Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Australia:  A mature response to offensive speech

Veteran journalist Samantha Maiden

A journalist labelled a "mad f---ing witch" by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton hopes he doesn't find himself on the backbench for accidentally sending an offensive text message to her.

On Sunday night, Mr Dutton confirmed he had apologised to the journalist for the text, which was intended for his embattled colleague Jamie Briggs.

Mr Briggs stepped down from his position as cities minister after acting inappropriately towards a female colleague while on an overseas trip.

Samantha Maiden, the national political editor for News Corp's Sunday papers, published a column on Sunday morning highly critical of Mr Briggs' conduct.

Mr Dutton responded by sending a text intended for Mr Briggs in which he called Maiden a "mad f---ing witch". Instead, it was sent to Maiden's text message inbox.

On Monday, Maiden said there were "more substantial issues" to consider in the aftermath of Mr Briggs' resignation.  "Peter Dutton has stuffed up, he's owned up and he's 'fessed up," Maiden told ABC radio on Monday morning.

"I would be lying if I was trying to manufacture outrage ... I'm not offended by it.

When asked if Mr Dutton should resign for the "witch" text, Maiden told Nine's Today program she "would hope not".  "I think that Mr Dutton is a good minister; he's a hard worker, he's made a strong contribution to the government," she said.



Anonymous said...

Some people are adults, not whiny adolescent Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Even some progressive media types are adults so they all cannot be painted with the same brush but the real takeaway form this is that even when you violently disagree with someone in most cases there is no valid sexist or racist component to that disagreement. I believe SL Jackson and Morgan Freeman are self serving idiots, that they are also black is incidental.


Bird of Paradise said...

Dutton sounds like he is being a typical liberal stupid as they come

Anonymous said...

Samantha Maiden could have behaved like a usual feminist-leftist, claiming victimhood and making accusations of sexism and misogyny, calling for Dutton's resignation from public office and inciting a chorus of other feminist-lefties to join the call. But instead, of her own initiative she demonstrated discernment, goodwill and fair play.

When I saw her being interviewed on the Today program I felt refreshed, and as if I were witnessing an example that would influence other women for better. I have worked with many kinds of feminist-leftists and I have noticed that the presence of one genuine good women can influence many of them for better, and can shame those who wont be influence for better into at least pulling their heads in and keeping their mouths shut. I hope that many women saw Samantha Maiden's example and were inspired by it.

Anonymous said...

What does SL Jackson and Morgan Freeman have to do with this item ?

Alpha Skua said...

Liberals whine so much its become party of their language