Friday, January 29, 2016

"Survive" is a dangerous word

Australian advertising for a sports drink attracts ire

Frucor brand Maximus Australia is facing a growing public outrage over their new outdoor campaign. The posters, rolled out on Australia day to three outdoor locations, feature the words “I Survived Australia Day” with a picture of their energy drink. Critics are claiming that the banner that was put up to advertise Maximus sports drink on Wednesday trivialises “the suffering of Australia’s First Peoples” for appropriating the term Survival Day.

For context, one of the alternate names for January 26 is ‘Survival Day’; Indigenous media outlet NITV used the term throughout their coverage. The term emphasises that “despite colonisation, discrimination and comprehensive inequalities, we continue to practise our traditions, look after the land and make our voices heard in the public sphere. We survive.”



Anonymous said...

Some Aborigines are in the modern world, but some others insist on clinging to long ago lifestyles.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Some people need to grow up and stop their silly whining

Anonymous said...

Never heard it called Survival Day and have lived here my whole life (44 years) and even occasionally watch NITV.

Sulphur Crested Cocky, the commentator, said...

Fortunately for the Australian Aboriginal, the English colonised Australia and not the Spanish, or they may not have survived.

Anonymous said...

It was the lefty fear mongering Aboriginal ambulance chaser who appropriated the term Survival Day. There has never been any genocide or stolen generation in Australia despite the lefty propaganda. The issue is that appeasers don't believe that Aboriginals should have to get a job and work let alone an education. If we stopped public funding for arts degrees then the whole issue would go away.