Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Prof, grad students say college response to Paris attacks an ‘implicit bias towards white life’

It is a bit hard to follow what is being said below but it seems to have given offence when emails about the terrorist attacks in Paris did not mention minorities.  What the emails should have said is left unclear

A professor and two graduate students in the University of Denver’s Department of Communications Studies today assert in an op-ed for college’s newspaper, The Clarion, that university emails regarding the November terrorist attacks in Paris were “biased towards white life.”

“It is our opinion that, despite these emails, DU participates in making its ‘marginalized communities’ feel unwelcomed because of an implicit bias toward white life not extended to the lives of nonwhite people. Our discussion of Paris is not meant to ignore the loss of life there, but to point out the valorization of white life assumed by DU,” they write.

Professor Armond R. Towns and graduate students Raisa Alvarado and Jamie Guzmán say the university shows “no concern with life returning to ‘normal’ when ‘terrorists’ attack Muslims,” and that “the assumption is that DU is most impacted by events that occur in Western countries,” not in, for example, “Mexico, Kenya, Baltimore, Palestine, or Baghdad.”



Stan B said...

I assume the "terrorists" who attack muslims are the IDF, responding to freedom fighter activity in the West Bank and Gaza.

Anonymous said...

Small minds generate small thoughts at universities.

Bird of Paradise said...

I feel bad vibes coming through bad very very bad

Anonymous said...

I think the position is pretty clear.
The University cares and responds when there is a 'terrorist' attack in a 'white', western democracy, but does nothing every time there is a 'terrorist' attack in a non-white or non-western country.
It's a line that has been pushed many times before, particularly in relation to the Paris attacks. People were complaining that so much attention was focussed on Paris but no-one cared about the other attacks around the same time (eg Lebanon).
Unfortunately we are at the stage where we simply don't have the endurance to get outraged about every terrorist attack.

Anonymous said...

Its only a natural response to identify more easily with those we identify more easily with.

Anonymous said...

Sack all leftists now before they overwhelm society. Whoops, sorry, too late. Your children havew been indoctrinated.

Alpha Skua said...

The answer is Home Schooling that the NEA and UN oppose