Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Baby names beginning with K are suspect

Proud father Wayne Rooney has welcomed his new baby boy into the world but has already faced criticism for naming his son Kit with followers pointing out the initials of his three children are KKK.

Showing off his new bundle of joy on Instagram this morning, the footballer posted a picture of Kit at just a few minutes old alongside the caption: 'Meeting Kit for the first time. Home time now.'

The 30-year-old and his wife Coleen announced the arrival of their third son - naming him Kit Joseph Rooney - on Sunday.

However, just hours after revealing the first photograph of their new arrival, Wayne's Twitter followers started trolling him – pointing out that all three of his children's initials are KKK.

Their eldest son Kai, who is now six, was born in November 2009, while second son Klay, arrived in May 2013.

Dozens of people pointed out on social media that the initials for all three children stood at KKK and drew comparison to the 'Ku Klux Klan' – the white supremacist organisation.

Darren Taylor wrote: 'Has Rooney really called his kids the KKK?'  While Anthony Tierney wrote: 'Wayne & Colleen Rooney do know there are 25 other letters in the alphabet right? Calling your kids KKK not the cleverest idea ever #Rooney'



Anonymous said...

The KKK is an American organization, while Wayne Rooney is English (of Irish descent). Why should Rooney name or not name his children according to what goes on in a foreign country?

Anonymous said...

What absolute stupidity by the complainers.

Anonymous said...

What a stretch of someone's imagination. Some people have to look real hard to find something to be offended by. Much ado about nothing.

Stan B said...

Now we're searching diligently for offense! It's a full time effort for some people. My siblings and I had the combined initials ESHJM - can someone find a way to be offended by that? #OffendedByLife

Bird of Paradise said...

Just as stupid as the school who wanted these parents to change their kids name becuase he was named HUNTER tell the schools its none of their damn buisness what the parents name their child Darn stupid pacifists pansies idiots

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed the "K's" used by the Kardashians??? Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé.

Anonymous said...

Seriously?! Fall into a well.

Anonymous said...

Bloody Democrats at it again trying to whitewash their past and point the finger at anyone else. Another good reason not to elect Shrillary or the socialist Sanders.