Thursday, January 28, 2016

Anti-patriotic sign in Australian resort town

The response was a mature one:  Abuse them back. No attempt to shut them down etc.

Bega District News reports a blackboard sign was put up in the Mister Jones Open Studio and Espresso Bar in Bermagui, on NSW's south coast, on January 25 and it read: "Yes, we're open on national dickhead day" – a reference to the venue being open for business on Australia Day.

On the night of January 25 it was posted on the Meanwhile in Australia Facebook page, which is "liked" by about 700,000 people. By mid-afternoon on Australia Day, it had more than 3000 shares, almost 6700 likes and 1770 comments with many deriding the sign.

While most of those who shared the post were individuals, some were pages such as Truthophobes - Exposing the Truth about Islam, Aussies against Islam and Sharia law, Reclaim Australia Rally - Canberra and Australians United Against Sharia Law.

It appears the official Mister Jones Facebook page has been taken down, but a new page called the Mister Jones Coffee Shop has been set up, possibly by a Facebook group called Aussie Infidels early on the morning of January 26.

This new page published a photo of two of the coffee shop's staff under the line "here are two good reasons for birth control", the phone number of the shop's owner and has encouraged people to contact the shop and leave feedback.



Anonymous said...

There are a great many people who do not believe in freedom of speech.

Bird of Paradise said...

anon 2;43 Yeah especialy on our university and collage campuses and in Washington D.C.(District of Crinimals)and the Whitehouse espcialy

Anonymous said...

Why call it National Dickhead Day? If you don't like the country leave. Idiots like that are not going to change Australia to their point of view so the socialist arseholes might as well close up shop now.

Unashamedly White Male said...

I live in a small country town in Australia. On Australia day we had some social activities in the park, a barbeque and some fireworks in the evening. A pleasant day. The only unpleasantness was when some lefties turned up and started calling everyone racist, saying we were still abusing Aborigines,... etc. A few people said something back to them but most people tried to ignore them. Soon they moved on. I felt sorry for the children seeing their parents insulted like that just for having a barbeque and enjoying egg and spoon races and other activities in the park.

I understand lefties very well as I have worked with them for decades and have been involved in several leftist organisations. I have learnt to convert my annoyance at them into humour, and rather than let them guilt and shame me like they do so many white males, I treat them light heartedly. It is sometimes an effort to do so though, but the effort is worth it. There is no sense in being hateful back.

Anonymous said...

Unahamedly White Male - I agree 100%. I've worked with them too. I tend to laugh at earnest SJWs, nothing makes them more angry. They usually start on the personal insults then. At that point I laugh harder and ask them if they have anything better to offer than playground putdowns, like maybe a rational argument they thought of themselves rather than regurgitating leftwing propaganda? Of course they never do. I often try to help them out by reminding them that they haven't called me a Nazi (or something similar)yet. I usually say 'Heaps of namecalling and hysteria on your part but no reasoned arguments yet. Pathetic!"

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Liberals ruin every country they invade