Friday, January 29, 2016

British PM under fire after calling Calais refugees 'a bunch of migrants'

I really have no idea what this is about.  Why is it wrong to refer to migrants as migrants?  Maybe someone can enlighten me.  Was what he said not sorrowful enough or something?  -- JR

David Cameron was branded 'shameful' and 'callous' today after he described people in the Calais refugee camp as 'a bunch of migrants' during Prime Minister's Questions.

Mr Cameron is facing calls to apologise for using 'inflammatory language' as he ridiculed Jeremy Corbyn's visit to the makeshift French camp known as the Jungle last weekend.

The Prime Minister lost his temper with the Labour leader and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell after they criticised Google's controversial £130million tax deal.

He said: 'They met with a bunch of migrants in Calais and said they could come to Britain - the only people they never stand up for are hardworking British families.'

Junior ministers immediately defended Mr Cameron insisting he was making clear his opposition to handing migrants in Calais a 'free pass' to enter the UK and Speaker John Bercow later ruled his language had not been 'unparliamentary'.

Mr Cameron's words have been branded 'disgusting' by opposition MPs while refugee rights campaigners said he was being 'flippant to score political points'.



Anonymous said...

Some idiots are always looking for something to be offended about.

Bird of Paradise said...

Waah,waah,waah,snivel,snivel,snivel,whine,whine,whine thats all these liberal pussietards ever domust not offend a bunch of crinimals and terrroris entrering your nation the Euroweenie Union

Anonymous said...

What's disgusting is politicians all over the world selling out their own people. Second most disgusting are the pansies that apologize when they are criticized for making a true statement. Can't hurt the feelings of lawbreakers nor liars in the brave new world.

Alpha Skua said...

Its a crime in denmark to protest yourself from so called migrants with pepper spray the director effects of liberalism on a once great nation

Anonymous said...

You call a group of lions a "pride", what do you call a group of progressives? A "whine" and the reason is self explanatory to anyone who can think.


Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

A flock of geese on the group is a gaggle while in the air their a skein and a bunch of layers is called a Sue and a whole universty of liberals is called a Whine

Aussie Magpie, the bird of contrast, said...

There is nothing factually wrong or incorrect in Mr Cameron using the words, "...bunch of migrants..." except that those words and the context do not elicit the current socially compulsory type of emotion as set by the Left and which is supposed to be something akin to sorrow, sympathy, pity and apparent caring.

The Left are hypocrites though. They only pretend to be the most caring as a tactic of argument and as defence against criticism. They are phonies. If they were sincere they would not so immediately accuse others of not caring, and would not put such effort into portraying themselves as the caring ones, because caring is not like that. Only fake caring is like that. So let them have their self image.

Sincerity is in the heart and does not need to blow its own trumpet and proclaim that it cares and others don't. It just is, and speaks and does, without fanfare.

Anonymous said...

More lefty politicians looking to import votes and corrupt the system.

stymphalian Bird said...

Liberals are real'y just leftists under a different name