Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Black cricketer disrespects female interviewer on Australian TV

An experienced and dedicated female sports journalist, Mel McLaughlin, was trying to interview black cricketer Chris Gayle about sports matters but got only personal comments about herself from him.  That has offended a lot of people as inappropriate and disrespectful to a woman but he has so far refused to apologize. It will hurt his career, however.  Various sorts of retribution against him have been proposed or promised.

Black males are often very bold in approaching women so his behaviour should perhaps be seen in that context.  From his point of view he probably sees nothing to apologize for.  In Leftist terms, it's his "culture".

In anthropological terms it could be seen as part of a generally low level of self-restraint among people of sub-Saharan African origin, as seen in their very high rate of criminal offending wherever they are in the world. 

Perhaps it should be mentioned that the lady has been publicly embarrassed on TV before -- by another black sportsman

Also relevant is that Gayle has behaved similarly on past occasions but has learnt nothing from it.  Another female journalist labels him as a "creep", which he no doubt is by general Australian standards

Gayle sent social media into meltdown when he openly flirted with McLaughlin in his on-field interview after he was dismissed for a brilliant 41 (15 balls).

“I wanted to have an interview with you as well, that’s why I’m here,” the Jamaican said live on national television.

“I get to see your eyes for the first time, it’s nice. Hopefully we can win and go for a drink after.

“Don’t blush baby.”

A clearly uncomfortable McLaughlin finished the interview with class, but Channel 10 Head of Sport David Barham, at home watching the match on television, said McLaughlin was angered by the experience.



Anonymous said...

Poor sportsmanship by athletes of all colors started with the encouragement of Howard Cosel of Mohamed Ali. Instead of censoring him for his load mouthed boasting and teaching both him and his fans to be polite they instead lionized him and set a new and ugly example that was picked up and made a part of "culture".

It is when you allow standards to be violated that they move downwards.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 2:36 AM.

Anonymous said...

As much as I dislike Cosel, most of the degradation in the manners of black athletes/actors can be traced to the disintegration of the black culture brought about by the progressives (then liberals) welfare state which encourages husbandless welfare junkies and young men whose only role models are drinks, druggies, pimps, drug dealers and philanderers. The "war on drugs" only exacerbated this problem.


Bird of Paradise said...

Still not much cililized but their ansestors from africa were more civilized they these sorry speimens

Alpha Skua said...

Please you sorry little goliwog please go walk to afirca don't let a little thing like the Atlantic Ocean stop you

Anonymous said...

Needn't worry. He's banned from T20 cricket in Australia which just leaves India's IPL for him. He will still be rich but won't have an Australian season to top his wealth off. Perhaps South Africa or New Zealand will pick him up. Many of his countrymen are pissed off because he won't play cricket for the national team. Perhaps he has saved them from embarrassment.