Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Must not portray refugees as poorly dressed

Carnival costumes for children to dress up as wartime refugees have been taken off the German edition of Amazon's website over fears they offend refugees.

Although the outfits have now been removed from other amazon stores including Italy, they are still available in the UK.

Pictured holding a suitcase, the child models are pictured wearing old fashioned clothing, intimidating wartime civilian wear which some people have said mocks the plight of migrants.

The subject of refugees is extremely sensitive in Germany, especially in the wake of New Year sex attacks allegedly carried out by foreigners who entered the country as asylum seekers.

Instances of suspected racism quickly attract attention by those keen to prevent right-wing groups using them to stoke further hatred of foreigners.

As a result, when the Amazon's offering of refugee costumes was posted online it quickly attracted massive amounts of criticism from online commentators who branded the costumes 'inhuman and distasteful'.



Bird of Paradise said...

Oh Waah,waah,waah so darn tired of this PC sensitivity poppycock nonsense some people have no common sense or at least no brains and just want to sit and whine all day long

Anonymous said...

Those refugee costumes look like they've come from the 1940s more than the 2010s

the common sparrow, a mundane bird, said...

They are just old fashioned clothes, that is all.