confederate battle flag from the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse. That should be reason enough to finally end as well the insulting practice of linking the holiday that honors Martin Luther King Jr. with a commemoration of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

In three Southern states — Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas — the day set aside nationally to pay tribute to the martyred civil rights leader is simultaneously designated for celebrating the life of the Confederacy’s most famous military leader. In most of the country, it would be unthinkable to honor with a holiday the general who led the war to rupture the United States and perpetuate African slavery. Yet Lee has long been revered in the South, and the red-letter day bearing his name is defended in the name of Southern heritage and as homage to a worthy man.

But “Southern heritage” is no excuse for piggy-backing Lee’s celebration onto the third Monday in January, a day reserved nationwide for remembering King and his extraordinary story. It is true that Lee’s life was being celebrated in the South long before MLK, let alone the civil rights movement, was born. Today, however, it is hard to see the dual holiday as anything but an ongoing affront to King’s legacy and the reverence it inspires.



Anonymous said...

MLK was a womanizing demagogue who used his position for personal glory.
He should be given credit for some inspiring ideas, but Liberals do not follow policies to promote those goals.

Bird of Paradise said...

MLK was a communists agent no doupt why else do liberals want us to celebrate his birthday rather then Washingtons and Linclons when they were seperate holidays

Anonymous said...

Socialism never has been and never can be a single level equalised society; it can only be two levelled, the equalised and the equalisers. When leftist envisage their ideal society they do not envisage themselves as the lower level equalised, but as the elite - the equalisers, the educators, the benefactors, the high priests and priestesses of socialism from whom the equalised masses will willingly receive education and enlightenment. Leftist are elitists first and racist second. If there were no different races, socialists would still be elitists. If racism is convenient, if it suits their elitism then all well and good for the leftist. If not, if racism is out of fashion and frowned upon, then socialists don't mind who occupies the lower equalised level, it can be a mixture of races with their own race included too, as long as they themselves occupy the elitist level.

Alpha Skua said...

After the leftists progrresivists have gotten rid of all conferate symbols they'll be after the american symbols

stymphalian Bird said...

Liberals will never be happy until the only celebrations allowed will be Earthday,Ceasaer Chaev Day,Harvey Milk Day,martin Luther King Day and Cino Demayo