Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Students in San Francisco region call for ‘hate speech’ limits to silence preachers

The dear little petals don't want to hear anything that might make them angry.  They should get angry about the pap that passes for education these days

De Anza College students have gathered more than 550 signatures on an online petition urging administrators to regulate “hate speech/discrimination,” following recent campus visits by loud Christian preachers.

The petition calls for the college and district administrations to disallow speech that leaves students feeling verbally abused on the basis of their ethnicity, gender, religion or sexuality.

Elias Kamal, a political science major who started the petition, wrote “free speech is a vital part of society,” but added that harmful speech that angers students should not be permitted.

FHDA Chancellor Judy Miner took questions from DASB senators and spoke about the issue for 10 minutes at the Wednesday meeting.
“We will never be able to prevent people from saying things that are hurtful, that are offensive,” Miner said. “Unless someone is blocking an entrance or doing something that is unsafe, they have a right to hand out their leaflets or to approach people and ask them to think about what they’re doing.”



Anonymous said...

People have a right to free speech (at least in the United States), but they do not have a right to push their speech onto others who do not choose to listen to them or to read their publications.

Bird of Paradise said...

These students are totaly brain-dead and so are thgeir adminastraors and espeialy their NEA teachers making them read Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto by Larl Marx one of histories most evil men and i,ll bet these same mindless young zombies wear Che T-shirts

Alpha Skua said...

Its time these lazy little snots all got jobs and earned themselves a living instead of sitting around all day in their dorms clicking their remotes

The owl; bird of quiet observation said...

Just as every psychopath has a dumber mate to use and manipulate, so too in a collective there are always smarter lefties pulling the strings of dumber lefties. It is not a conspiracy so much as just the way evil naturally organises itself in accordance with the natural flow of influence from smarter to dumber. Just as some psychs, counsellors, youth workers and social workers have quiet words in the ears of lefty youth and potheads encouraging them to participate in lefty protests, so too, lefty university lecturers and tutors encourage university students to initiate leftist campus standards and demands. I guarantee that if you could look behind the organisers you'd find one or more dark and cunning lefties "innocently" dropping little gems of lefty thought in their ears. It goes on in every leftist institution and facility.

Dean said...

Nowhere in the article did it say students were forced to listen. If they don't want to hear what is said they are free to leave.

This is just another attempt to silence anyone who does not agree with liberal thought.

Poor babies. Their tender psyche cannot deal with opinions that conflict with theirs.

Stymphalian Bird said...

Stupid bunch of mindless zombies cant think without a remote in their hands or a copy of Das Kapital in their grubby little mitts

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh, it was the speaker's fault that I got angry.
It was their words that made me act out.
Not mine, no I can never be at fault for my own actions.
Grow up Elias.