Friday, January 15, 2016

Must not blame migrant intake for traffic jams

Over a million immigrants have arrived in BritAin in recent years.  And in bureaucratically-strangled England the provision of new and improved infrastructure such as roads and bridges is very slow.  So you have a lot more drivers using basically the same roads as before.  And since British traffic was very prone to jams before, the result is predictable.  They guy below  expressed that thought a little clumsily but he was in fact perfectly logical

Deal or No Deal host Noel Edmonds has been criticised on Twitter after suggesting migrants were to blame for a traffic jams that caused him to abandon a journey.

The 67-year-old tweeted to his 11,000 followers this morning: 'Just tried to get somewhere. Allowed loads of time but abandoned journey. Am I alone in feeling Britain is full?'

He followed it up by saying: 'But just supposing, I know it's a ridiculous thought, crazy even, totally insane obviously, but supposing UKs full?'



Anonymous said...

The perpetually offended must not be offended.

Bird of Paradise said...

What whats to do when a ambulace taking someone to the hospital during a life or death situation is held up by a bunch of refugees blocking the stret?

Anonymous said...

Not just in the UK - the border between Denmark and Sweden that has been open for about 60 years has now had to be closed because of the new flood of migrants and "refugees" (who have already passed through other EU countries - so not quite so desperate to go farther) and so causing very long delays for those even trying to get to work on either side.

Alpha Skua said...

A open border soon leads to disorder

Flu-Bird said...

Yeah like having muslim taxi drivers blocking traffic while they bow down toward Mecca

Anonymous said...

Wake up English, for goodness sake.

You haven't fought so bravely, carried the flame of freedom from distant past to modern times, spread its light around the globe, and survived so long to die like this.