Monday, January 18, 2016

Debate in UK Parliament today to ban Trump for Hate Speech

Donald Trump is an unpopular man, and nearly 573,000 Britons at last counting dislike him so much that they petitioned to have him banned from the United Kingdom under the terms of the nation’s immigration policy, which permits the country to block the entry of people who engage in “unacceptable behavior.” Like, for example, hate speech, which is what many Trump critics say is a hallmark of his campaign.

The government responded to the petition to indicate that: “For good reasons the Government does not routinely comment on individual immigration and exclusion decisions. The Home Secretary may exclude a non-European Economic Area national from the U.K. if she considers their presence in the U.K. to be non-conducive to the public good.”

However, now that the number of petitioners has crossed the 100,000 threshold, it’s tripped a trigger that can’t be taken back: The petition must be considered for parliamentary discussion, and it will in fact be debated in parliament, alongside a rival petition to oppose the ban. Audiences can even watch the proceedings live online on January 18.

Britain and the European Union have laws about free speech that are very different from those in the United States. While freedom of expression is valued, not all speech is protected, and hate speech can be (and is) banned or otherwise regulated.

The Home Secretary is the one with final authority to make any such determination, though the Prime Minister has spoken out on the issue, clearly indicating that he condemns Trump’s comments.

Chairwoman Helen Jones, who will be overseeing the debate, stresses that the Members of Parliament cannot reach a final decision or cast a binding vote, as these powers lie in the hands of the Home Secretary.

If he is banned, it could raise some interesting issues, aside from potential problems with his real estate interests in regions like Scotland. Barring people on the grounds of hate speech might sound quaint — and for some U.S. liberals perhaps even an example of just desserts — but it could also set a dangerous precedent.

Other countries have refused entry to people on the grounds that they’re too liberal, or are promoting anti-government thinking that might take down totalitarian dictatorships or cause people to question abusive leaders. Immigration bans like these go both ways, preventing haters and hated alike, and for that reason, it may be best to let sleeping Trumps lie.



Anonymous said...

Great Britain has degenerated to a very low level.

Bird of Paradise said...

Winston Churchill,King Richard the Lion heart and Admieral Horatio Nelson must be spinning in their graves over england fast becoming a mess becuase of PC nonsense

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump ab/used his power and money to legally harass and bully a poor Scottish farmer to get his land to add to Trump's vainglorious golf course project, even though Trump is a foreigner in Scotland despite his mother's Hebridean birthplace.

Alpha Skua said...

Englands gone wussietard big time where once the british lion roared now it just mews all thanks to open borders and multi-culteralism

Anonymous said...

Those that want Trump's opinions banned should remember that they may be banned by the next government who disagrees with them. Banning so called hate speech is a juvenile approach that resolves nothing and under the right conditions will only fan the flames of hatred. It is certainly creating resentment in the UK towards Muslims and justifiably so as the government seeks to hide crimes by Muslim criminals in order to prevent a public backlash which will be all the worse when it happens.

stymphalian Bird said...

Looks like commmunisms not quite as dead in europe as was thought and frankly the European(Soviet)Union neds to return to the indepentent nations they once were

Anonymous said...

Calling Trump 'unpopular' is questionable.
At the moment he seems to have plenty of supporters as well as detractors.
Certainly in the overseas media he is being portrayed as a bit of a buffoon - where Obama is portrayed as a God.
Whether those two characterisations are true will depend very much on who you ask.
As for the story - it seems to be the way of the fragile generation that if something is unpopular, it must be banned.
This generation won't rest until it is illegal for it to rain on the weekend.

Jub Jub Bird said...

I hope Trump gets elected and makes those PC Parlament eat crow

Anonymous said...

3:04 It is the United States that has degenerated to a very low level when an ego-tripping plutocrat playing at politics to amuse himself can be seriously regarded as a potential President, then the US population is no better than the Russians who admire the strong-man Putin. No doubt Trump is his secret admirer and would-be imitator.

Anonymous said...

It's said that people get the government they deserve, especially those with a vote.